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Spiritual Communion With The Masters

Our Teachings

Man lives in fear unceasingly in the theatre of life. Initially, the war was between man and other kinds of animals; but through ingenuity coupled with higher spiritual capabilities and advancement in weaponry, man is seemly winning the war. However, individual interests and ambitions of man are in constant conflict resulting in bloody conquests amongst themselves. Millions of humans were killed, maimed or displaced in military battles as well as political warfare throughout known history. From earliest known civilization [Egyptian civilization] through other empires such as Mesopotamian, Greek and Roman to the present age, the story has remained the same. Ironically, no war ever took place without man delving into the realm of spirituality. Only the weak, spiritually and materially, are victims of such wars. The Russian Federation alone lost about 27 million people in response to Adolph Hitler’s gangsterism which was said to be a function of spiritual determinism.

Man is a function of matter, psychic and spiritual bodies, and as such man’s fight for survival in this theatre of fun and subsequent ones thereof must be based on the harmonisation of these bodies. In the past when there was no organized government capable of providing adequate security and enforceable laws, the methodology of this contest of survival was different. However, with significant provision of security and enforceable laws, the methodology was modified, but all the essential requisites are still in force. For example, the killing of humans [matter bodies only] as appeasement to Gods for military, political and financial successes which occurred in the old other is still in vogue but in a different form.

In the Red Bible {Vol.1], I made it absolutely clear that the matter and psychic bodies are prone to extermination before death as known to us can take place. In the old order the matter body was sacrificed but in the new order, the psychic body is being consumed instead. The consumption of the psychic body is a function of witchcraft or what modern societies and cults call astral cannibalism and feats or soul travel conquests. Based on the above facts, it is clear that there is no difference between primitivism [killing of the physical selves] and modernization [killings of the psychic counterpart]. We are merely wearing two conflicting faces of power acquisition purely to avoid the full force of our human laws. Because science and religion limited their understanding of life to matter only, human laws are not fashioned to deal with physic and spiritual vandalism, fraud, recklessness, and murder.

Our desire in this life and subsequent ones thereafter is to be in a state of constant bliss. But this is not practicable because parameters for today’s bliss are different from that of subsequent theatres of life. Our pursuit in this cycle of life is certainly at variance with that of our previous cycle of life. So the technique of addressing today’s bliss contradicts that of previous existence. In the like manner, the requirement to keep the “mater self” in a constant state of happiness may be at variance with what the “psychic or spiritual self” requires to be at peace with itself. The key to happy existence in the worlds wherein we found ourselves is to strike a balance between momentary comfort and external bliss. This quest is certainly not an easy task.

If one wishes to be a successful magician one must be a student of highly skilled magician, if one wishes to be an accomplished miracle worker, one must undergo rigorous training under the tutelage of a renowned miracle practitioner, if one wishes to be a military general, one must be articled in the art of war and gallantry; if one wishes to be a academician, one must pass through an ivory tower, lastly, if one wish to be a big time farmer, one must be thoroughly groomed in the techniques of farming. What I am saying is that each endeavour has its own methodology, and that if our ambition is to run the race of life and win prize, we must play by the rules of the particular aspect of life we have so chosen. 

The holy book of Christian faith is of two major faces, the old and new testaments. The Old Testament focuses on the techniques of achieving bliss in the matter kingdom and therefore forecloses any other form of comfort in subsequent theatres of life, while the new testament not only denounces the matter and its comfort but goes further to state that the only life worth living is that of eternal bliss which exists in the theatre of “life-after-death” world. Moses and his team of successors provided us with techniques of victories in the mater kingdom only. But Peter, Paul and apostles and disciples opened another vista in our quest to touch the garments of the Most High and how to be a partaker in the Kingdom of eternal bliss in the life-after-death world.

Bliss in the matter world hinges on sacrifices and payment of tithes. Sacrifice can be in the form of blood of animals including man whose blood is regarded as the most potent of all. In view of the fact that modern laws forbid human sacrifice, attention is now turned into the sacrifice of the psychic self [the aspect of our spiritual body which goes out when we sleep]. Most religious bodies, cults and societies opt for this last technique and appear harmless to the ignorant and gullible society. At religious revivals and vigils, the psychic selves of some of their faithful are consumed by the power which express itself through the priest soon afterwards, the affected suffer little or no illness and die. Sacrifices are offered to Gods, spirits and principalities and powers which execute the demands of seekers. In other words the less fortunate ones are sacrificed for the sustenance of the order, sect or path. Tithes are offered to priests who are the point of contact between seekers and executors of seekers’ wishes. Abraham offered sacrifice to Jehovah [God] and tithes to Melchizedek, the priest of the Most High. 

