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The Call

Dialogue with the Sebitets part 4

Nature is cyclic, so it is with anything which bears its roots on it. Season, day, night, month or year is as cyclic as its base. Birth, growth, decay or death of all living things and organisms, including cells and their component parts, whether such organic cells are of water, earth or air origin, is under the same law of dynamic motion of repetitive routine. While it’s cyclic life expresses its true image in the dynamic and ever evolving theatres of life, it as well reflects its radiance and individuality in the universality. If this truism is without any iota of falsity, then our assertion that man as an integral part of nature is as well cyclic is indisputable.

If our today’s life is not the first of its kind in the human form, it does mean that what you are is a function of the lives we had earlier been. If we are a carry-over of what we were, then certain character traits we exhibit must have equally been a function of our past. In other words, if there is any form of goodness in our today’s life, it must have been a reflection of good deed in our previous lives. The same argument holds valid for its opposite. The ‘good’, one previously did, is rolled over for one in subsequent lives. The ‘evil’ one earlier did, enjoys the same immutable decree. So each soul assumes form at every cycle of life with different likes and dislikes, attitudes or character traits, all in conformity with the totality of what it was at previous theatre of life.

The above concept seems to contradict science which ties man’s behavioural pattern to gene. Gene is a function of parentage. The same applies to sociology which asserts that behaviour is a function of the influence of environment and society. They are as right as the spiritualists. One leads to another. It is the law of life which spins the development in a systematic order. It is the law of life which forces one to be born by certain parentage. It assigns one to a particular family with certain cultural and biological shortcomings, all in accordance with the score at the last cycle of life. This divine action also leads one to certain circles of friends who now provide one with the necessary tools to perform what one is sent to do. In other words, it is the law of life which provides one with the enabling environment for the roles one performs in the cycle of life.

For example, in my last incarnation, I lived in the India sub-continent where chanting, mediation, long hours of silence in the Himalayan range, ashrams, and monasteries was in vogue. Vegetarianism was also one of the routes of spiritual liberation. Non-cruelty to animals was also the custom of the people. After this sojourn, [when I died] I was assigned a spiritual function in the Leopard Temple. From there and in accordance with the spiritual directive, I was sent back to this world, this time around in a remote village in Igbo land to continue with the eternal walk.

During my last earthly incarnation, I was of a culture which declared killings of animals a taboo, but in this incarnation I am in a contracting culture where animal sacrifice is the rule. Traditional worship with its attendant sacrificial rituals is the route of spiritual liberation in my present parentage. As a safeguard to my spiritual protection and maturity, I am once more through a lineage with long standing spiritual base. Our fore-bearers provided us with all the necessary tools to remain afloat in this world of cruelty. We have in our disposal all the implements necessary for successful spiritual conquest and protection. Beyond several generations, my root applied the power of Agwu to the dictates of their time with the result that many souls were retired prematurely. This was so because; there were no police force, organized civil society or law enforcement agency. Your spiritual strength was your weapon of defence, any time, anywhere. Self survival as the law of life forced them to match power with power, brutality with brutality and the like acts.

From the fourth father through third to the second, the prominence of power was gradually moderated to a near balance of fifty. But my direct father was completely averse to power. He was a model of purity, honesty and sacrifice of self for the development of the Community. As I am a product of the lineage, it does imply that while my father’s qualities truly manifest in me, the spiritual base of my root is also available and can be reactivated with least effort. As it is the wish of every spark to reactivate the essential spiritual parameters of its channel in its upward climb on the rungs of the ladder, there is nothing wrong if I decide on that course.

Ramesess II was a good example of what I am saying. He came and met the empire of his forefathers in ruins and on a very rapid decline, and tasked himself to arrest the drift. He achieved that objective and this not only widened the horizon of the empire but as well enabled him to have a very long reign of peace, and development of arts.

Having been born into this lineage to pioneer a life saving mission, I lack the spiritual inclination, to terminate the life of any spark in the image of man, no matter the provocation and assault. As a replica of my father, it is my desire to be a model of purity, honesty and a channel for improvement of the lives of the poor and the needy. All I do know is that I am a nemesis saint. As an aspect of the law of retribution, it is my duty to work in unison with the law of life and lords of Karma. It is also my duty to carry out works of charity ceaselessly. It as well falls in the ambit of my role to extend nature’s love to all, irrespective of whether the beneficiary desires my head or not.

Consequently, most of you have varying social and spiritual background. Some had been armed robbers, big time criminals, and fearless gangsters. Others had been engaged in various types of murders. Some have had series of abortions. Others had been big time money movers, top executives and professionals as well as prominent members of the academic community. All of you have enrolled to this spiritual undertaking. Accordingly, your initial appreciation of this teaching will not be same.

