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The Eternal Walk

Dialogue with the Sebitets part 2

It is necessary to educate you on a number of issues to adequately prepare you for the spiritual role expected of our students. It is also expected of us to teach you how to come to harmonious relationship with the Source of all life; how to weather through the storms of life; how to constantly balance your accounts with the lord of Karma at every cycle and level of existence, how to re-enter the abode of the immortal beings at the shortest possible time through the least rigorous channels, and finally how to be laws unto yourselves in this lifetime. In the study of nature which is the gateway to the realization of the above goals, man adopted various techniques. These routes have been compacted into two major streams of approaches, one of which is Internal Mechanism.

Internal Mechanism centres on self discipline and withdrawal from the society occasioned by long hours of spiritual exercises in silence in seclusions and recluses. Lifestyles of practitioners of this technique tend to point to one fact that they lived spiritual lives in previous incarnations. The benefit of which is being enjoyed by these humble individuals in this cycle of existence. They are drawing from their untapped but limitless spiritual base already encased in today’s human frame. A great man of today is only reaping previous incarnation’s toils. Such noble men include the great sages and adepts, as well as renowned thinkers, philosophers, scientists and inventors.

Chanting, contemplation and mediation stand out as principal tools in this regard. The techniques are primarily that of actions of the mind and its hub often known to mystics as imagination. It is asserted that the mind or thought is not only fluidlike or wavelike, but also manifests as psychic and or spiritual forms and often executes a deed as if it is executed by the human frame. Its adjunct is the holy names of God or charged words. Such names and words could be made available to the initiates by the Spiritual Hierarchy or may be a spiritual decree issued by a sage. Such decrees carry similar spiritual mandate as well as having the same sanctity with those words and pronouncements emanating from the Spiritual Hierarchy. This is so because all the actions of a sage have the blessing of the Spiritual Council.

Aum [Om] and Hu [Esus] are two popular holy names which had affected the spiritual life of many spiritualists for thousand of years now and still affect the spiritual life of millions of mankind. To some students, Aum is the name of the Supreme God, the Eternal Route or the Audible Life Stream. To others it is a sacred word which yogis chant repeatedly as the basic tool of illumination and enlightenment.

Gita VIII.13 defines it thus “Aum, the one-syllable eternal, reciting, thinking upon me, he who goeth forth abandoning the body, he goeth on the highest path”.

One day I visited a temple which is situated on a water course. All the inmates of this great Temple were chanting Om almost repeatedly and unceasingly. The water is free flowing fresh water which tends to compliment the Spiritual Completeness considered indispensable in the harmonization of the spiritual sanctity of both the temple and its inmates.

According to Barddas, Hu as a God means “that which pervades all life”. Hu is said to have hand the same origin with the Egyptian Gods. Their joint origin is thought to have come from Africa. Accordingly, the worship of Hu must have been older than 4000 B.C. Hu as depicted in a bas-relief found at Notre Dame, Paris in 1711 suggests that this God resembles the Universal Rod of Power. I have seen both, and in truth they look alike, but of varying colour configuration.

But another conflicting position emerges from Radha Soami Satsang Beas, Punjab, India. To them the mystery of Hu was revealed to the Sufi during initiations. Sufism is the spiritual arm of Islamism. Sufis assert that Hu is the most sacred word. To them, the WORD as detailed in the Gospel according to John 1: [1-3] is Hu and not Jesus as Christians claim.

Julian Johnson in the Path of the Masters made a sweeping and categorical statement about Hu. It is reproduced as part of your training.

“This sound develops through ten different aspects, because of its manifestations though ten different tubes of the body. It sounds like thunder , the roaring of the sea, the jingling of bells, the running water, the buzzing of bees, the twittering of sparrows, the Vina, the whistle, or the sound of Shankha, until it finally becomes the Hu, the most sacred of all sounds. This sound Hu is the beginning and the end of all sounds, be they from man, bird, beast or thing. A minute study will prove this fact, which can be realized by listening to the sound of the steam engine or of a mill; the echo of bells or gongs gives a typical illustration the Hu sound”. 

