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Our Authority

Dialogue with the Sebitets part 1

Very many explanations about God, Creation, Nature and spiritual life of man as well as the hierarchy of powers in the Supreme God’s world have been offered by man’s philosophies and religions. These explanations follow a general pattern:- the initial creation of only one man called Adam; the existence of a saviour through whom humanity must be liberated, the condemnation of those not willing to accept the authority and the spiritual function of the Messiah or God in flesh; the existence of Satan who is unwilling to give obedience to the Absolute God; the concept that man is at the apex of creation; and a lot of assertions and conclusions which tend to give the impression that man has at his disposal the fullest understanding of the tools with which creation is sustained and shall be dissolved.

While it is not our intention to contest these conclusions, we are nevertheless obliged to convey to humanity whatever information we have considered worthy to become a channel through which mankind is reached. A brief look at our presentations and writings shows a marked departure from these long established rules. The source of these revelations is therefore our authority and confirms to an extent where our legs can carry us to in the spiritual worlds. Our publications have stated that one man only was not initially created. Seven persons were created and those so created were in two broad categories Lumechs one and two and Dumechs one to five. Initial corruption of these names is Lamechs and Damechs or Daniods. Latest corruption is said to include Lama. 

The creation of the earth and solar system took place trillions of years ago but man’s descent into the planet is relatively recent. Also since creation, a log of spiritual events has occurred, cycles came and went. Some of such cycles gave birth to great souls and minds whom man now worship as Gods. Each religion anchored its authority on a particular great mind, a number of great minds, or miracle workers masquerading as a religious blue print and uses dogma to impress on the less fortunate ones that such a great assemblage was the finality of the Supreme God’s message to humanity. For example, to the followers of Krishna, He is not only the greatest but also the last Saviour. Jesus and Mohammed enjoy similar positions in their respective religions.

These conflicting beliefs led to bloodshed on an uncontrollable scale. Followers of such religions cling to Avatars [if such minds ever wore this all powerful Rod of Power], who existed, performed their roles as decreed and handed over the mantle of authority to their successors. Without prejudice to popular view, we maintain that saviours have been coming and going, and will continue in this order until the end of life in our planet, if such will ever occur. As at today, the saviour under whose authority all spiritual teachings are conducted is known as Dita [in my native dialect, he is called Uzoigwe].as the 16th Timeless saviour. He will complete his mission in AD 2286. He shall handover to his successor in a colourful ceremony in Leopard Temple under the direction of the Chief Sebitian.

  The Sebitets constitute the Council responsible for the selection and appointment of Saviours and Avatars as well as defining the spiritual functions of such Messiahs. As the representative of the Supreme God, the body is as well charged with the responsibility of providing changes in our own world. Evolution of humanity is included in its role. This body controls us spiritually and indirectly, through the Avatars and such spiritual Lords as we may elect to accept as our mediators. It is therefore the hob through which the creator reaches man. Between this body and the Supreme God, there are other bodies. More information about the workings of these higher bodies will be made available in due course.

The Avatars and Robe Travellers are a collection of beings from whom Saviours are appointed. Those who once served as Saviours and Messiahs are known as Avatars while those yet to handle this all powerful consciousness are referred to as Robe Travellers. In principle, these beings, irrespective of whether they have worn this consciousness or not, are known as Robe Travellers. An Avatar is therefore a Robe Traveller.

Some of these travellers achieved their standards or spirituality directly through white, black, brown, blue, green, red and yellow orders. At this level of spirituality, there is no distinction between white and black Robe Travellers. Selection and admission span beyond colours, religions and paths. Merit is the only criterion or basis of selection. Each Avatar serves for an allotted period. At the end of the period he retires into the spiritual realm to continue with whatever role for which the higher powers consider him fit and proper.

All initiations into various levels of this Order are conducted on behalf of this saviour; Ditu. After AD 2286 initiations will be conducted on behalf of his successor. In this way the spiritual authority of this order in our time rests on Ditu. It must be stated clearly, that the next Avatar will be born in 2256 AD, but because it takes 30 years for the Rod of Power to move to the successor, the transfer of power will only occur in 2286 AD. The ceremony heralding the transfer of mantle of spiritual authority will be performed in the Leopard Temple on the said date.

