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The Geo - Political Dynamics of the World Part 2

Our Teachings

Matters Arising from the Maiden Issue

The maiden issue was released on 18th June, 2016, during the last lap of United States Presidential Campaign of 2016 and the United Kingdom referendum campaign of the same year on whether to exit from European union. In the said article, two personalities, namely Donald Trump and Boris Johnson, were mentioned. Donald Trump was aspiring to be the 45th President of United States while Boris Johnson Spearheaded the argument to dissolve the marriage between London and Brussels. Boris Johnson’s arguments were more plausible and hence were adopted by the British people. However, the mandate of the British people was messed-up by Theresa May who received authorization from the Conservatives to midwife the exit protocol.

But after about three years of fruitless effort in the actualization of the result of the referendum, Boris Johnson, the architect of the Pull-Out agenda and the Champion-in-Chief of the campaign was tasked with the responsibility of realizing his campaign promises. At the beginning of that assignment, Boris Johnson was not only ridiculed and cajoled but was as well seen as an incompetent and unruly British Prime Minister. Nevertheless, he remained focused and lastly received a landslide mandate from the British electorate and most importantly too, he successfully achieved the Brexit agenda. The above account represents what we mortals regard as the true story, but in reality, it is only the shadow of truth.

In the Inner Theatre, it was the desire of the Spiritual Head of the British Empire that Britain withdraws from the unholy and humiliating submission to the will of her old foes (France and Germany). The Spiritual Council of the world accepted the British request and adopted not only the proposal of Boris Johnson but as well insisted that only Johnson should carry out the implementation of the protocol attached thereto. This could explain why Theresa May was unable to succeed, although she was not a fan of the pull-out. Let us once more refer you to the exact words we used five years ago – “The argument of Boris Johnson to exit now while the day is young is a better option than to wait and face the fate similar to that of the countries in the Soviet Union”.

On the issue of United States and Donald Trump, three assertions become relevant. Firstly, the United States not only claims that She is the sole Policeman of the world, but indeed carries out that role effectively either through overwhelming military might or through crippling economic sanctions and if this is the case it is a certainty that United States is the sole guarantor of World Peace. On the basis of the above deductions, it became imperative that the selection of presidents of United Stated would no longer be entrusted in the hands of feuding spiritual leaders of the country. Effective from 2008, the global spiritual council took over the selection of the president of United States.

Secondly, Americans were tired of the administration of the inmates of the swamp in Washington and when Trump promised them that he possessed the stamina to drain the swamp, he became the weapon in the hands of the plebians. Lastly, Trump’s slogan to stop uncontrolled immigration into the country and end endless wars in foreign countries created the necessary tools that emboldened him to tear-to-shreds all barriers between the ordinary citizens and the White House. Fortunately, Trump tackled the issue of immigration and endless wars abroad satisfactorily, but failed woefully to factor the economic impact in the production chain of big companies and monopolies relying on cheap labour from outside the shores of the country.

Most importantly too, Trump’s desire to catapult America first in all his policy decisions forced him to pierce a spear through not only the hearts of American close allies but as well ventured into the forbidden territories of some powerful members of the Global Spiritual Leadership. Consequently, the Council that brought him to power sealed his fate months before the 2020 election. The same Hi-tech companies which Trump protected from all the assault of Foreign Competitors with all weapons in the armory of the US, turned against him during 2020 elections. In effect the same power that catapulted Trump to Fame used the coalition of the Extreme Left, Main-Stream media, the architects of the swamp in Washington and the financial Kingpins of the Hi-tech Monopolies to push him aside. Unfortunately, Trump was not pulled down without a price, a very costly one indeed. The entire electoral process that hoisted Joe Biden on the American populace failed all critical democratic tests. YouTube on 10th of December began to delete videos that attempted to give legitimacy to the scenario that 2020 American election was not different from what obtains in third world countries.

Throughout the administration of Trump, the Deep State in Washington employed all the techniques available to cripple Russia through sanctions. But despite the severity of such distortions in the production chain in the country, Russian ended up on the better side of the curve economically, militarily and politically. Nord Stream 2 project whose construction cost is in the neighborhood of eleven billion dollars became the prime target in the triangle of US, EU and Russia. Incidentally, this project was the brain child of Germany as an answer to emerging and very disturbing economic crisis, namely, the betrayal of Ukraine in 2006 and 2009 when she arbitrarily stopped gas flow to Germany and secondly as a substitute to Germany’s goal to phase out coal and nuclear plants as source of energy. The above two reasons were critical factors in Germany’s drive to be self-sufficient in energy requirement but this appears to have no meaning to self-centered cabals in Washington.

Despite the above economic importance, some German politicians keyed into the elimination of Russian participation in the European political drama. On the 50 years of the Nene Ostpolitik, the German Foreign Minister Heiko Mass said, “Unlike Brandt, we no longer have to go via Moscow to talk to our eastern neighbors nowadays. Many partners in Eastern and Central Europe now view Russia very critically, and German foreign policy must take our neighbors’ concern very seriously.” An indication that in comparison with other Eastern European states, Russia is now of secondary importance. This also carries an additional interpretation that Russia is being forcefully pushed out of Europe economically, politically and militarily.

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov responded thus, “apparently, the European Union has given up any attempt to become one of the centres of the emerging multipolar world order, and is now simply taking its cues from the US. Germany’s policy on a number of issues tells us that this is the course Berlin has chosen as it reaffirms its intention to preserve Germany’s undisputed leadership within EU”. Regrettably, the German Foreign Minister did not factor what transpired during the second world war when Germany was in firm control of the entire Europe but ended up a divided and colonized country because she breached the treaty of neighborly relationship with Russia.

