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The Divine Web And Its Basic Laws

Our Teachings


The Divine Web consists of the creative impulses, namely the First Impulse and the Second Impulse which are Formless and the Third Impulse which has Form and occupies space, as well as the Unseen Template which oversees the Flawless workability of the entire Cosmos and its constituent compartments. Its basic laws include the operational mechanism of the first, second and third impulses and their diverse and mini tentacles known to both Science and Mysticism as the tools with which existence is sustained. At the level of physical form, they are known as those tools keeping in check the ever changing cosmic, solar or planetary drives, including all micro objects ranging from Man through animals to plants and other similar items living in water.

Due to the physical limitations in the understanding of the Mind and its vehicle of expression, we are not likely to stretch ourselves too far into the wilderness of Creation. Our universe is structured to synchronize with the larger pool from whence the Seven Gods which created us in their image originated. We are the products of the creative abilities of Lumech One and Two and Dumech One to Five. These Gods in whose image we are fashioned, came from one of the stars approximately 19 billion light years away.

On descent, they landed in Africa, in an area North of the Tropic of Capricorn and bounded by Mozambique, Northern South Africa, Eastern Batswana, and Zimbabwe. They began their creative work there. In other words, dispersion of Life as known to us started in the above stated geographical location. From the spiritual video of their landing, two spiritual laws were observed, namely that Man must feed on the fruits of life as created by Lumech one, and secondly that survival of the fittest was and still remains the key to our struggles to sustain our Physical Form. But as population increased necessitating dispersion and migration, societies began to develop specific norms and values to guide their conduct.

Human Root

Having said that Lumechs and Dumechs created us and everything to sustain our existence as products of the Flesh, it becomes necessary to look at how we got to this type of Man. Essentially, Man is of two primal components, namely an aspect of the Second Impulse often referred to as the Spirit and sheaths which provide us with Shapes and Forms. The second leg of the component has millions upon millions of Forms of different energy levels which are activated by the breath of the Second Impulse. Unfortunately, the all-powerful Man is activated by only one of the seven strands of this Essence which is again wrapped in sheaths to greatly reduce its vitality and pulsations. So far, this breath has remained elusive to the physical Man and his tools of work namely, Science, Medicine and Engineering.

To tie both the Spark and the Flesh flawlessly, permeable membranes were woven into the union and these provide the needed intricate mechanism for the flow of Nature’s Fluid of existence in both directions at every Substation as the power descends. The subtle existence of matter, as broken down by enzymes in the body, finds its way from the lowest level of clothing, which the Spirit wears to contact the Matter Kingdom, to the next theatre of existence. In the same manner, the pulsation of the Second Impulse seeps through the same number of membranes in opposite direction to activate the body and ensures that it vibrates in unison with the entire divine web. The entire arrangement is to ensure unimpeded flow of nutrients in the body and the pulsation of the creative force across permeable membranes at five key substations which are gatekeepers in the world of polarity. Above these gates, you are dealing with Immortal Beings, who are genderless.

Between the matter self and the only strand of the Second Impulse (the tool which energizes all life with body and shape), there are seven basic substations (transformers) and six mini substations in-between. Each substation has the capability to detach from the Whole and live a Quasi-independent life for a while but with the divine link to return to the fold as need arises. For instance, during sleep this spark pulls out from the physical body and returns thereto at the end of the dream excursion. During sleep, the body lacks all vitality, vigor, awareness and activity, indicating that something has been withdrawn from it.

Based on the above explanation, it is right to state that Spirit is God. The Christian bible told us that God is within thee (Man). Jesus told his countrymen “Do you want to kill me because I said I am God; Yee too are Gods”. If these assertions are true, then man in active life is God. Similarly, if one of the seven strands of the creative potentiality is housed in Man, no matter the number of clothing of illusion around it, we are correct to assert that man is God. In other words, the Living or the Dead is God, although the Dead enjoys a higher degree of awareness because two layers of clothing of illusion have been peeled off.

Having said that there are seven substations and forty-two mini adjuncts without which the Ultimate Power cannot be cooled to exist in our human frame, we then ask ourselves at what point does death occur? Death simply occurs when the matter self looses nourishment, decays and returns to its basic compounds, elements and atomic structure. At this point, the matter self looses its cohesion and identity and returns to the pool from whence it originated. But the matter self cannot disintegrate except something irreparably terminates the free flow of the Divine Fluid, cutting off the matter segment of the union from its source of existence. In a nutshell, death is the irreversible collapse of the workability of the membrane between the Matter Man and higher selves, especially the dream counterpart and the world of the dead.

Lastly, the severance of the two lowest permeable membranes from the reach of the spark, prevents the physical man and its dream counterpart from having access to the pulsation of life, and as this does take place, the statement, - Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust, terminates this cycle of incarnation. Based on the above facts, we now take further steps to talk about death. At death two bodies are buried, namely the mortal self and its dream counterpart. The mortal body is buried by the living while the dream counterpart is buried by the dead. The dream counterpart dies and is buried between three and seven days before its physical self dies, a proof that physical death occurs only after the death of its dream counterpart. In keeping with the law of cultural passage, Ozu Nwada, (the remains of our daughters) must be buried in their Father’s compound, their ancestral home. Due to religious colonization, our daughters opt to have their physical bodies buried besides their husbands without realizing that their corporeal selves, the dream selves, are usually taken home by their ancestors and buried beside their fathers in their ancestral homes.