Paul Twitchell, the founder of Eckankar in 1965, harmonized the positions of the Barddas and Julian Johnson, by making Hu the beginning and end of his teachings. Paul was definite in stating clearly that Eckankar was not a religion. He maintained that Eckankar was a spiritual path only. But his successors especially Harold Klemp, overruled him and turned the path into a religion of light and sound. He went further to use copy right or Trade Mark laws to appropriate Hu for Eckists only. It is strange and tragic.

But the masters of this Holy Order have a different definition. Hu means ‘follow me’. It is the call on soul to undertake an eternal walk. It is also to walk along the eternal path and become an integral part of the greater whole. ‘Follow me’ is akin to the lure of a very pretty lady, which compels her lover to continually follow her without questions, hesitation and remarks. It is an eternal call which every soul must answer either now or thereafter.

It has been established that Om and Hu are words of mediation and contemplation. There are other charged and initiatory words which serve similar purposes. Om and Hu are general purpose words while initiatory, personal or other holy words are released to students during Initiations in accordance with their spiritual attainment and individual peculiarities.

Kuu Lam Chee Brotherhood was inaugurated in 76,850 BC. Since then, the Spiritual Hierarchy has sent 16 Timeless Saviours to address the Spiritual Life of Mankind. Within this time frame, 45 individuals have been initiated and inducted into the Order of Universal Beings. Various other Specialist groups within the Brotherhood also exist. They include Sebitets, Avatars and Robe Travellers, Vairagi Adepts, Carriers of Wisdom, Cross Sandal Travellers and the Holy Ones; to name a few.

Contrary to long standing spiritual claim that Gobal Das, an Egyptian Sage inaugurated this age, the Masters of Kuu Lam Chee Brotherhood informed me with all Spiritual Authority, that it was Yaya Katava who inaugurated this age. This privilege was extended to me simply to ensure that I do not in any way convey false information to the world.

In our Authority, you were informed that the Spiritual Council had decided on the date of birth of two new avatars [messengers of God]. The dates are 2256 AD and 3094 AD for the incoming Avatar and his successor respectively. The selected sages are presently working in the spiritual plane assisting in fashioning the lineages and cultures through which their messages will be made available to humanity. You have also been told that I was in-charge of initiation in the Leopard Temple before I was chosen to undertake this responsibility. This is one of the reasons why I have spoken with great authority in matters of spirituality, the roles and names of Avatars and special authorities.

You have as well been informed that selection of messengers of God occurs in the Leopard Temple. Spiritual Programmes are also discussed and decision taken during meetings of the Council in the Temple. Leopard Temple is located in the leopard spiritual city or colony in the upper region of the Inner World.

The walk of life is an endless venture. Neither the beginning nor the end is known. This great walk is continuous ad-infinitum. Time is however a function of the extent of knowingness as entwined in the spark of existence within man. All I can tell you [neophytes] is that I am yet to see spirits or souls quarantined in a locality for their sins against humanity as exemplified by the Holy texts of Conventional Religions. The law and injunction is to keep walking irrespective of your performance level. It is the same with the drums of death which summon both rich and poor; both the young and old; both male and female; both black and white. No single individual has been able to refuse or avoid summons of the drums of death. We are called from various occupations to this inevitable end. Whether you are a sage or a villain, it is immaterial.

Let us look at my own experiences. The will further provide you with new challenges as well as offer you greater appreciation of the workings of nature.

1. In the 1980s, when I was so disturbed about these theories of heaven and Hell, I had this experience in the dream state. It was first recorded in ‘In Defence of Igbo Belief System A Dialectical Approach’.

I walked in a straight line from A through B and C to D. Between A and B was an open and clear route; between B and C was also clear but along a passage of a straight - building, it was a sort of shade because the clear sky was covered by the roof of the building. Between C and D was as clear and open as between A and B. How I got to A I did not know but walked steadily through B and C to D. At D, I turned to face the route through which I came and immediately a voice spoke and said “this is what life is all about”! Neither did I know how I got to A nor where I was going after D. The walk from A to D was a continuous one. There was no waiting, talking or other side attractions, I was walking as if I was going on a mission. I found myself alone in the journey.