In march 2021, the Polish ambassador to Berlin in a press interview stated – “What bothers us most is that Russia is getting even more money for its military spending (via Nord Stream 2). Valdimir Putin already has the most modern technologies in the military field. It is odd that Germany supports sanctions on the one hand and on the other side gives Putin huge sums of money for military development”. Firstly, Nord Stream 2 pipeline is an economic venture which is yet to commence operation and therefore cannot contribute to the economic growth of Russia in 2021. Secondly, if Poland is interested in weakening Russia economically, she ought to not only discontinue the use of Russian Gas but shall immediately put a stop to the passage of Russian gas through her territory. If she is unable to take the above actions, she is lacking in all spheres of life to dictate for Germany or the European union the line of action in respect of Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

On the issue of military expenditure, population and economic parity, Russia is certainly in a highly disadvantageous position. In military expenditure Russia spent only about 60.5 billion dollars in 2020 while NATO spent over one trillion dollars; in population Russia is about 150 million while European Union is more than 5 times that of Russia. Based on the above facts, it becomes rational to tilt towards the views of the German Foreign Minister who is of the opinion that the West no longer needs Russian Federation. However, because of geography, Russia still clings to the European Union no matter the humiliation, ostracism, blackmail and the likes.

The soul of America, the policeman of the world, can best be described by her approach to the issues of Alexey Navalny and Jamal Khashoggi. Alexey Navalny became sick and was airlifted to Germany for treatment through the intervention of Angela Merkel. Navalny’s departure to Germany was approved by president Putin. In Russia, Navalny was said to have been infected by a different ailment but in Germany he was said to be suffering from a weaker type of Nerve Agent. Fortunately, he was cured and has since returned to Russia. But before this scenario, Navalny was already committed to prison but was given concessions which he could not adhere to. Because of these violations, the prosecutors went back to court to enforce all the legal consequences of his noncompliance with the judgement of the court.
The West demanded his release from prison unconditionally but Russia insisted that the only option to Navalny was to follow the due process of law through appeals.  

To punish Russia for keeping to the terms of her constitutional and criminal laws, US and her allies slammed sanction on Russian individuals. It is of interest to note that Russia accused Navalny of being an agent of the security apparatus of US and her allies, with the sole aim of dismantling the constitutional framework of the Russian Federation. Lastly, if the president of the Russian Federation personally approved the release of Navalny to Germany for medical treatment, a rational mind would vigorously contest western accusation that Russia was behind the plot to either poison or kill Navalny.

In 2018, Jamal Khashoggi went missing in Istanbul after visiting the Saudi consulate. The kingdom initially denied knowledge of Khashoggi’s whereabout, but later admitted he has been murdered, cut to pieces and packed in diplomatic bags inside the diplomatic mission and finally took same to Istanbul Airport where it was flown to Saudi Arabia. The entire western world, the guardian of civility, norms and values, kept not only mute but also refrained from wielding the notorious big stick (sanctions). An indication of the application of double standards in international arena. Lastly, if the enforcement of Justice, Equity and Fair-Play does not cut across board in international relations, then it is right to assert with the highest degree of certainty, that such acts not only contravene international law as enshrined in the United Nations charter but also fall short of the Law of Life.

Early this year, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) published US Intelligence report which stated “that the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed Bin Salman, approved an operation in Istanbul to capture and kill Jamal Khashoggi. Since 2017, the Crown Prince has had absolute control of the kingdom’s security and intelligence organizations, making it highly unlikely that Saudi officials would have carried out an operation of this nature without the Crown Prince authorization”. Despite the above assertive posture, no adverse comment or punishment was pronounced. Trump accepted the behavior of its US ally and even with the above exposure, Joe Biden queued into the posture of Trump. A proof that irrespective of who occupies the White House, the operational script and its attached execution “lies within the walls of the Deep State”.

On 25th March 2021, Navalny’s lawyers claimed that “Navalny is being tortured and in severe pains”. To add salt to injury, Vadim Kobzev added that Alexey Navalny is as the whole world knows, a personal prisoner, a personal hostage of Vladimir Putin, a dangerous, mad killer”. Fortunately, it is the same Putin that not only authorized his treatment abroad but still remains the President and Commander-in-chief of the second most powerful nation in the world. Navalny and his lawyers ought to know that if they love their country, this approach is certainly not their best option. Lastly and most importantly too, Navalny’s lawyers ought to have known that opposition candidates attempting to tear Spain apart, a similar role the West wants them to execute in Russia, are in various jails in Spain and other European cities. A proof that Russian is only following the Footsteps of the European Union in attempts to safeguard the sovereignty of the Russian Federation.

It does appear, rather very unfortunately too, that the Western Media rarely talks of the Ukrainian mess. Their sole slogan is “Russian annexation of Crimea”. They remain mum on the circumstances that led to Crimea’s drift in the opposite direction to her original home, the Russian Federation. True to history, NATO hardly talks of the Sovereignty of Yugoslavia or Czechoslovakia, the two soviet countries which were decimated through the Western democratic pressures and protests culminating in the use of military might against the majority who opposed the exercise. If the dissolution of Yugoslavia is acceptable to either EU or NATO, then the return of Crimea to the Russian Federation shall also be looked at in the same manner. Similarly, if Russia accepted the Yugoslavian tragedy, it beholds on NATO and EU to accept the fate of Ukraine, without Crimea.

The Minsk protocol as agreed by Russia, Germany, France and Ukraine is considered unacceptable to President Zelensky of Ukraine who had previously adopted and validated the said agreement that was Put-in-Force by his predecessor. Instead of implementing the terms of the agreement, he opted to thread the path of the hawks in Kiev who were itching for war not only in Donbass region but also in Crimea. He was pressurized into amassing troops, weapons and likes, along the battle line for an assault against the breakaway regions. Fortunately, Russian’s military exercises on three fronts of Ukraine borders intimidated Ukraine and her advisers. In similar manner, Russia was very categorical in stating that any attempt or rather incursion into Donbass would lead to complete annihilation of Ukraine.