There is neither birth nor death. The spark (the corporeal self known to spiritual adepts as ether) is in constant motion, wearing and dropping bodies, clothing or images along the divine path. Having mentioned the present state of what is commonly referred to birth, lets briefly look at it. There are two compulsory initiations between the living and the dead on both sides of the same coin. As the dead (or as the original spirit in the veil of the dead) descends to wear the clothing of the body, it undergoes through an initiatory rite which prepares it to begin the journey to the world of the living. In this initiation the dead is put into a pit in the form of grave, and with certain rituals, ceremonies and incantations, a veil or covering is wrapped around it. After this ceremony the newly constituted personality is cloaked with the needed vehicle to slip into the body of a child. In certain cases, it can take up to six years of waiting for the chosen mother to go into labour and deliver the expected child.

To continue the pro-creative activities, sex is an indispensable exercise. Although sex as a form of pleasure, is sinful. Nevertheless, sex is spiritually sanctified for the purpose of continuity of human existence only. The processes of fertilization of egg by the sperm, the development of fetus in the womb, and the needed maturity culminating in the birth of the body are simply the necessary biological processes in the womb of the mother. The mother and her womb are likened to the tailor and his sowing machine which make the dress customers pick over the counter. As the dress is being made in the womb of the mother, the de-initiated spirit of the dead on descent to the physical world, follows the mother until the dress is completed (until birth) and slips into the new baby and activates it through the first breath. A new child is now added to the list of humanity. This last de-initiation ties the newly born to the cumulative records of the spark in various incarnations. This is the birth and sustenance of cultural passage, namely ancestral root, family tree, ancestral belief systems and the like.

Having established that humans are bound by the decision of their incarnating spirits, it is necessary to look at the journey of Jesus, the Christ. According to Luke 3:23-38 of the Christian bible, Jesus passed through about 75 generations, beginning with Joseph the carpenter through notable names like Levi, David, Jacob, Abraham, Lamech, Methuselah, Seth and Adam. If the genealogy of Jesus was properly documented for posterity, it does imply that the genealogy of every spirit in human embodiment is critical to the existence of the individual. Similarly, If Jesus was the Messiah of his time and has his own genealogy, it also implies that all Saviours, including the incumbent Avatar, (Ditu) and his successor (Sher Sheba) must enjoy such notable platforms.

Based on the above deductions, we make a further assertion that the genealogy of every individual is an irreversible spiritual decree. Any act inconsistent with this doctrine contradicts the basic law of creation. This is in conformity with Nkwo Nnabuchi earlier assertions in “in Defence of Igbo Belief system-A Dialectical Approach “that if one holds on to his father and the chain is repeatedly followed then the last ancestor holds God as Adam did in the case of Jesus. If this is the law of nature, why do we elect to either be slaves to dogma or be foolish in accepting alien parents? Every person has his own genealogy and must adhere strictly to it as Jesus did. He was emphatic in his efforts to fulfill all the laws of his root, while Igbos who claim to be his students are reckless in destroying everything belonging to their root. Be advised that ignorance is not an excuse in law. We are all bound by the divine laws in creation. None is exempted from them.

Moses and all other spiritual authorities as well as great scientists are in agreement that the physical man is a product of the Earth, water, Air, and Fire and is dependent on plants, animals, fishes, and other earth sustaining organisms. If the above conclusion is correct, then the man of our type started after Noah. Genesis 6:3 was definitive on the issue “And the Lord said my spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is Flesh, yet his days shall be a hundred and twenty years.” Between Noah and Adam, Enoch had the shortest life (365 years), while Methuselah enjoyed the longest days (969 years). A proof that all those persons from Adam to Noah were not humans. They were gods and never depended on the four basic items, namely, Earth, Water, Air and Fire for sustenance. It is at this juncture that God slammed on the flesh [ which we are] the age limit of 120 years. It is also important to add that the age reduction in the New testament of just 70 years was only reflective of the average age in the kingdom of King Constantine, the Roman Emperor who oversaw the writing of the New Testament in 325 AD. The decree of 120 years, as the days of the Flesh, is still operational in ancient Witch Orders, indicating that witchcraft is as close as possible to the authority of Moses not only in the age of 120years but also in the understanding of the workings of nature.

From the accounts of Moses there are three principal stages in the making of today’s Man, namely Spiritual Beings which range from Adam to Lamech, secondly the transitional personalities such as Noah and his children, and thirdly the Flesh and Blood Man. Neither Lamech and his ancestors nor Noah and his children did fit into our mould. Only those mortals born after Noah’s children were our kind in every respect and composition. It took nature about 1056 years to walk from Adam to Noah. It was at the birth of Noah that Lamech decreed that he was to make the barren earth to be productive and fertile. By this pronouncement he created another level of lower existence, the indispensable walk towards the making of mankind of our chemistry.

The proclamation of Lamech at the age of 182 years put into motion the walk from the realm of spirit to that of matter. In other worlds it took the Spiritual Council up to 1056 years to walk downwards from the spiritual level to the dream level which is the buffer between it and the Flesh, and about 500 years to drop to the Matter Kingdom. According to basic arithmetic, Man’s walk from the world of the dead to the world of the living took over 1,500 years. The above however, is based on the theories of Moses. It is of course, not the official position of this Order. It is only a guide and for you to appreciate the time it took Nature to sow two additional clothings the spirit wears to metamorphose into the Flesh.