The difference between this brotherhood and others, including world religions, is that they hold fast to past Avatars, granting that their Saviours were Avatars. By clinging to past Avatars, they are disregarding the cosmic rule which enshrines succession in our world. At the end of his mission, each Avatar is succeeded by another in an unbroken line of Avatars for continuity of spiritual instructions to mankind. Each age should concern itself with the Avatar of its time, rather than clinging to an Avatar whose message was to a culture of distant past. Each Avatar’s message is supposed to be addressed to anew cultural trend.

Some religions and paths resort to belief in living Perfect Masters who are succeeded by others in an unbroken line of masters. This philosophy is an outright imitation of the cosmic rule on continuity. Although this view recognizes the fact that there is continuity in the law of life, it nevertheless lacks credibility and universal spiritual authority. Whether any man is perfect is a matter of personal opinion. Teachings based on, and belief in, the living Perfect Master disregard the fact that perfection in this world of illusion is a near impossibility. The size of paths and cults asserting that their heads are living Perfect Masters makes a mockery of this concept. This is a clear way of wriggling out of the older belief and worship of past Saviours and Avatars. The limitation of the theory of the Living Master [or the Living Perfect Masters] rests on the failure to disclose to the devotees the spiritual authority either on which the path rests or through whom the living masters derives his spiritual strength which is being passed on to the devotee. 

At the highest spiritual realm, there is only one Living Master. He is known as the incumbent Avatar or Saviour. To the Igbos, He is called Uzoigwe. In English, He is known as the Eternal Path. All religions, spiritual and occult powers emanate from Him. He leads all souls willing and ready to make the journey back to their origin, the seat of immortality. All religious heads and living [Perfect] Masters who are pure in heart become channels through which He reaches the down-trodden, the rich in heart and all those in sincere desire to know the laws of the true God.

According to the Congi King, the Congis occupy the highest spiritual level in any planet or locality wherein they elect to exist. On this basis they are laws unto themselves in any place where they choose to camp. They are charged with spiritual functions in the worlds of God. They did not achieve this feat by dwelling on illusion, deceit, falsehood, bloodshed, murder and conquest. They must have evolved to this exalted position by dwelling in the world of love. Selfless service not only to the kind in form but also to the Supreme God was their beacon of strength. As soon as they elect to dwell in a place, they integrate and harmonize themselves into the spiritual hierarchy of the locality and hence occupy their rightful place. As members of the spiritual hierarchy, they are the custodians and keepers of ancient wisdom and knowledge.

The main difference between the Congi and the Avatar is that the later is assigned a specific mission for a given period of time. This He accomplished through spiritual aspirants, students, disciples and initiates including leaders of religions, paths, cults, philosophies and sciences, while the former dwells in his own world and appears to souls he considers worthy. To some people, the Congi King is synonymous with the Chief Sebitian. Others call Him the Head of the Order of Avatars and Robe Travellers. This is not so. The Congi King and other Congis can best be classified as travelling spiritual substation, and they reveal themselves to Messiahs and Saviours. Sometimes their mission may be to test the state of preparedness of the Saviour in flesh and if the Saviour in flesh fails the test, further spiritual authority may be released to him. However more about these views will be taken up at a future date, when we must have taken two or more steps into the world of unknown where the scales in our eyes are systematically removed to enable us have a glimpse of the greater works of God.

Universal Beings are a select few who did act or rather lived in accord with the dictates of the law of life and became initiated and known as or called Universal Beings UB. Since this classification came into being, these beings are not yet up to fifty [50]. At the last two inductions, which took place in March 1986 and 2005 three new members were admitted in each induction [This brings the total number of inductions to six].. Prior to these ceremonies there were only 42 members. In the last ceremony I found myself presenting about four persons for initiation and induction but only three were considered qualified for admission and consequently admitted. On the left buttock is marked UB and the initiates No. is marked on the right buttock. This is the identity of Universal Beings. If since 1950’s only six persons were admitted into the Order of Universal Beings, it gives you an indication that membership into this class of spiritual masters is highly restricted.

