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From the origin of humanity and man’s ability for consciousness, spirituality has been man’s succor to the perplexities of life and nature. During the course of man’s advancement, spirituality became inseparable from man’s definition and understanding of reality. Spirituality becomes reality and in itself more real than the physical universe. This ideology gave rise to pantheons of religions in human history.
Multiplicity of religions and religious sects from experience, has given rise to conflicting spiritual truths and laws. This makes it difficult to discern authentic spiritual truths from negative spiritual falsities. Spirituality becomes consumed with fallacies which challenges its authenticity as reality “itself”.
Kuu lam chee arrives to extricate these falsities from spirituality. As a mystic school whose origin dates tens of thousands of years, its sole aim is to train and guide seekers of truth. It is a path solely for the understanding, study and explanation of life, existence and nature through spirituality. Its principal function is to feed all sects, cults, religions and spiritual segments of the world. All aspects of human and spiritual activities draw from its reservoir of spiritual knowledge, wisdom and power.
Kuu lam chee brotherhood is a spiritual vehicle for the flow of spiritual teachings. It is a channel for the flow of the message of the spiritual hierarchy through existing levels of the spiritual government to seekers. It is the principal platform through which core spiritual teachings are passed down to humanity, irrespective of religious outfits, mystical inclinations and philosophical beliefs.
Kuu lam chee brotherhood strives to un-shackle and emancipate true spiritual teachings from religious bias and spiritual dogmatism. It embraces all sects, factions and religions in a bid to guide them to spiritual beatitude. Kuu lam chee brotherhood has come to stay and offers genuine spiritual liberation.