One Important element stood out conspicuously in the bible narrative and it is Water. A review of the video of the descent of Lumechs and Dumechs indicate light, earth and barrenness. The need for food dictated the creation of grasses which depended on water. Prior to the existence of Flesh, the myth of Noah’s Flood became mandatory. However, after the Flood, the birth of Man of Flesh with the age of 120 years became the norm in nature. The above explanations are necessary so that mankind can understand the processes Lumechs and Dumechs went through in the making of the global Fun Arena of the world of Flesh and the world of the Dead in between which is sandwiched the Dream world, - the carrier of the Fluid of Existence and Functionality.


Within our operational environment, there are two facets of Life, - those bordering on the activities of the dead and those resting on the travails of the living. To many, the world of the Dead is the kingdom of God we all aspire to embrace after the collapse of the Flesh. Life is cyclic and revolves between theatres of Fun often referred to as the wheel of Birth and Death. But let it be emphasized that on descent the spark assumes Five major sheaths in stages before landing on the plane of the Dead – the second lowest level of theatres of Fun. Thereafter, the Spark in clothings continues its downward movement and terminates in the body of the Flesh, which is obviously the least in terms of vibration and spiritual power. Because the third plane and above is so abstract, we are not considering all other theatres of Fun beyond the world of the Dead.

In Igbo Cosmology, Four days, namely Eke, Oye, Afor and Nkwo, define the entire web of Igbo social, political and spiritual templates; Eke refers to the First Son, the symbol of Leadership and Inheritance; Oye refers to Dibia, the carrier of Agwu(logos, Holy ghost, Audiolife); Afor refers to Power Calculus; and Nkwo refers to Wealth. In today’s global world, Eke represents Sovereignty; Oye represents Spirituality; Afor represents Strength and Authority; and Nkwo represents Economy. In a nutshell, all the basic compositions of Independence are woven into the daily lives of Ndi-Igbo. At any time we desire to protect our land or desire to expand our territory, Eke summons all the instrumentation of our cultural passage; Oye performs all the spiritual and physical rites and ceremonies; Afor determines all the military and political options including the selection of the right candidate to lead the operation; and Nkwo oversees and provides all the necessary material and financial resources. The above sequence also plays out in the sustenance and expansion of any country’s territorial borders.

Similarly, the theory of inequality is the guiding rule in the maintenance of the Garden of Fun. But one’s ability to be a key participant in the Field of Fun is dependent on one’s strength or weakness either physically or spiritually. However, in certain circumstances, the very weak in the mortal frame maybe very powerful in higher rungs of spirituality. For example, the Christian bible said that it is easier for a camel to pass through the Eye of a Needle than a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God. The Koran echoed the same view in the statement that poverty is my Pride. The teachings of Ditu as expressed in the Red Bible said that the Face of Chukwu is upon the Poor. If the above religious or spiritual views represent the Will of God, it does imply that the poor shall be on a higher pedestal spiritually in another theatre of Fun. Or sometimes in a better Flux of Happiness in another cycle of incarnation.

Moses told the people of Israel not to kill but the same God raised Saul, David and the like as Commanders of Israel’s army with the sole aim of killing non-Israelites. There is no evidence that the brutal acts of Saul or David affected their rating in another theatre of Fun, rather David failed because of his sexual relationship with Uriah’s wife while Saul disobeyed God by not being as ruthless as God had decreed. Here, emphasis is on the promptings of the culture’s spiritual authorities and their agenda in the defense of the ancestral linage. Jehovah promised the Jews a homeland and achieved same through Moses. Jews remained faithful to their God for giving them a homeland. An implied assertion that Igbos, our kith and kin, should show obedience and reverence to those Gods which provided them a homeland of their own.

Our South-Western neighbours are more articulate and pragmatic in balancing their social, religious, spiritual and business interests. Though small in population, they are firmly in control of Christianity, Traditional worship, Witchcraft, Occultism and Evangelical branch of Christendom and also occupy the second slot in the control of Islamism. Irrespective of all these tentacles in other faiths, they are united in their reverence and obedience to their root, their ancestors. They are also as solid as stone in championing the social and political interests of Oduduwa Kingdom, with an eye on the quest to achieve self-governance. An implied view that the Yorubas are fully keyed to their spiritual and ancestral templates. They regard other platforms as channels to enhance their political and economic supremacy.

Since they succeeded in edging Igbos out of the corridors of power in 1964 and between 1966 and 1970, they catapulted Igbos further to never be integrated into the fold of a united Nigeria, they have remained the indispensable arm of the beneficiary of the wealth of the country from 1964 to date (2020).
It is also necessary to state that Ojukwu declared the republic of Biafra on the understanding that Awolowo promised him to follow suit and declare Oduduwa republic. But as soon as Ojukwu carried out his own part of the agreement Awolowo turned his back on the deal to become Gowon’s deputy and minister of finance of Nigeria. To cement the Igbo elimination, two Yoruba generals Benjamin Adekunle and Olusegun Obasanjo emerged as the conquerors of Igbo nation. Benjamin started the assault through Port-Harcourt and Obasanjo completed it in Anambra State where he received the instrument of surrender from Philip Effiong, the commander of the Biafran Army. True to the cycle of life and in keeping with the tenets of theatres of fun, 35 years later Obasanjo, as the first president of Nigeria in the fourth Republic began the process to balkanize the nation he once fought to unite. At this point in time, his kinsmen had gotten all it takes to exit the nation and become the third largest economy in Africa.