Each member carries his number with him but because it is a spiritual identity nobody below that rank spiritually will notice the mark. The number of members of this group of beings admitted at certain point of human existence is a true reflection of the scale of purity in our planet at any given point in human history. Looking at it from a different perspective, the number of this class of spiritually evolved beings is an indicator of the spiritual enhancement of humanity since creation.

The Saints and Sages are mortals who worked very hard to carve out a place for themselves in the world of God. They should not be confused with martyrs who concerned themselves solely with the defence of their faiths. Some of such martyrs engaged themselves in murders and bloodshed. As a reward for their efforts towards the propagation of their faiths, they were given martyrdom which they least merited. The Saints and Sages we refer to are those who were balanced not only in their quest for God but also in their relationship with their fellow kind-in-form. We refer to those who spent sleepless nights and days in loneliness, in search of the Absolute One without rancour, hatred or bitterness against other paths and teachings as Saints. Most of the Saints we speak about lived and died without the world noticing their existence and death as well as their spiritual authority. Most of these Sages did not go by any organized and known faiths.

The Gods we talk about are the respective power points and substations through which the power of the Supreme God is tuned down to the level it is appropriated to man. Such powers contributed in no small measure in the development of ancient wisdom, mystery schools and occult expositions as known to the men of today as well as revelations about the workings of the higher powers. These revelations form the basis of today’s knowledge and understanding of God. Here, emphasis is placed on those power points in the lost continents and dead civilizations. All these power points, stretching from the date of creation till now are at the disposal of our students in so far as such students are in harmony with the law of life. In truth, it is this law of life that leads and links the students with these points.
Our goal is an uninterrupted march to the court of Supreme God. In this march, we come to terms with Gods and localized aspects of the Supreme One and commune with them and learn whatever lessons that are required of us to enable us proceed to higher consciousness.

After giving due respect and recognition to these substations and spiritually evolved beings, we continue our match to the court of the Supreme Impulse, the heart of complete understanding. This is so because to be in union with the Ultimate means being in union with all things. To be in union with Him that created all things is therefore our primary desire. No knowledge about God and nature is complete until one becomes admitted into the court where spiritual life originates. The Supreme God, the creator of all things is therefore our primordial authority. 

Audiolife, Logos, Agwu, Word, Bani or the like is the creative essence of the Supreme God and it is with this essence that He is in touch with all life, [Animals, plants, fishes, planets, stars, solar systems universes and worlds]. It is therefore our cardinal point that all initiates must be in complete harmony with this Essence. Great spiritual beings that toiled and harmonized themselves with this Essence became spiritual laws not only unto themselves but also in the worlds of the Supreme God and hence could condense aspect of this Essence into spiritual points. Such spiritual points became known to us as Gods. Ogwus, Alusi, Principalities and Powers which man looks upon as his creator or source of protection and existence can only be aids to our spiritual life. 

The purest aspect of this creative power manifests in our spiritual faculties and enables us to be the living amongst the dead. Witches know this spiritual enhancement as the living dead. It is similar to the title of the living dead which Christians ascribe to Jesus. The Essence is therefore our companion at all times as well as being our first point of call in our bid to appreciate life. All spiritually evolved beings anchor their strength on the Essence, and as such this Essence becomes the channel with which our initiates are in touch with all great sages and saints irrespective of religion.

Our authority, in finality rests on our ability to be in union with Audiolife, the source of all powers and knowledge in addition to being the seat of love, which begets all. Love as we know it, is that oneness in creation, which is the vehicle through which our initiates are conferred with blessings and spiritual authority.

Immortality is man’s ability to drink and bathe in the water of life. If this nectar of Immortality is your pursuit, you must unceasingly, not only follow our footsteps but as well live our lifestyle.

The presence and companionship of the mantle of Spiritual authority of this Order will always be with you in your daily toils.