Hitler’s march to Poland was one of the key events that triggered the second world war. Regrettably, after over 80 years Poland is at it again, blowing hot and cold ceaselessly. This time around she is home to US defense shields as well as being the Champion-in-Chief of not only urging Ukraine to tear to shreds her brotherly relationship with Russia, but also in making sure that Nord stream 2 pipeline is scrapped. In other words, Poland is in league with US to cripple the German and Russian economies. It is absurd that Poland would present herself as a tool of the US in fighting both Russia and Germany. For emphasis, in the last discourse we stated in very clear terms that “Warsaw is notorious for strange alliances which later collapse in similar strange circumstances”.

Middle East is blessed with oil and gas which has in no small measure enhanced the standard of living of the entire Arab World. Unfortunately, the collapse of Shia of Iran, the constant coups and counter coups in Egypt, the rise and fall of Saddam Hussain, the disgraceful end of Mamman Gaddafi and president Morsi of Egypt and the unending turmoil in Syria and Yemen stem from Man’s struggle to control and manage that natural gift. Fortunately, and recently too, Russian intervention in Syria and recent thaw in relationship between Saudi Arabia and Iran, Turkey and Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Syria, Syria and Arab league are indicators that Arab nations are realizing the need to work as a team if they are to withstand the onslaught of Western intrigues in reshaping the Geopolitics of the world. In like manner, if these moves are sustained, the Arab world would be an acceptable alternative to Europe. Already, economic activities in UAE, Turkey, Iran and Gulf States generally are nearing parity with Southern States of Europe.

On JCPOA both US and Iran are still miles apart. Western insistence that sanctions cannot be lifted except Tehran returns to JCPOA compliance does not factor the scale of damage US sanctions has had on the Iranian economy, especially since US pulled out of the deal. A rational mind would then ask, what happens if Iran does again dismantle all it had installed to increase the percentage of Uranium enrichment is backed by US walking away as she had previously done? It is rather bizarre that all assurances from Iran that she is not interested in Nuclear weapon development cannot be factored into US policy decisions, apparently because of Israeli pressures. It must be stated in clear terms that no nation can deter Iran from pursuing nuclear weapons or the application of nuclear science in various spheres of human advancement.

In similar vein, if Israel did acquire nuclear capabilities, under US and UK watch, Iran can achieve the same goal through her allies and friends, although Russia has rigidly kept the terms of non-proliferation treaty. Mistakenly, Israel believes that through American assistance, she can protect herself, but the facts on the ground state otherwise. This can be supported by two reasons, namely, the Geography of Israel and secondly the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine as well as the recent stray missile from Syria which went very close to the Israeli nuclear facilities. If Israeli defence shields collapsed in skirmishes with untrained Palestine militias, what would happen when a more rugged military is involved?

It is our view that the only country that does possess the capability to withstand the threat of complete annihilation from any major nuclear attack is the Russian Federation. She has the backing of Geography and secondly, she has layers of defence shields which are competent to handle various types of offensive tools from air, sea, land and even space. Israel is hereby advised to further the course of diplomacy which she embarked upon during Trump era. The era of Military Might backed by the ideological concept of the West is fast walking away. Although Hamas lacks the needed tools for sustained military war, nevertheless, the conflict has done the necessary damage. The myth of Iron Dome and its inability to protect Israel has become a household discourse worldwide. Similarly, this military confrontation has substantially changed the military calculus as well as the geometry of the Arab-Israeli discourse, more so now that US is pushing Russia closer to Middle East. It is likely that Putin is being strengthened to return to the old base of the Soviet Union.

It is a matter of regret that China veered-off track by going to war against India in 2020, although through Russia’s intervention it was possible to contain the crisis. The line of contact with India is about 3,488km but the actual aggressive Face-Off and skirmishes took place in Eastern Ladakh area only. It is necessary to look back on what we said in 2016. “on the issue of consistency in maintaining peaceful boarders with neighbours, China’s role is questionable. Lastly, China is expected to settle all outstanding border issues with India before Nature can see her as one of the tripods of World Peace”. Presently in regard to GDP based on PPP (Purchasing Power Parity) China is occupying the top position. We are however still firm that China must have an agreed boundary along the entire contact line with India.

China’s recent move in Ladakh received not only a very negative backlash from International Community but as well nearly broke the spine of Brics and further catapulted US involvement in India military, economic and political relationship. It also furthered Anti-China sentiments in India and this as well reduced India’s appetite for Chinese goods and services. It is the view of most mystics that any meaningful challenge to western (EU and North America) domination must be predicated on Russia, China and India economic ties as well as a form of political alignment. That goal is now pushed further by that singular mistake in Ladakh.
Unfortunately, India’s accelerated move to the full embrace of US and Europe may spell doom for her. Very soon she will be a full-grown pretty lady likely to challenge the West in population, and economic activities and when that does happen, every weapon in the armory of the West shall be applied to bring her down.

During Western confrontation with USSR, China became the preferred alternative. Now that China has risen and poses a threat to the West, India is likely to be the new alternative. However, India is on a different platform. Her size and Social System as well as her exposure to democratic norms and values exposes her to the hazards of Western organized protests. It must be pointed out that the Social Strata of India is still weak and may not withstand the onslaught of the West which does come in various guises. We advise our students who are capable of out-of-body excursions to watch the film of the rise and fall of India in the psychic worlds.