To buttress the above points, Olusegun Obasanjo told the nation that he was going to be the last president of Nigeria. His beloved son Goodluck Jonathan, echoed the same view during his presidency. They opted for corruption as the basis to balkanize the nation. Corruption weakened and destroyed all the fabrics of the nation, and was rapidly sliding towards the collapse of every institution of Nationhood. Unfortunately, Buhari who became president by divine fiat with the mandate to reverse the drift went astray by appointing the same people who were used as tools of balkanization under Obasanjo and Jonathan. What a paradox.
If our southern brothers were united in blocking the secession of Eastern Nigeria between 1966 and 1970, it is doubtful whether they can extract from the God of Ndi-Igbo the needed cooperation in todays’ attempt to split the nation. The abandoned Igbo ancestors, spiritual platforms and the dead during Biafran War are united in this goal. Most importantly too, the spiritual headquarters of Nigeria is now in the South-East, the heartland of Ndi-Igbo. Information reaching us is that the powerhouses of Ndi-Igbo and Nigeria are united in singing the national anthem of Nigeria, indicating that peace, harmony, brotherly affection and a very strong bond of unity will be the final goal in this uncertainty and chaos. So help us God.

Recent survey shows that tithes, Sunday offerings and ancillary contributions from Igbos living in Anambra, Enugu, Ebonyi, Abia and Imo States to Evangelical churches in South West alone is more than four billion Naira monthly. A monthly capital fight of four billion naira from the economy of South East to South West is staggering. We also observe that Igbo Christian leaders open their mouth too wide and accuse Buhari of attempting to Islamize Nigeria. Even if it is true, are Igbos not guilty of the crime?

All Christians of Igbo extraction irrespective of denomination, whether young or old, and whether male or female, are united in overseeing the annihilation of traditional institutions of Ndi-Igbo. They vandalized and burnt all the traditional relics, shrines and temples of Ndi-Igbo, even in complete disregard to the provisions of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Non-Christians are forced out of their offices, close their shops and the like to attend Christian prayers in public building, schools, markets and village squares. Parents are starved to death, if they are unable to convert to these false teachings of Christianity. Even at death parents are denied all necessary burial rites to enable them join their ancestors. What an absurd situation.

These Bishops are so naïve not to know that Buhari, as one of the finest in the Muslim world, is presently the custodian of the traditional power-house of the Hausa root which is domiciled in Daura. Igbo Ezes are now being forced to not only embrace Christianity but also to supervise the desecration and destruction of Igbo ancestral base. We refer Christian Clergy- men of Igbo descent to the history of the Roman Catholic church and the church of England which were products of warlords- king Constantine and Henry VIII. Igbo proverb told us that anybody not accompanied to the wresting contest by his ancestors does not win the contest.

Since Igbos abandoned their root, they have never made any inroad into the political theatre of Nigeria. If every tribe in Abuja is accompanied by her root and does participate fully in the administration of Nigeria, and if Igbo tribe is not accompanied by her root and is shot out of power, then it is only rational that Igbos shall blame themselves for their woes. If Igbo Clergy-men want Ndi-Igbo to integrate into the political Flux of Nigeria, they should adopt foreign religions as Yorubas and Hausa do. To be a participant in the chess game of Nigeria politics, Igbos must seek the support of their root. Christianity is not their root and therefore cannot take them there.

If NCNC was one of the two arms of evil that carved out Mid-West from Western region and sent Awolowo to prison, it was suicidal for NCNC to jettison its alliance with NPC before 1964 election; If NCNC which was a junior partner in Federal Government of Nigeria between 1960-1964 was so greedy to aspire to take over the position of Prime Minister, the political head of the country in 1964, in addition to the control of Federal Civil Service, economy and the entire Middle class, then something was wrong upstairs in the leadership of the party. The loop holes in the policy thrust of Dr Michael Okpara brought NPC and AG together, and relying on the concept of self-defense, NPC had no option but to form an alliance of North and West which is still operational till date.

The above scenario indicated that Igbo politicians lacked focus or longtime planning to enshrine Igbo participation in the administration of Nigeria. Igbos needed to articulate their longtime requirements and ways to actualized same. Igbo shortcomings over 50 years ago are still not addressed. If Igbos live in all nuke and crannies of Nigeria, the only option to Ohanaeze is to strive to have a workable Federation. To champion devolution of power was advantageous to Ndi-Igbo under the umbrella of Eastern Nigeria, but certainly disastrous under the present South-East arrangement. we advise Igbos of today to have a warm handshake with Fulani/Hausa who are found everywhere with their cattle as Igbos do with their Goods and Services. Unfortunately, our South-Western brothers do not invest outside their locality, and this is being interpreted that they are repulsive to complete integration into the project called Nigeria.

In this life there is neither birth nor death. Any other view inconsistent with this reality is false. As stated earlier, two items are relevant in the making of the theatre of fun, namely, the spark and its layers of sheaths. Polarity came into existence as the spark (the mini essence of the second impulse) descends to the third tier of the ladder of existence. Above the fifth plane as we move upwards (to higher levels of spirituality) sex ceases to exist. At this level and above we have timeless saviours, initiates of the water of immortality, the Kongis, Avatars and senior members of masters and Gods of this Holy order.