2. My late wife Mrs. Chijioke Nnabuchi was born in 1954. I married her in 1979. But after the marriage I returned to United Kingdom. As I prepared to come back to Nigeria, I bought many household items and dresses for her. Thereafter I turned my attention to those items concerning pregnancy and new baby wares, anticipating that within one year from date of re-union, we would have new arrival in our household. In the night I received some august visitors who told me point blank that my wife was not going to be pregnant and that if I bought certain items, I would feel disappointed when there was no new baby in the home.

True to the revelation my wife could not become pregnant. For about five years all our efforts proved abortive. She moved from place to place all to no avail. I was in agony not only because of the incident but also because of what people were saying as well as accompanying negative advice from friends and relations.

One night in the dream state, I saw my wife leave my house and I followed her. At each point, she made certain incantations and the gate would be opened for her to pass through. As soon as I got to the gate I would make certain pronouncements or signs and the gate would open on its own. We continued in this wise until seven different checkpoints were crossed. Behold I met my wife with another man and their children. I addressed her-other lives husband thus “I am aware that you are the husband in this world, but I am her husband in the world of mankind. Accordingly, she is presently my wife. Please allow her to bear children for me”. He then asked me like how many children? I replied by saying that about two children would be adequate.

After that incident she became pregnant. We have two children a boy and a girl. Subsequent pregnancies terminated in mysterious circumstances. She died on 12th April 1999, after 20 years marriage.

Her first role in the world of the dead was to teach and look after little children having one disability or the other, especially orphans and destitute. She opted for works of charity. As I began to write this particular dialogue, the windows of heaven were again opened for me to view her in the world of the dead. I witnessed her new relationship within an air man. They are concluding a new union and relationship. This incident is again occurring at another five-year cycle. Within the past 25 years, my late wife’s personality has had three consecutive unions in three different theatres of life [psychic, physical and dead worlds].

3. Humphrey Ibeania was my cousin and of the same age grade with me. He started life as a trader. He traded in provisions at Mgbakwu and Makurdi. But at later part of his life he changed business. He became a motor transporter. He continued on this business until death on 24th July 2002. About nine months thereafter, I ventured into the world of the dead. I drove into their garage, which is located in the neighbouring community. A study of their transport routes showed a very marked departure from the transport system as known to the entire area. Our transport route begins and ends in Awka. But their transport routes include communities which have no direct transport bearing to the living. As a business concern their transport routes must have been dictated by demand.

I saw Humphrey Ibeania as a worker in the garage. As soon as he noticed my presence he came to greet me. We exchanged pleasantries. We walked to a store about two poles away and purchased certain items. As they were arranging the items he purchased, he crossed over to an adjoining store and had a meal of rice. The way and manner he was eating provided me with a great understanding of how the dead eat. Finally, he handed over those items to me to give his wife and children to convince them that I visited him. 

4. Mr. Onuagha Onuorah was the eldest man in my family from October 2, 1974 till his death on 14th November 1996. In the evening of 12th November 1996, while he was discussing with his brother-in-law who visited him from Urum, three visitors came and handed over a letter to him. According to him they were his ancestors although he did not know any of them personally. When they left he inquired from his brother-in-law whether he saw the visitors, but he replied in the negative. Then he narrated his encounter to his in-law and informed him that he would read the letter on 14th November 1996. He also narrated his experience to his family and reminded them each day that he would read the letter on the 14th November 1996. Similarly in the morning of that day, when his second son came to greet him before going to work, he repeated the same thing. That evening he died.

Soon after his death he visited me to assess my preparedness to carry the mantle of spiritual authority of the lineage. He told me that at death each person joins his family [ancestors] wherever they are. He further said that as we have no choice to be born in a particular family so it is at death i.e. that we have no choice but to tread the path of our root [the part of our forbearers].

These experiences speak for themselves and need no further explanation now.

If our eighty years of existence in this world is a dream, then the journey of life is a very long one indeed and hazardous too. Therefore our search for reality must be an enduring one. Only the bold and adventuresome succeed.