On the issue of South China Sea, Taiwan and the like, the situation if not carefully handled, may worsen and likely lead to a very embarrassing conflict. US, as usual, accepted Taiwan as part and parcel of China in an attempt to blanket China while being at liberty to tackle USSR decisively. It worked perfectly well. During America’s Pseudo war or more politely put, economic war with USSR, US moved her manufacturing hub to where cheap labour was adequately available.

Unfortunately, China’s rise to the pinnacle of economic power, assisted of-course by technological and military adjuncts, has virtually dwarfed US in two principal areas, namely GDP (PPP) and applied science. The gap is further stretched by the rate China is producing warships, submarines, planes and other implements of war. On the basis of the above, it is likely that before 2030, the balance of military and economic powers will swing decisively in favor of China, although the current ratio of military expenditure is still in the neighbourhood of 7:3 for US and China respectively.

In the attempt to retard China’s progress, US opted for varying tactics which include the acceptance of Taiwan as a Quasi-independent state, granting of certain military concession to South Korea and Japan and the assemblage of her Western allies in the Indo-Pacific and South China sea to shore up her military might. She also relies heavily on sanctions, backed of-course by massive media propaganda to tilt world opinion against China. They have as well begun to urge their companies to return home or at worst relocate to India and other Asian countries. However, if China behaves like Russia, it is probable that these pressures will not be as fruitful as US had wished. Nonetheless, if these pressures persist for a prolonged period, war maybe the ultimate end.

New Flash Points

The former opposition leader, Juan Guaido, was seen as the messiah of Venezuela by the US and EU which tasked him with the responsibility of overthrowing the incumbent president, Nicolas Maduro. In the attempt to fast-track the coup-d’état, the president of Venezuela was denied access to the country’s gold reserve in the Bank of England in addition to the imposition of crippling sanction on the country. The Headquarters of Venezuela’s oil company and all other assets in US were seized and handed over to Juan Guaido. Unfortunately, EU soon realized that the coup was collapsing and pulled out from supporting the illegality. True to the tenets of Capitalism, US which orchestrated these hostile actions against her neighbor, went behind the world and continued with the importation of essential items including oil and gas from Venezuela primarily to shore her economy while shielding other nations from buying petroleum products from the government of Nicolas Maduro. Recently, both parties, the Government and Opposition agreed to close ranks, and attempt to resolve the crisis by themselves, possibly with less dependence on Foreign conspirators. Let us watch how far they can go in this direction.

Western planned coup in Belarus was programmed to synchronize with Ukrainian attack on Donbass religion, NATO’s military drills in the Black Sea and the proposed cyber-attacks in Belarus and Russia. Regrettably, all these proposals were nipped-in-the-bud by Russia’s Secret Service and backed of-course by massive military deployment along Ukrainian borders. These coordinated assaults became imperative primarily to humiliate and embarrass Russia as well as to raise a common template for military invasion of Crimea. To the West, this procedure is an indispensable route in the capitulation of Moscow.

It must be emphasized that during the enforcement of the above agenda, two important events took place. Firstly, NATO’s military satellite which was passing through Russia and Ukraine had its electronic equipment knocked-out, possibly by one of Russia’s secret weapons. Secondly, Russia forcefully turned-back the British Warship attempting to pass through Crimean waters. Putin later said that even if Russia had sunk the ship, NATO wouldn’t have gone to war they would certainly loose. A very bold statement indeed, and it showed how close we were in the activation of massive thermonuclear warheads.

However, it is too early to determine the end-game, but the above events in addition to the anticipated completion of Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline as well as the uncertainty in Eastern Europe on Energy security and lastly the pulsations from Balkan and Baltic states have sent death threatening shockwaves to Ukraine and Poland. Similarly, from whatever angle you are viewing this unfolding geopolitical drama, former Soviet satellites, Western Europe, US and the principal actors in NATO, are seriously fanning the ambers of war. If we relate this scenario to our median edition which stated that at least three of seven adepts overseeing the political and military affairs of mankind have already endorsed Putin, then NATO’s expansion towards and around Russian borders is fraught with far-reaching consequences.

EU is based on the equality of nations that constitute her, which means that all decisions of the Council of Europe must have the consent of all Sovereign states, whether big or tiny. But due to divergent political inclination of nations, it is difficult to arrive at cohesive decisions or strategies when it relates to other major competitors like China and Russia. The German foreign minister, during the conference of Germany’s ambassadors, advocated the abandonment of Veto in arriving at EU decisions. If Veto is abolished, views of these mini-states, especially of the Soviet root which regard Russia as an evil state, will either fizzle out or be silenced forever. Already, Germany, France and Italy are core members of G7 which controls the economic, military and political hub of mankind. In such deliberations, former Soviet States are not only denied of seats but are also denied of a voice, even through proxy. Lastly, as the ongoing geopolitical parity widens in scope and complexity, some of these former Soviet satellite states, dependent of-course completely on the funding of EU, will be sacrificed in exchange for a friendlier relationship with the most powerful Nuclear State, and equally armed with enormous material resources almost indispensable to the survival of Europe.

European Union is not participating in the monitoring of Russia’s legislative elections scheduled for September 17, 18 and 19, 2021. Her reason is that Russia limited the number of accredited monitors allotted to her to only 50. Incidentally, EU sent less than 50 monitors to the US general elections of 2020. If the US population is at least twice that of Russia, it does carry an implied view that Russia ought not approve more than 25 monitors for EU’s contingent. The number of monitors sent to other EU countries which held elections recently never exceeded 10. An indication that EU has other plans, likely to include an excuse to contest the legitimacy of the said election.

Let it be stated in very clear terms that EU is repulsive to Russia and Turkey. Both countries had attempted, on very different occasions, to embrace the Union but were totally rebuffed. US is standing on the path between Russia and EU. Despite the fact that Turkey is a very key component of NATO, major players in the Union do not want her within the enclave. Turkey shall only block EU from the menace of migrants and miscreants whose ambition is entry into EU. The only reasonable option for Russia and Turkey is to come closer and harmonize their strategic locations for the benefit of their citizens. The two countries have enough resources to move on in life, with or without EU.

The withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan has been described as one of the worst in modern history of military adventure. In 1979 the Soviets Invaded Afghanistan and departed ten years later. The Soviets met what they least expected and left in disgrace. However, they succeeded in putting in place an administration that functioned for about 3years before it was swept away by the rebels. When Russia intervened in Syria, she was mocked by the West because of the Soviet failure in Afghanistan and Russia’s poor military response to Western adventurism in Georgia. Incidentally, the Russian Fire-power in Syria tamed the hawks in NATO headquarters. The West saw a different Russia, with a new military apparatus, likely to outclass western armament.

The US and her allies began military campaign in 2001, primarily in response to terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre. Unfortunately, the campaign dragged-on for 20 years (twice the duration of that of Soviet Union), and ended in circumstances which battered the image as well as the trust and integrity of the most powerful nation on the face of the earth. The Afghan Government as established by the US collapsed while the US was still pulling out of Afghanistan, and this heightened the chaos which trailed the pull-out. About 300,000 well trained officers and men of the Afghan military abandoned their duty posts, weapons, uniforms and fled, giving the Taliban unfettered access to the administration of Afghanistan once more without blood bath. The collapse of Afghan military and Government could not have been outside the ambit of a spiritual force determined to humiliate the US.

It is now a certainty that Taliban is in firm control of the situation on the ground, but the Vice-President of the collapsed administration has cited certain provisions of the constitution that empowered him to assume the office of the president of the country. Let us hope that he will step down as soon as a new administration is put in place. However, it is being rumored that the Acting-President is in consultation with Northern Alliance, and if it is true, then Civil War may be in the making. Similarly, and in another theatre of-course, it is being speculated that what we are witnessing is the script of the CIA. It is too early to conclude. The best for now is to watch the moves of US, EU, China and Russia as well as the policy thrust of the incoming Taliban administration.

The Myth of Democracy

Thinkers and philosophers define Democracy differently. Early thinkers’ definition of Democracy, although out of date presently, still provides mankind the basis for debate. Modern dictionaries define Democracy as the Government of the people, by the people and for the people, and if we accept this definition, it carries an implied conclusion that all forms of political administration are democratic in nature. Unfortunately, what is being regarded as democracy is Western liberalism. However, it is a certainty, and in practical terms as well that western liberalism is not different or better than communism, monarchy or dictatorship. This fact is further strengthened because all administrations are usually put in place by the few, run by the few and for the few.

To buttress this point, we are in agreement that all powers either originate from God or belong to God. And in the like manner, if God is the sole authority in all our pursuits, interests and ambitions, including political, economic and military, then it is rational to assert with absolute authority that it is only the privileged few spiritually, who are the custodians of that Godly gift, are entrusted with the spiritual tools to select our leaders either directly or indirectly. They carry out this role through witches and wizards, God-realized individuals and the highest cadre of Ogbanjes as well as the top members of the secret cults devoted to the pursuit of spirituality. Unfortunately too, as we introduce into our complex Pseudo-physical structure various substances purported to enhance conquest and competition, we become slaves to those negative paddings which later manifest as the character that catapults us further away from the reality of the purpose of existence within the band of cultural ethics and values and the basic law as enshrined in the Wheel of Life.

If we start with the Egyptian Civilization, Pharaohs were Gods of the living and Gods of the dead. An implied indication that only the priests of the invisible powers decided who became Pharaohs. And as soon as they emerged, they ascended the throne of their ancestors and became clothed with the spiritual mask of God of both the living and the dead. Similarly, notable warlords such as Alexander the great, who never lost a battle throughout his military campaign and Julius Caesar, the emperor of Rome for life, were clothed with the same mask. Alexander the great was the incarnation of Zeus while Julius Caesar was the descendant of Venus.

Jesus Christ, in the myth of Christianity, was confronted with the challenge of deciding whose responsibility it was to receive taxes from mortals and citizens of the state. As the myth was a creation of the inmates of the Temple of Wisdom in Alexandria, the writers of the Bible cleverly addressed the issue. When Jesus was presented with a coin which contained the Effigy of Augustus Caesar and with the inscription of “Augustus Caesar, the son of God”, he told them to give to Caesar what belonged to Caesar and give to God what belonged to God. You were told that throughout the Roman Empire, Augustus Caesar was the adopted son of Julius Caesar which means that Augustus was referred to as the son of God while Julius Caesar was known as God. History had earlier taught us that Julius Caesar was deified before his death in 44BC. If Titus Flavius liberated Judia in 70AD, it carries an implied conclusion that Jesus, “the messiah of the Jews” must have come into existence at much later date. This contradicts the account of his death in 33AD. A further proof that Jesus of the Bible was the child of the great minds in Alexandria, and certainly not an individual who faced neither birth and death nor had any relationship with Mary, Joseph and Jewism.

Having shown that all leaders are appointees of most potent spiritual force within the enclave of the leadership, it is rational to take another step in the appreciation of the mechanism at work. The world is not ruled by the creator directly as presently envisaged. The supreme deity was never directly involved in the creation of spirits which wear mortal frames as coverings to exist and participate in our earthly Theatre of Fun. The first and second impulses are formless while the third impulse does possess Form and Shape. The spirits, in our image and shape and within the confines of the Earth and who do wear seven different bodies or rather clothing, were the creations of seven Gods, namely; two males in the classification of Lumechs (Lamechs) One and Two and five females in the names of Dumechs (Damechs) One to Five.