Fun as known to the mortals begins at the fifth plane on our ascent to higher consciousness, but the third plane on our descent to the world of the flesh. So those who said- “let us create man in our image “did so while standing on the powerhouse of the third plane as we walk down the ladder of spirituality. For emphasis, the world of the dead is the sixth powerhouse as the spark descend, while the world of mortals is the seventh powerhouse.

We are all in agreement in stating that “as above so below”. An acceptance that the basic different between the dead and the living is in power calculus and vibratory impulses of the two divergent worlds. And using our earthly lives as the basis, the following activities determine the structure of the physical theatre of fun- sex ( the pro-creative mechanism), money ( the vehicle of trade or the replacement of trade by bather), survival of the fittest (the tool of conquest), the cultural passage ( link between the living and the August Tribunal to which the weak never appeal in vain), Ogbanje ( the spiritual base of the incarnation personality) and witchcraft (the additional spiritual template which shores the spiritual tools available to the living).

If man was created in the image and likeness of God, it does imply that our creators engaged in sex as we do today. All spiritual books are in agreement in stating that gods do have sex as mortal do. Similarly, gods marry as we do. Gods engage in sexual exploits as humans do. Our sexual propensity is a reflection of what does takes place in the highest plane where sex originated, and from where we descended. Eckankar described this scenario as five marching men at various levels of consciousness. What Eckankar did not add is that these marching men reproduce through sexual exploits independent of one another in all the theatre of fun simultaneously.

If your performance in this mortal frame is considered excellent, you are likely to advance to the next level with the option to oscillate between the world of the dead and the next upper level. At this higher level of awareness, you may be selected as one of the gardeners in the garden of Fun of the Matter kingdom. If, on the other side, your performance is rather unsatisfactory, you are likely to have a short stay in the world of the dead and be forced to return to the world of man as a lower article of fun. Those who live in accordance with the laws of nature graduate as gardeners in the fun arena while those who are deep in the pleasures of now and follow their hearts’ desires became perpetual articles of fun in the global theatres of fun.

Sex is the union of male and female and does remain indelible not only as it relates to the physical bodies but also an imprint in all other sheaths on the body of both spirits. For example, sexual relationship in the dream is as valid of those in the physical world, witchcraft or Ogbanje because all these sheaths are the garments of the spirit.

In some holy texts, sex is regarded a taboo. It is generally known as the principal tool of defilement. If we align with the above views or agree to walk along this trajectory, we are products of sinful processes. An affirmation that if we are products of defilement, nature itself is a tool of defilement. Unfortunately, all religions and occult paths, including their holy texts are wrong. We state in very clear terms that sex is an indispensable tool in the creation of not only the physical world but also the entire system known as worlds of duality.

However, sex outside the parameters of being the tool to pro-create life is sinful. Sexual exploits based on self-satisfaction or sex as pleasurable exercise falls outside the ambit of the supreme doctrine in creation and therefore constitutes flagrant disobedience of the law of life. In fact, all pleasurable items and lust of the flesh including abuse of political, military and economic blessings in nature are sinful. Man equally is given freewill to act as he desires but should also be willing to face all the consequences attached thereto. This adds colour to the statement that “the journey of life exists only oneself.” We are what we were and shall be what we are.
This is the basic cause of inequality in life.

Money is the second indispensable tool in the functionality of the theatre of fun. Ancients said that “money is the root of all evil.” Igbo ancestors told us that if the young is blessed with money, he becomes older than his seniors. An indication that with wealth everything is possible. The fairer sex is fond of pleasurable lifestyle, which can only be attained with money. Igbos of yesterday regarded yam as measure of money or wealth. In the olden time, the fairer sex leaned on the strong but today they lean on the rich. If fun is based on satisfaction, then money is certainly not only one of the tripods on which the pot of fun stands but also an essential ingredient which constantly replenishes and oils the fun mechanism.

In modern times economic powers of North America, Europe and very recently China and India are the determinant factors in shaping today’s world order. Financial centres in US, China, Japan, India, Germany, Brazil, Britain, France and possibly Russia certainly determine the economic inputs in the functionality of garden of fun of today’s mankind. Unfortunately, apart from Moscow, all the centres of the liquid Gold which fueled all economic activities of the developed economies are shut out of relevance in the operation of this arm of fun. This does confirm that theatres of fun rest on various strands.
Survival of the fittest revolves around conquests to acquire territories. Egyptian, Greek, Mesopotamian and Roman empires came into being through this tripod. After this tier of the theatre of fun came the British, French, Spanish and German colonization of the lower tiers of the fun arena, and in furtherance of this goal the second world war was born. At the end of the war, two super blocks emerged, NATO and War saw pact. Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, leaving US and her cronies under the guise of NATO as the sole arbiter of world peace.

As the sole arbiter of world peace, NATO intervened in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria brazenly. But after about 25years of humiliation and rehabilitation, Russia found her feet and responded decisively to western organized protests in Ukraine and reckless abuse of Syria’s sovereignty. However, after 2018, Moscow returned to the table of military powers of the world and is being closely followed by China and India.
Under this tripod, we have great warlords such as Julius Caesar, Alexander the great, Hannibal the great, Napoleon, Hitler and the like. At this junction we are compelled to appreciate the sacrifice of the Russia Federation which lost more than 27million people before they were able to receive the instrument of surrender from supreme commander of the German Armed forces. History is merely the discussion of distortions of global fun arena by warlords who were on spiritual missions to executive such roles.