Moses, Elijah and Elisha opted for power and performed incredible magic and miraculous deeds, but wealth and offspring were absent in their lives. It is an indication that poverty and childlessness are bye products of power acquisition and manifestation. The great Dibias of the old lived not only in poverty but as well died childless. Power is therefore adverse to wealth and offspring. However, Dibias as custodians of power are channels’ for wealth and fertility but lack same in their respective homes.

To be a participant in the world of eternal bliss is to be elevated to the position of being one of the gardeners in the theatre of fun. To achieve this goal, one is expected to abstain from all forms of comfort inherent in the matter world. Jesus Christ was said to have told his audience that hey world lose this world if they were to gain the kingdom of God. You must abandon this world in its entirety if you are to be a gardener in the life-after-death world. Saints whose acts no longer attract Karmic burden in the spirit world are some of such gardeners in the field of fun. I must add that this document is not referring to self made or religious saints whose sainthood is based on murder, fraud, deceit and religious wars.

Spiritual warfare is the key to all forms of success, whether in the past, present and future. Spiritual wars of yesterday determine the spiritual fortune of today. Similarly, spiritual wars of yesterday and today shall determine the level of comfort of tomorrow. This is the key to the eternal walk, the endless and evolving journey of life. At each cycle of life, each soul-in-form must make the required decision as to how he chooses to participate in the theatre of fun now or to continue on its march on the route with the attached hardship as a condition to achieve the objective of being a permanent assistant in the office of he Architect of the theatre of fun. However, it is pertinent to add that fun is a function of culture. What is known as fund to the native African cannot be same with celebrities in Los Angeles. Assessment of our worldly performance is based on the culture wherein we are born or live. In cultures where large families are in vogue, childless mothers are in tears and suffer all forms of humiliation but in the culture of celebrity the situation is different because celebrity itself is fun personified, fun galore in its full nakedness.

As there are competing demands in ones life so are types of spiritual warfare to address such demands. Man the Oliver Twist of nature, expects God to provide him with everything, viz children, wealth, health, power, long life and abundant fun. It is a tall dream. Apart from natural [pre-determined] endowment which is a function of “Ogbanje” [one’s karmic gift or curse], all other achievements must be through hard work in this life. Persons whose ogbanje [karma] is inadequate for the level of fun they expect in this cycle of life must seek additional spiritual support or elevation, such as sacrifices, membership of occult or specialized orders, self abstinence, prayers in line with particular interest.

The route to power is the most tasking of them all as well as the most engulfing and irresistibly self consuming. Self abstinence and sacrifices are key and indispensable steps regarding this particular aspect of desire. Wealth, as a function of fun, is essentially dependent on sacrifice and membership of specialized orders bordering on acquisition of material things in nature. Long life is completely in the realm of witchcraft, choice of food and type of occupation. Large family is a dictate of culture but is largely routed in one’s ability to withstand the hawks in the clothing of type of witchcraft which provides free flow of milk and honey to the table of the rich. Members of large families but with weak spiritual base which is always the consequence of number are also prone to the visitation of witches and soul travellers to augment their instrumentation of bravery, power and other quests which must take such sacrifices. Long life therefore rests on one’s ability to cloth one with the amour of witchcraft, while parents with large families are in the battleship of the God of fertility [Akwali]. The later lacks the potential to be a beneficiary of power and wealth.

Like other paths of fields of study committed to the development of man’s understanding of his environment, especially the relationship between matter self and the real self [psychic and spiritual self], we have four special orders in Kuu Lam Chee Brotherhood to handle man’s aspirations while wearing human clothing in conducting economic and social functions. These orders are masquerade [power], oracle [wealth], spider [weavers of the web of nature], and Bridge [lords of the night].  

The Bridge Order [the lords of the night] is for the training of persons aspiring to connect their past, soul travel and harmonize the activities of their matter-self and spiritual selves. Sometimes the aspiration and pursuits of the matter self do conflict with those of the spiritual self, but through proper tutelage these divergent interests are reconciled. Members of this order are trained to participate actively and consciously too in the two different theatres of life. If one succeeds in graduating to adept-ship in the order he becomes an authority in the art of soul travel and witchcraft. He is not only a master in the techniques of soul travelling, but also a conquering general in any spiritual warfare. At this stage, such individuals become masters of their own fate and do possess detailed knowledge of the workings of life inner worlds, known to the ‘mundane’ and members of organized religion as heaven. Survival in the theatre of strife and uncertainty or longevity is best guaranteed in this order, and depending on circumstances, the age limit can be in the neighbourhood of 100 years. 