Our creators began to fashion Our Spiritual and Superior selves at the seventh tier of power. It took them thousands of years of toil, painstakingly sowing various dresses as well as creating the needed environment at every level of descent until they landed on the physical plane where the Spirit-in-the body does eat of the proceeds of the soil. This is the birth of humanity. In other words, every lower life is a reflection of the one above it. In the same vein the Spiritual Gift follows the same trajectory. Similarly, this explains why the Higher Self determines the course of the Lower Self. In like manner, this descent curve proves to us why nightly activities determine the course of the daily ones. Lastly, this explains why Witches, Ogbanjes, higher members of certain Mystical cults and orders and all those at higher rungs of spirituality decide the fate of humanity. Because of the ignorance of the multitude (masses of mankind) they are pawns in the hands of those who are rich spiritually. Their only role in the physical arena is primarily to execute the directives of their counterparts standing on higher rungs of spirituality.

After the collapse of USSR in 1991, US became the sole superpower in economics, military and politics. However, these benefits could not have come to fruition if there was no spiritual angle to it. In a more rational manner, US could not have achieved the above feat if there was no spiritual audacity attached thereto. If the story of the fish baby has certain credibility, it is likely that the inability of Soviet engineers and scientists to keep to the terms of their understanding with the fish baby must have contributed to the collapse of Soviet Union. Spiritual audacity, no matter how humble it presents itself, must not be humiliated.

After about ten years of the collapse of USSR, the Spiritual Council of the World felt that it had become necessary to begin to look into the mechanics of US elections. The game kicked off in the election of Al Gore and George Bush, but the will of US spiritual template was respected, although with a caveat. In the dream state I found myself in the US as the returning officer for the US presidential election. Al Gore won marginally but as I was about to declare Al Gore duly elected some violet voters stormed the podium and demanded that Bush be declared duly elected. Their reason ran thus – “for having come so close and for being from the opposition, our demand that George Bush be declared as duly elected is as good as the view of Americans”. I asked them if they were willing to bear the consequences attached thereto. They replied in the affirmative.

The turbulence which took place spiritually manifested thereafter physically. Although the physical election remained inconclusive for a fairly long time, Bush was finally sworn-in. A good example that the physical is only a shadow of what happens in the inner. In 2001, barely a year after the election, Muslim Jihadists stormed World Trade Centre and other sensitive establishments in US and in response to the attack, President Bush went to war in Afghanistan. The war lasted for about 20 years and over 2.2 trillion dollars sunk into the gamble. Unfortunately, US is pulling out of Afghanistan without achieving the desired goal except of-course the death of Osama-Bin-Laden. On July 8, 2021 and while addressing students of Far Eastern Federal University, Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister said – “The United State is not just withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan, by doing that, it is admitting to failure of its mission”.

In subsequent spiritual decisions regarding the selection of the president of US, the World Spiritual Council had upper hand in the decision-making process. As we walk on the sands of time, the role of American mystics becomes weaker and is likely to fizzle out completely. Similarly, the decline of the long arms of control by American mystics, especially those of the deep state, is certainly to give birth to weaker Fabric in the body politics of the US. With the amalgama of Sexual Breed, cultural admixtures and colour mix, backed of-course by defense budget of over 700 billion dollars as well as robotic weapons now patrolling worldly oceans, lands and space, the call for a thorough spiritual surgery of the human race has become necessary. Lastly, whatever does happen, we must accept that all future spiritual elections in US, especially those wholly exercised by the spiritual council, do carry the sanctity of nature and must be physically actualized without any alteration. The concept of as above so below holds sway in our daily toils and also confirms that the body and spirit are one and same, but only the spirit is accountable for the actions of the duo. This is so because the body is only the veil of the spirit.

In today’s world, Capitalism is completely embedded in western liberalism which is the cornerstone of the western brand of Democracy. A few decades ago, the democracies of the world were in fierce competition to establish colonies and empires, and this bordered on the control of those countries and continents which provided the needed cheap labour. An implied concept that democracy hinges on the use of the weak to generate income for the privileged few. During American Express CERT – Style diversity training, which was published on the 12th of August 2021, by Christopher Rufo, it was clearly stated that “Capitalism is based on systematic racism” or that “Capitalism is predicated on exploitation and systematic racism”. An implied conclusion that all forms of Human Trafficking, Slavery and the like vices stemmed from Western Liberalism.

Over one thousand years ago, Christian doctrines were employed to achieve the above goal. For example, “the doctrine of repetitive sins and their subsequent forgiveness” emboldened our colonizers to be very brutal to us. It also intimidated us because we were made to believe that we were in the hands of an unjust God who endorsed all forms of maltreatment against us. The present-day situation is that the so called biblical holy injunctions are being sidelined because US believes in the emerging biological modifications, and as the Spoiler-in-Chief, she wants every country practicing liberal democracy to queue behind her in this unholy marriage. The Prime Minister of Hungary is being crucified for not only holding-fast to Christian values and norms but as well refused to accept these forms of biological modifications now creating very serious social acrimony in his country. Let it be said, loud and clear, that there is no forgiveness either in the kingdom of Lucifer or in the heaven of the Supreme God. If we can remove the shackles of slavery as embedded in the Christian doctrine, we will come face-to-face with the divine laws of God and their accompanying spiritual benefits.

Having established that political administrations of countries are products of the select few, mostly the most powerful spirits in the country and or their masters who do make the list of membership of the Spiritual Council of the World, there is no need to further this course on the legitimacy of countries either within or outside the banner of democracy. An indication that government of the people for the people and by the people does not exist anywhere in the world. Recent survey indicates the following:

• 81% of humanity accept democracy as a suitable form of administration.

• 71% of Chinese believe that its administration is a better form of democracy.

• 44% of world indicate that US is the greatest threat to democracy while only 38% and 28% of them affirm that China and Russia respectively are guilty of the same offence.