If our physical body is a function of our spiritual counterpart, we have no option but to appreciate the spiritual bases of all the Empires of the past, the Russian Federation which destroyed about two-third of the German military might and the allied troops which fought through Burma, North Africa and India to the borders of Germany. We also appreciate the contributions of Odin and Ozidin of Northern Europe and Shiva of India subcontinent. Prior to the birth of the incumbent Messiah, the above powers contributed immensely in reshaping the global fun arena.

Regrettably, all the noble institutions as enshrined in UN charter to effectively curtail the excesses of the powerful are being rubbished by US and her allies and cronies. The sanctity of sovereign nations is being thrown overboard by the powerful. The West does regard this practice as the norm to invade sovereign states anytime it is convenient to do so. They have also stifled competition by slamming sanctions on any nation whose economy is likely to challenge their economies. All sanctions against Russia, China, Iran, Syria and the like are aimed at achieving this objective.

The west uses its security apparatus to accuse other nations falsely; uses its press to catapult the said accusation and finally relies on the said tools to invade such nations whose foreign policy differ with hers: They did this in Iraq and Libya. If the natural resources of any nation are needed to enhance the economies of the west, any technique can be adopted to either destroy the country or install a puppet administration. Arab spring became necessary to eliminate vibrant leaders in the Arab world. Ukraine suffered the same fate but Russia was very fast and decisive in taking Crimea back into her fold.

Economic sanctions are other forms of warfare and sometimes lead to economic strangulation of emerging economics. These sanctions are weapons to weaken other nations with competitive economic advantage as prelude to military invasions. The west has faked various reasons to sanction Russia. All Russian pipelines to Europe are facing western antagonism, primarily to frustrate poorer European nations from cheap oil and gas purchases from Russia. Unfortunately, Europe with a population of twice that of US or higher, cannot be free enough to know what her economy requires. What a tragedy.

Based on the above, it is not wrong to assume that United nation and its organs are merely relevant in matters regarding the improvement of economic, political and military capabilities of the west and her stooges. This is very unfortunate, but this is the true situation as it relates to the management of today’s theatre of fun.
As the second world war was winding up, precisely on 5TH October, 1944. The Black prince was born in a remote village in Africa. 30years later, in a colourful ceremony in the Leopard temple, he received the universal Rod of power and became crowned the Avatar of the age, or the Chief spiritual world power. His official name is Ditu. He shall hold the title of the Chief spiritual world power for 311 years and will transfer same to his successor – Sher Sheba who will hold the office for over 800 years. Ditu’s mission is primarily to re- kindle the eternal flame in addition to restructuring all the spiritual platforms of all peoples of this world in a Hierarchical manner.

Since 5th October 1974, he has been working in the inner worlds but we hope that in no distant future, the mortals shall begin to feel the descent of his actions. Let it be emphasized that all acts of the living and the dead inconsistent with the divine laws now being engraved in the book of life by Ditu are null and void and of no effect.

As wayfarers, we began the journey from a given point and continued along the divine path in a given trajectory. To all humans that trajectory is called genealogy. But to the spirit, the path is known as Ogbanje. In between the dictates of the spirit and mankind, there is a third force which is necessary to blend that of genealogy and Ogbanje and that force is known as witchcraft. Everybody has his or her root and the path through which he or she assumes human embodiment.

The Christian bible provided us with genealogies from Adam to Noah ( Genesis 1:16-22); From Noah to Abraham (genesis 11: 10-32); and from Abraham to Joseph, the father of Jesus ( Luke 3:23-34) and this does indicate that each person is bound to God by the divine chain commonly labelled the cultural passage, ancestral lineage or family tree. But writers of the new testament found to their embarrassment that the gentiles were not accommodated in the family tree of Jesus and coined out an alternative expression in Timothy 1:4- “Neither give heed to fable and endless genealogies which minister questions rather than godly edifying which is faith: do so”. If what is stated in the old testament, Luke and Matthew are fables, then it is also right to regard the entire bible stories as fables.

There are two basic laws in creation; one is the universal law while the second is a collection of cultural laws. The universal law says that in every 25units of man’s action, nature responds with 56 units of either payment or punishment. The laws of Moses are cultural laws. Same is true of traditional laws, all religious doctrines and practices including Islamism, Hinduism and all ancient and current occult rules. In the derivation of powers, from first principle, the Jews rested their request on the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob or the God of Moses, Elijah and Elisha, the God of their forefathers. It is doubtful whether gentiles who are not part of chain of the power flow can have access to that divine current.

In the derivation of spiritual authority, dibias (prophets) of the old relied on the instrumentations of their root (ancestors and their spiritual tools) to perform miraculous deeds, signs and wonders and magic. For example, two Dibias circled the community’s burial ground with their spiritual mantles and commanded it not to receive the dead anymore. Dying ceased to take place but it was accompanied by seizure of birth. Death and birth ceased in the community for seven good years until Mgbakwu requested them to reverse their actions. Lately during the civil war Mgbakwu dibias formed a spiritual wall around the community and prevented federal troops from incursion into the community. Since Igbos accepted to be slaves to Christianity those gifts began to be on the decline. A proof that nearness to God, with the attached spiritual authority is only possible through one’s cultural linage. Any crack on the vehicle of communication cuts off the individual from the current of power.