The Spider Order [weavers of the web of nature] is for individuals whose karma makes it imperative that they should be assistants in the office of the Architect of fun. For clarity, the Architect of fun is the head of the invincible government overseeing the affairs of mankind of both the matter kingdom and the spiritual worlds. As assistants in the office of the Architect of fun, they are draughtsmen detailed to adjust, modify or erase completely any section of the fun arena. Such weavers include dibias, prophets and other physical embodiments of Audiolife. Though their works, preparations, rituals and pronouncements, warlords, rulers and radical religious leaders are groomed, armed and directed to carry out activities which to some are good and holy while to others they are bad and unholy. These persons do possess the potentiality to bind and unbind; curse and bless; create, sustain and dissolve, as well as make and unmake powerful and wealthy individuals in the society. The wheel of life, cycles of history, rise and fall of kingdoms and superiority of races cannot be part of our existence without the involvement of these draughtsmen.

The Oracle Order [wealth] is for seekers of wealth. In the civilized and developed economies, especially those economies rooted on free enterprise, wealth acquisition is divine and ordained. In the underdeveloped economies, wealthy individuals are sometimes seen as evil men, or possessors of blood money. But I must state in very clear terms that if we are in this world for fun, wealth is an integral, if not an indispensable aspect of the fun calculus. In any society there must exist financial moguls whose wealth would be used to keep the society in check.
The Masquerade Order [power] is for those who wish to possess ultimate conquering authority either in the matter or spiritual world. Here we are talking of warlords, men of valour and all those who did undertake successful military campaigns for their communities, countries and empires. Bravery or gallantry in matter kingdom is however dependent on how firmly rooted one anchors one’s root on a strong spiritual base.

Studentship through discipleship and initiate-ship to peer-ship is a systematic climb up the ladder of spirituality in Kuu Lam Chee Brotherhood. The major concern of our Holy Writ is to train students and equip them adequately for the Eternal Walk so as to enable them knock at the doors of sainthood, the gateway to karma-less life. It is a fairly long walk of 35 years but it is certainly the surest walk to the temple of keepers of the Wheel of Life. However, it is based on humility, patience, truth and non vengeance in all facets or our daily life in the matter body only.

The sustenance of supplementary of supplementary orders notwithstanding, our primary project is to lift as many individuals as possible into the spiritual realm. Therefore, our studentship is restricted to this goal but appreciates the truth that some persons may be willing to remain as articles of fun in the theatre of fun. For this group, affiliate orders of pleasurable orientation are being put in place to address the ambitions of rulers and middle class in the society. As the principal agent of the Architect of fun as well as the coordinating gardener in the garden of fun, we must provide adequate collection of various attractive and pleasurable articles of fun, if a more pleasurable fun arena or park is our desire. These affiliate orders address these varied and blissful fields of entertainment, without which the park of nature will be unattractive.  

The affiliate orders are thus:

        [a] The Masquerade Order [power]
        [b] The Oracle Order [wealth]
        [c] The Spider Order [weavers of the web or Nature]
        [d] The Bridge Order [Lords of the Night]

The secrets of nature are not revealed to the weak in mind and heart. Having said that sacrifice is needed for power, wealth and ruler-ship, and membership of top, ancient and exclusive societies, and that such orders cannot be made available to the ignorant masses of the world, it will be naive to expect me to state otherwise in clear terms. Only the noble or those in sincere searches for nobility are entitled to be educated on the conditions for membership of this exalted position in the society. However, two techniques are usually made available to the society at large, viz chanting and prayers. Whichever method you adopt you are merely giving out something in exchange for nature’s blessing. If this is not so, your prayers remain unattended to.

You should enter into Spiritual Communion with the Saints for at least 60 minutes every morning before commencing the day’s toil. You are as well required to observe every Saturday as a holy day. If you are not on duty at 12 noon and 12 midnight, every Saturday, you are required to spend at least one hour in communion with the Saints. If however you are on duty, you should choose your own time but ensure that the time is maintained in subsequent spiritual works. For example, if you decide on 4 pm. then every Saturday at 4 pm you should commune with the Saints. I am in the holy Temple on the Order every Saturday, at 12 noon and 12 midnight to harmonize with both the Saints and the Divine wave as well as reach you spiritually.