• 48% of the world regard tech giants as being the cause of economic inequalities.

If economic equality is an indispensable aspect of democracy, it carries an implied assertion that democracy hardly exists in the capitalist economy, the key component of which is the Tech giants and its ancillary monopolies. Lastly, “if one with God is Majority” then all spiritual Templates on which all forms of administration rest, cannot be the wish of the masses of the country who are only pawns in the hands of the privileged few on the higher rungs of the spiritual ladder.

The Place of Man in the Wheel of Life

Before we begin to look at the teachings of Kuu Lam Chee Brotherhood, the Order of Avatars and Rope Travellers, let us have a brief look at Man’s march to the current religious and philosophical systems. According to Egyptian historians, there existed some civilizations whose origins and extinctions remain outside the portals of human imagination. As can be observed, both science and mysticism have not walked beyond the time frame of over hundred thousand years in their quest to ascertain the time humanity of our breed began to exist on the face of the earth.

We are not talking of the existence of our planets which nevertheless did form and still form an integral part of the cosmos or the other mystical animals which must have lived and died in other theatres of the cosmos from whence our planet originated. Science has made us to believe that everything in nature is in a state of flux, an endless motion. The pulsation of the creative apparatus of nature is the organ that originates massive drifts of planets, galaxies and the like clusters of suns and planets attached thereto. Unfortunately, if any planet runs amok by going-off its orbit, it is likely that it could pass through life consuming environment, which could result in complete annihilation of existing life before the drift could be arrested by the gravitational force of another sun. Based on the above, there is every possibility that extinct life we occasionally stumble into in our scientific exploration, whose existence is far in excess of 100,000 years, may have been as a result of this abnormality.

It is bizarre that man is searching for life outside our planet. We state in very clear terms that spirits-in-our-forms exist in any planet, whether of solid, liquid or gaseous ones. What should concern us is the type of clothing the spirit wears to exist in a particular environment. We are wearing human flesh to exist in this planet because it has atmospheric umbrella as well as all the necessary temperature, humidity, water and trees to blend with our flesh. The spirit does possess the capability to pro-create mock-up as shields and wearings to exist in any other types of environment wherein it finds itself. For example, in the dream state, our spirits wear different clothing to exist. The witches and wizards apply the same techniques in their-out-of-body excursions and travels. According to the Red Bible “the Kungis occupy the highest spiritual plane in any planet they choose to exist”. If this is so, it does confirm that all segments of the cosmos are filled with spirits of our Shape and Form. And if we stretch ourselves further, we come to the conclusion that spirits are indispensable participants in all Theatres of Fun throughout the entire cosmic web. Here the emphasis is on the creative potentiality of spirits to exist in pseudonym.

As regards unidentified flying objects (UFO) and flying saucers, the concept is very similar to the above except that these vehicles serve as alternatives to spiritual walk. As man occasionally opts for other means of communication so do our higher spiritual selves. As Bicycles, Cars and the like are aids to us so are UFO to our higher selves. In other words, inmates of UFO are spirits in bodies with higher vibratory pulsation. We are however not discounting various scientific experiments to mimic this spiritual principle, including the application of psychic alternatives. Because we are in a very crude form, our means of travels are still very crude too.
For example, 44years ago, I had a ride in UFO, but did so with my dream body, the body of Quasi-dead. In march 1977 while I was falling asleep, I noticed that I was slipping-off the bed as if I was falling down. Behold I found myself standing at the side of the bed and was viewing my physical counterpart well asleep on the bed. I noticed that I was double, one was standing and active while the other was more of a log-like-image of myself lying on the bed. An unidentified flying object, with a standing spiritual personality in it, descended and I was invited into the spacecraft. We travelled together to various continents for spiritual training. We returned to Aberdeen, Scotland around 6.00am local time and I disembarked and slipped into the log on the bed and woke up. So, the current impression that all UFO are aliens cannot be justified. However, some of such sightings could be aliens while others could be spirits within the planet on excursions and missions. For example, Agwu Umuologu has its own chariot with which it travels around the world and this could be as well mistaken by the mundane as an Alien Spaceship. Based on this truth, we can also assume that other spiritual points and Gods do possess this capability.

The Supreme Spiritual Council is composed of three unequal impulses, namely the First, Second and Third impulses. Both first and second impulses are formless and therefore beyond human comprehension. In fact, no spiritual template has anything to do with the first two impulses. The third impulse has Shape and Form (body) but subject to the activation of a mini strand of the second impulse. In other words, the third impulse is composed of the body, the material object which we can see, feel and touch as well as an aspect of the Essence of the second impulse which acts as the kernel of life that sustains all forms of existence in the universe. The union of the mini strand of the second impulse and the body is what we refer to as creation, life, BT or the spirit in various clothings (bodies). For emphasis, the body is lifeless until activated by the infusion of the Essence of the second impulse. No life or existence throughout the entire cosmic web has anything to do with the First impulse.

BT is therefore the origin or rather the creator of all existence observable with our senses and creative tools such as microscope and telescope. It is the Self Multiplication of BT that generated the cosmic web and everything contained therein. The nearest thing to this example is the queen which is the mother of various types of Ants. In the Red Bible, the Holy Book of Avatars and Rope Travellers, it was clearly stated that Lumechs One and Two and Dumechs One to Five created life in the planet wherein we dwell. These seven spirits, two males and five females, left their parentage and colleagues in a distant spiritual colony 19billion light years away, traversed the cosmos, landed on Earth, settled therein and began creative activities. As they were descending their major challenge was food, and this was addressed instantly through the power of thought, and certainly not the power of spoken word as stated in most spiritual treatise. The head of the team was Lumech One and accordingly all creative activities were under his leadership.