As Sher Sheba was being chosen, his cultural passage was also decided. All the necessary powers to safe guard his birth and growth until he receives the universal Rod of power at the age of 30 years are being knotted together. In other words, both the Avatar and his tools of works are the same. The same was true for all the previous saviours and the same shall hold valid for all the future Avatars. In fact, the birth and death, so to speak, of all spirits follow the same pattern except in very micro scale. In very simple language this process is valid for everybody in creation and for one to act otherwise is suicidal.

The birth of a spirit in a particular ancestral lineage forms the chain that links the spirit to its maker. Yorubas understand this mechanism very well and adopt same rigidly. The attempt by Igbos to sever this link comes with banishment from the fluid of power, thereby rendering them impotent in the power dynamics of Nigeria. Ndi-Igbo chose to divorce their marriage with their ancestors without realizing that an adopted child cannot address the power configuration of his adopted root. This is the law of life and can not be changed.

The Christian bible told you that when Jews abandoned Jehovah, they were sent into exile but when they remembered Jehovah they returned to base victoriously. The Igbo case is a repetition of the plight of the Jews. If Igbos wish to return to pre 1964 glory, they must abandon all the false gods they have chosen for themselves and face the truth in creation by gloriously and joyously returning to their traditional footprints. The average Igbo man regards his ancestors not more than 300 years ago as things of the old but holds to hearts, the Jewish doctrine which is more than 8,000 years ago, or even Jesus who existed more than 2000 years ago. What a stupid tribe.

Having established that birth, growth and death occurs simultaneously at all levels of existence, Ogbanjes are our kith and kin but on the upper step of the ladder of spirituality. Ogbanje’s fun arena is a replica of ours but with a higher level of awareness. Because they are at higher levels of consciousness, they often determine the parameters of the nature and participation in human embodiment, which often run counter to the satisfaction of his mortal counterpart. Similarly, Ogbanjes do have better understanding of the mechanics of illusion woven into cycles of life and care very little of what mortals regards as ethics, values and norms. Although Ogbanjes oscillate between what we regard as the world of the dead and the world of the living, they are more interested in the affairs of their own world which is a more pleasurable garden of fun.

As humans have various compartments of inequality, with varying spiritual and physical capabilities so it is in the world of Ogbanje. If an Ogbanje takes off from a very high spiritual group, he or she would likely display more spiritual flexibility in the physical world, and in the dream state they are seen as being at par with gods. The less fortunate ones, apparently from lower cadres, do face all the hazards mortals face in every competition in the world of flesh and blood. However, be informed that at higher spiritual levels, the spirit does mock-up any type of body it wishes to present to the mortals. Figures of elegance and beauty may not necessarily be Ogbanjes true appearance. Generally, Ogbanjes are known as symbols of beauty and elegance and prone to extreme sexual desires and pleasurable excursions because these are the basic tools of fun.

There is a very tiny line between Ogbanje and a witch. Ogbanje descends from above to the world of the living but a witch is a home grown individual on the rise to the pinnacle of power in the world of the living. The witch seeks to control the world around him but ogbanje sees his descent as mere excursion which is tailored to be in conformity with the parameters of a particular trip. Therefore, ogbanje does not regard a witch as his competitor in the world of man. In power calculus the witch stands on the highest rung of the ladder of spirituality in every community but the ogbanje is usually the first choice of the council in choosing spirits for specific missions in the world of man.

Witchcraft is the oldest religion in the world. The other name for witchcraft is Spirituality or the art of double life. Witches are proficient in out-of-body experiences either in sleep or awake. It is the only religion that endured all known civilizations, kingdoms, and empires and still remains relevant today. It shall be the indispensable tool in spiritual matters as long as there is the world of the Flesh and Blood. Witchcraft is synonymous with spirituality and remains the only true path to God once it is hooked into the cultural passage. Worldly religions have at one point or another fought witchcraft unsuccessfully. Even at the height of Christian extermination of witches, the need for their services was still in great demand.

Traditional worship takes care of the survival of all members of the cultural passage. But some members of the family may elect to acquire additional powers to have an edge over their kith and kin. In doing so they pad themselves with additional spiritual platform. This is similar to sportsmen and women who engage in certain enhancement for additional strength in sports competition. He can do so either individually or resort to membership of witch coven. If the law of life is based on the survival of the fittest, and if the journey of life exists only to oneself, witches are running the race in accordance with the norms and laws of survival.
The constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria provides adequate protection to all Nigerians in respect of religious belief. For any Nigerian to be denied the right to worship his own God or to practice his own belief system runs counter to the constitution. Recently, University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) attempted to organize an academic exercise on witchcraft but was forced by the Igbo arm of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) to either halt the programme or change the topic altogether. CAN cited exodus 22:18 – “thou shall not suffer a witch to live”.

Finally, the topic was changed and based on this ugly development, our comment runs thus:
1) That the Vice chancellor ought to have been removed from Office because he is no longer competent to head any research Centre in Nigeria.
2) That Igbo Christian bishops are repulsive to Igbo aspiration to excel in knowledge.
3) That CAN have breached the key component of Nigeria’s constitution.