The same is true of spirituality. Some of you are from Christian, Moslem or Hindu background. Others have gone through various mystery and occult paths. Some are from fundamental and radical Moslem or Christian sects. Some are atheists. Others are from families with very strong traditional base and as usual with all the attached sacrificial rites. Some are adepts in Cabala, and the rituals of ancient mystery schools. Others are disciples of Sat Gurus of Indian Sub-continent with their restrictions and religious concepts such as vegetarianism and various levels of spiritual Hierarchy. Few of you were spiritual laws unto yourselves in your previous incarnations, and were very proficient in the out-of body excursions.  

It is important to say that some of you are witches while others are victims of witchcraft. Witchcraft is certainly an aspect of spirituality, which in itself is not bad. It is the state of mind of the wicked that makes witchcraft evil. Like prayer warriors, the low class witches always apply their spiritual knowledge against their enemies, and those without adequate spiritual stamina fall victims of such attacks. As a spiritual path, our students are under the umbrella of our spiritual authority and are therefore fully protected against such attacks, as well as being properly groomed to spiritual maturity to stand on their own. On the other hand, the witches are tutored to apply the forces of nature to positive uses and objectives.

Finally, all of you came to the studentship of this holy Order form various cultural, religious and societal background, and accordingly with accompanying karmic burden. Your perception of this teaching will certainly not be the same. Some topics will readily appeal to you while others may be repulsive to you because of the above reasons. Those of you who have journeyed to the far reaches of the far country will certainly find these introductory discourses elementary. It is nevertheless a worthwhile venture for your spiritual enrichment. The essential import of this statement is that the journey of life is continuous, but much depends on your seriousness at every state of that journey. 

It is our primary concern to ensure that this dialogue addresses as many topical issues as possible to prepare our students for the necessary individualized spiritual communion and subsequent acceptance into various states of initiatory inductions. These lectures are being prepared in a systematic form to blend all varying religious outbursts from previous religious leaders or claimants to such religious authorities. There is always something new and unique in each dialogue. It is therefore our goal to ensure that each student is properly tutored spiritually as well as in other ways such as written addresses and seminars.

There has always been a very serious contention as to whether it is the law of life that dictates one’s parentage or the individual. Whichever way is correct. We have stated that the law of life is immutable, but is appreciated differently by forms with divergent understanding of nature. Each individual is shown his balance sheet at the end of each cycle. Based on the theory of freewill, the individual takes responsibility for his deeds and looks and considers options to adjust himself in the next theatre of life. However, after such decisions, the veil is again drawn. The individual losses memory of such encounter, and finds himself in a family which in all respect looks like it runs contrary to his perceived ambitions. The result is anguish, pain, sorrow and regrets, accompanied with rains of abuses on God, creation and nature. This is so because realities on the ground appear to negate all the circumstances which formed the basis of the spiritual decision.

A look at an aspect of African cosmology will help us in our understanding of the Divine Wheel. The Africans have proved beyond all reasonable doubts, the following:-

        [1] That the wealthy, at the point of death x-rays the shortcomings, pains and gains of wealth, and finds such pursuits as vanity, and voluntarily opts for another type of nature’s abundant blessings. The change of taste is always occasioned by defficiencies in life attached to wealth. These deficiencies are so burdening that no soul likes to have the experience more than once. This reflection at the point of death is the turning point on the type of gift the soul desires from nature on its walk on the rungs of life.

        [2] Mothers and fathers who spent all their useful years rearing children but were either abandoned by those they toiled to raise or suffered various disabilities as a result of that toil, at death had reflections which shaped their future incarnation. The effect of such reflection is a firm decision to look elsewhere in their search for the eternal bliss when an opportunity calls for another life in the world of the living.

        [3] All those who had their earthly lives terminated by poison, at death emitted very powerful vibrations which fortified them against such deadly deeds in future earthly incarnations.

        [4] Murderers with holy books and other implements such as guns and the like at death reflected on the futility of their actions and thereafter are summoned by nature to occupy the opposite seat in the duel in their next earthly lives. They therefore become victims of their previous acts of horror.

        [5] The sex maniacs whether lucky to be free from disease or unlucky and become carriers of infections and incurable sexually transmitted diseases, at death, have reflections with very strong negative impulses, which must be balanced by its counterparts [the positive vibration] at their next earthly incarnations.

The above is not exhaustive, but only gives an indication of last minute reflections of one’s earthly jamboree. No matter the blessings showered on a sojourner, there is always a reflection of inadequacies which necessitates a re-visit to address. We are summoned back to life to occupy the opposite seat of our actions in the theatre of the previous life when it is proven that our score board ended in red.