        A. Chanting
Chanting is a system of cleansing the body and its psychic counterpart of the occult and religious junk we collect from the so called mystics and priests. As we move helter-skelter from one medicine man to another or from one church to another, we collect implants which must be carefully removed before we are fit again to begin the Divine Walk. Chanting and self denials are the best techniques of freeing the core personality from its false clothing, sheaths and unwarranted implants from these pseudo masters, magicians and miraculous workers. However, as you begin to flush your system, you become temporarily vulnerable to assaults from tyrants and enemies in the society. Nevertheless, this system offers you the best protection from the assaults of your enemies. While it weakens your ability to sting your enemies as you desire, it equally offers you 360 degrees protection. If you are a patient student, ready to take some initial punishment for a more vibrant and durable spiritual powers, I advise you to opt for this all embracing technique. Students seeking to improve their dreams, visions and prophetic potentialities will find this technique inevitable. Similarly, seekers aspiring not only to touch the robes or great spiritual personages but to finally study under their best will fin this technique indispensable.

Sit comfortably with your spinal cord erect, lie flat on a flat bed without pillows or lie on a couch, breath in and out for some time to calm nerves and achieve the required relaxation, and perform the following acts.

        [a] “The presence of Masters of Kuu Lam Chee Brotherhood we herald in our midst to commune and bless”.

        [b] Chant JUH, as Juuuuuuuuu………hhhhhh” for about 20 minutes, with your eyes closed and the attention on the 3rd eye centre. It must be chanted as a rolling sound.

        [c] Chant JUH as above but in your mind only, while gazing through the 3rd eye centre for about 30 minutes.

 Address the assemblage as you deem fit but with less emphasis on materialism. You can even address them in your own language and style. Audiolife is the source of all languages. Similarly, all the adepts of this Holy Order understand all languages. So feel free to address them in the languages that best suit the occasion. Please note that if you are in the hands of the higher powers, you shall not be in want.
“I thank you for your presence, companionship and blessings, and as well reassure you of my resolve to continually be a clear channel for the flow of your divine wisdom”.

         B. Praying
Praying is a catalogue of requests to God though intermediaries, some of whom never existed. Even those that existed may lack the required spiritual strength to either perform believers’ requests or lead them to God. In most cases, demands from students for abundant spiritual gifts lack necessary back-up or collateral to cover such requests. If somebody needs a loan from the bank, he must deposit adequate security far in excess of the loan. This collateral is an inducement for the bank to grant the loan [request]. Most prayers lack this key component of any contract, and are therefore not attended to. Even if the seeker rides on the back of a great sage, either he does the bidding of the sage by living his lifestyle or he pays all the dues which the sage requires to ferry him across the deep blue sea. He must do one of the above, and in this case any of the options is the collateral. Usually, prayers for the niceties of the world are wishful thinking. Any meaningful prayer must be backed with something of great value.

    4. PRAYER
        [a] Breathe on me breath of Chukwu [God];
             Fill me with life a new.
            That I love what Thou dost love.
            And do what Thou wouldst do.

            Breathe on me, breath of Chukwu [God];
            Until my hearth is pure,
            Until with Thee I will one will.
            To do and to endure.

            Breathe on me, breath of Chukwu [God];
            Till I am wholly Thine,
            Until this earthly part of me
            Glows with Thy fire divine.

            Breathe on me, breath of Chukwu [God];
            So shall I never die.
            But live with thee the perfect life.
            Of Thine eternity, Amen.
                [Edwin Hatch 1835 89]

           [b] Arise and embrace the light of the Supreme God,
            Which cometh to light the path,
            Leading us back to our divine origin
            To join the heavenly lays
            As torch bearers of the truth.

            Though principalities and powers gather against me,
            Though men of evil surround me always,
            I fear no foe for thou standeth at my side.
            To protect, bless and guide me,
            Through cycles of pain to the throne of external bliss.

            Though the earth changes and decays
            Though religions and kingdoms rise and fall
            I seek refuge in the cloud which changeth not
            To be carried into the world of Immortality
            The abode of timeless saviours.

            The source of all powers hail
            At whose mercy all powers exist 
            To whom all powers must return 
            I bow in solemn salutation and gratitude
            May thy power be my refuge and fortress
            And flow through me to all life
                    [Nwankwo Nnabuchi – 1945 - ] 

    5. Address the assemblage as you deem fit but with less emphasis on materialism. You can even address them in your own language and style. Audiolife is the source of all languages. Similarly, all the adepts of this Holy Order understand all languages. So feel free to address them in he languages that best suit the occasion.


“I thank you for your presence, companionship and blessings, and as well reassure you of my resolve to continually be a clear channel for the flow of your divine wisdom”.