This assault on Igbos’ quest for knowledge cannot be allowed to take place in the South-West of Nigeria. The Christian Igbos appear to be the cause of Igbo relegation in the body politics of Nigeria.

Suffer no witch to live occurred in 1491 BC, but was contradicted in 1056 BC after a time lag of 435 years. Please refer to 1 Samuel 28:7-28. The visit of Saul, the King of Israel to the Witch od Endor, necessitating the invocation of Samuel’s dead spirit in the shrine of the witch. The above incident raised the following issues. The visit of the King of Israel to the Witch of Endor endorsed the legitimacy of the art of Witchcraft. To raise the dead spirit of Samuel to attend to the request of the witch is a confirmation that the power of the witch of Endor was superior to the spiritual powers of Samuel. To proffer a flawless prophecy as brokered by the Witch of Endor is a re-affirmation of the authenticity of the art of Witchcraft. For the King of Israel to dine and wine with a Witch signifies the marriage of witchcraft and Jewism and by extension, Christianity. If both Saul, (the first King of Israel) and Samuel, (the first Prophet of Israel) would all be together in the midst of their common ancestors, it is proof that the living joins his ancestors at death irrespective of the type of lifestyle of those concerned.

Before we conclude this article, it is necessary to inform you that there are other classes of spirits which play significant roles in shaping the theatre of Fun we are part of. They are spiritual giants, dwarfs and green people. Giants and dwarfs are the principal cultural gods whose main functions include war, fertility, prosperity, justice, healing, prophecy and the like. These gods and ancestors form the principal tool in the cultural linage. The stronger these gods and the stronger the bond with powerful ancestors, the more powerful the family base is. A child born into a strong family base is already assured of protection until he is old enough to shop for further protection if the need arises.

The green people are in our Form but of green colour, with green blood running through their veins. Their food is green vegetable. If we are living in the world of green vegetation, green spirits can be said to be factors in the management of vegetation necessary for the manufacture of oxygen which sustains us. They have greater affinity with Ogbanjes at the top of the ladder of the group. However, they intermingle freely with spirits of our kind on missions or assignments. If green sustains us, then those spirits in charge of it must be indispensable in the existence of the Garden of Fun fashioned for the comfort of Man.


Any spiritual outing must stand on solid foundations. Spirituality in this context is different from religious organizations usually established by rulers to stabilize their Kingdoms or in extreme circumstances, tools in the hands of warlords for plunder, destruction and colonization.

We have all through, maintained that the seat of power in charge of the administration of life as domiciled in this plant resides in the Leopard temple. The inmates of this temple are responsible for the appointment of the Chief Architect of theatres of fun of humanity. This chief architect is known to cultures and religions as Messiah, son of God, or messenger of God. But in this holy order he is known as the Avatar and Rope Traveller. At the inauguration of the incumbent Avatar, his successor was not only selected but also had his cultural base decided and which is still being knotted together until his birth in 2255.

This practice came into existence not only after creation of the lower worlds but also when mankind (the living and the dead) began to slide down in power dynamics and needed a government to take control of all the complexities arising from man’s weaknesses. The Avatar and his aides constitute the invisible government of the world. On the 5th October 1974, the present Avatar known to all spiritual authorities as Ditu was crowned, and in the same gathering Sher Sheba was chosen to take over from him on the 5th October 2285. Since 1974, Ditu has been working tirelessly in the spiritual realm to harmonize hierarchically all the spiritual templates, temples and various spiritual platforms. Very soon he will be through with this task and turn his face to the world of flesh and blood.

As stated earlier, all god realized personalities and immortal beings are genderless and because they possess the capability to exist in the lower world with mock-up bodies, it is appropriate to point out that the classification of gender in the team of Ditu does reflect how these spiritual authorities want to be identified. Ditu has two principal aides of the stock of the fairer sex. Other members of his team include inmates of the hot temple such as the holy ones, angels, and the like; members of the universal adepts and their chiefs; masters and gods of Kuu Lam Chee brotherhood; the spiritual bases and power centres of the cultural passage of Ditu; members of the Sohan brotherhood; and the top echelon of the order of the living dead.

Lastly, as the head of the spiritual government of the world until 2285, Ditu undoubtably enjoys the following credentials – chief spiritual world power, the breeding ground of joy on earth, the life of life of life of humanity, the water of immortality, the embodiment of Agwu ( the weaver of nature), the carrier of the blessings of Chukwu, the Avatar, the Rope Traveller and the like.


Having worked in the spiritual realm for over 40 years adjusting, modifying and recreating the spiritual platforms of the world in accordance with the blueprints of the inmates of the Leopard Temple, and having achieved the needed level of progress to harmonize those spiritual activities with their physical counterparts, the grandmaster of this Holy Order is hereby authorized to initiate the formal presentation of the teachings of the Nemesis Saint to the mortal Man in an unabridged and an unadulterated form, I Chief Nwankwo Nnabuchi, the current grandmaster of the ancient order of Kuu Lam Chee Brotherhood hereby endorse the formal presentation of the teachings of the Saints to Mankind. Please be informed that the Spirit indwelling in the sheath known and called Nwankwo Nnabuchi was in charge of Initiations in the Leopard Temple before his descent for this assignment. He is an integral part of the Spiritual Council.

Lastly, you are advised that creation is an intricate web and Spirits-in-sheaths walking along the divine path must do so with dexterity. Only the bold and adventuresome walk through that path successfully.