The other angle to the whole scheme is the effect of curses and words of humiliation. Humiliation of a pauper in the public in matters regarding poverty carries grave spiritual consequences. Humiliation of a barren lady in public in matters concerning child bearing has the same spiritual effect. Humiliation of others having other types of disabilities enjoys the same spiritual bashing. We are fond of raining abuses on our neighbours, mates and relations indiscriminately. We engage in various curses at the smallest misunderstanding and minor religious debates or arguments. You are also being reminded that abuses and curses are vibrations which are usually reflected completely to their origin by the universal mirror of God. Words of humiliation and curses work in two opposite directions:

        [1] The Karmic load of victims of such curses and humiliation is drastically reduced by such deeds.

        [2] The source of such embarrassment becomes inheritors of the Karmic load. In other words, curses and public humiliation of the less fortunate in the society are channels for the transference of karma from one individual to another.

This explains the concept that our world is very hard on the humble and truthful. The just of today may have been the unjust of yesterday. The bad of now may have been the humble of yesterday and accordingly may be reaping the gains of humility even on the seat of evil and terror. The souls personality might have been a sowing sojourner yesterday and reaping one now. The opposite could also be the case. It has been an old axiom that we are in the lower world as victims of the law of contrasting inequalities.

The religious belief of the Igbos of Nigeria is that man does not reincarnate more than seven times in human form. At the end of the 7th life in earthly form, the ‘soul personality’ of the individual ceases to assume form as man. It carries an understanding that whether in positive or negative scale, each soul must come and go until the 7th life has been lived. Thereafter, the soul rests permanently in the next higher spiritual plane, or at best reincarnates between the next spiritual plane and its higher step on the rungs of spiritual ladder. It is a view more in line with experiences of great soul who have dusted this earth and millions of mankind who also posses the ability to recollect their previous outings in human frame.

The ancient Igbos also believed that cyclic life is based on the theory of seven [7]. Each group which constitute the cycle is composed of 7 members who assume form, one after the other. If the first member assumes form, no other member would assume form until the member dies and returns to the fold. At the time he is returning, the second member assumes form. The first member to assume form, on his return, becomes the newest member of the group. The exercise is repeated ad-infinitum, unless a member is either elevated or demoted but subject to the decree of higher law on the size of humanity at any given point of human history. Even when a member is elevated, there are other members on the higher rungs, who had failed and therefore are demoted. Any of such demoted being will be used to complete the cycle of seven members. Whatever happens, the number remains seven [7]

Seven consecutive life forms on the negative scale is the birth of metempsychosis. Such consecutive failing is an indication of the state of un-preparedness of the soul to remain on a particular rung of spirituality, and therefore must take a backward step [downward step]. Subsequent failings will reduce the individual’s spiritual standing further until the lowest form of life is hit. Seven consecutive forms of life on the positive scale admit the soul into the echelon of great souls. The individual becomes a spiritual traveller, and only assumes human form again as a teacher, with specific functions to address. Similarly, another seven consecutive successes in the performance of such specific rules, now qualifies him for admission into the category of timeless saviours or membership of the council of avatars.

It must be pointed out here that seven consecutive failings or successes are not an easy task anyway. It is a very difficult venture. It is the reason why very few are victims of metempsychosis. The same is also true for very few admissions into the club of great souls. As regards the journey of soul, and our various calls in varying theatres of life, the ancient Igbos had three distinctive concepts, namely:-

        [1] That reincarnation is based on the cycle of seven [7]. It is a bond which is not easily broken. All those within the balance of probability are tied to this wheel indefinitely and therefore are victims of varying tastes of sadness and joy.

        [2] That the concept of metempsychosis is a truth but only for those with seven consecutive negative outings.

        [3] That immortality and admission into the club of spiritual travellers occurs only when the individual had passed through seven consecutive tests crossing seven different forms of darkness successfully in consecutive succession.

Our Open Spiritual Letters were addressed to all Nigerians and beyond, but only very few of you responded and waited patiently for four good years for actual discourse series to be made available. Some of you will certainly continue with the path while others my get disinterested and leave. Some of your friends who may get to know this path through you may show greater interest and champion the course of the Order more than my humble self. It is the call, which no soul who has tasted the holy nectar ever resists.

All our thoughts testify against us; all our words testify against us; all our deeds testify against us. This is so because thoughts, words and deeds are all vibrations of varying density and intensity. Any vibration from us must return to us, with the same intensity and velocity. None is exempted from this law. None shall be exempted from this rule.