Based on the above, the creative pillars of our creators are the First, Second and Third impulses and the creator of the spiritual colony from whence Lumechs and Dumechs originated. At this level, we have four tiers of creative apparatus and when we include the seven spirits (Lumechs and Dumechs), which created life on Earth, we will arrive at five major authorities in order of seniority. In other words, the spirit wearing human flesh is not only a product of the Fifth creative base, but it also fashioned the seven principal clothings which are necessary for existence on those seven planes, including the human apparel that harmonizes us with the climate of the water planet wherein we live. Lastly, our belief in the worship of the absolute authority is rather very unfortunate and depicts our naivety in the understanding of our root, environment and the complex nature of existence.

Lumechs and Dumechs landed in East Africa, in an area slightly North of the Capricorn and began an entirely new creative exercise. However, on 13th February 76,850BC a new spiritual body was established in the Leopard Temple to oversee the conduct of human activities including all the seven tiers of life under diverse clothing of spirits. Since then, spiritual personalities, especially immortal ones, have been appointed as Avatars and assigned with the responsibility of administering the world of the living, the dead and those dwelling in the other five worlds above them. To accomplish the above goal, an indefinite relay-race-procedure was instituted. Each avatar hands over the baton of spiritual and physical rulership of the world flawlessly and ceaselessly too, in an unbroken process to his successor.

The basic law of existence is that all spirits are bound to their roots, the ancestral powerbases. The Avatar is no exception. As soon as the Avatar is chosen, his ancestral base is determined. The Avatar must walk through that ancestral base until his inauguration at the age of 30years when he becomes matured enough to receive the Universal Rod of Power, the baton in the relay-race of universal leadership. The incumbent Avatar, Ditu, received the Universal Rod of Power on 5th October 1974 and will handover same to Sher Sheba on 5th October 2285AD. Lastly, Sher Sheba will relinquish that power (baton) after over 800years to his successor who will be selected on 5th October 2285AD.

The God that answers man’s petitions and prayer is the Avatar of the time, and certainly not that of the past or that of the future. All our petitions are routed through our ancestral powerbases to the Avatar and or the spiritual template he put in place for such requests. Over time, various powerhouses have come into existence, with some being more powerful than others, but it must be clearly stated that no power no matter how ancient it is does stand on the path of the Avatar. The incumbent Avatar does possess the power to either uproot all previous powers or to destroy same instantly. It is necessary to state in very clear terms that the author of this discourse came from the spiritual throne which is regarded as “the life of life of life of humanity”. Consequently, all views as expressed above are the supreme doctrine of the wheel of existence.


We are told that music is the food of soul, and if this is so, it does mean that the clothing of Spirit (different layers of Spirit’s outfits) are activated or rather energized by music. Apart from musicians, many other professionals such as Prophets, Dibias and thinkers are inducted into this exclusive world of ecstasy by music thereby enabling them to pronounce, unknowingly, those words which are not in vain. Music and dancing are also the tools we resort to in calming the nerves after our daily toils in search of food which is the primary duty in our effort to exist.

Based on the above, we hereby acknowledge two musical tracks namely, “Thriller” by Michael Jackson and “Knowing me, knowing you” by Abba. Michael Jackson, while alive, was a classic example of Ogbanje, the capability to exhibit dual lives simultaneously throughout his musical career. As regards popularity, Michael Jackson’s walk from his primordial base, the Ogbanje world from whence he walked into the world of humanity, propelled him to the Court of Nobles. At a point in world history, he was second to Christ in popularity. He was and still remains the only black prince to achieve that feat. Apart from his actions and wordings in the track, the flexibility of Michael Jackson’s body dwarfed those of his contemporaries. Unfortunately, Michael Jackson was very repulsive to his ancestral base by attempting to modify his outlook, particularly his colour. In that exercise, he ended his noble career in tragedy.

“Knowing me, knowing you” by Abba stands on a different template because it portrays the journey of the Spirit as it walks on the eternal path. The spirit-in-clothing is in a state of constant motion, moving from one theatre of life to another, from one parentage to another, from one cycle of existence to another and lastly from one form of relationship to another. “As the path of life exists only to oneself”, man moves from one relationship to another endlessly. Every social and parental bond, no matter how durable and long lasting must cease to exist, and this practice is repeated in endless cycles. The track depicts, in its entirety, the eternal walk, otherwise referred to as spiritual evolution. Lastly, this order acknowledges Abba and Michael Jackson for their contributions to man’s micro understanding of Nature’s complex web. The web is more than what we are taught in religion and philosophy. It is further than man’s petition to God through Jesus Christ or any other past and future messiahs.


1) The authority of today’s monopolar world is fast dwindling. China is fast catching up with US. She is the largest economy in terms of GDP (PPP) and currently possesses the largest navy. Thinkers and commentators are of the opinion that the SCO, comprising of China, Russia and other Euro-Asian countries, may graduate to another superpower status likely to compete with US and NATO. Although China is waxing while US is waning, it is still too early to come to definite conclusions. However, if India, Russia and Germany do cement their relationship and harmonize the enormous material resources of Russia with the technical know-how and economic powerhouse of Germany, and blend same with the population of India, a better mix in the geo-political dynamics of the world shall be the end result.

2) The former American presidents, from Clinton through Bush and Obama to Trump, were of the view that Russia had become a mere gas station of Europe and no more than a regional power. Even Nick Haley, former US ambassador to UN, claimed that Russia lacked everything necessary to respond to US humiliation and sanctions. Unfortunately, US was addressing a sleeping polar bear which has now not only gained consciousness but has well begun to walk. Thanks to western sanctions which did force Russia to look inwards. The pandemic notwithstanding, Russia’s economic growth is estimated to hit above 4% in 2021. Western sanctions strengthened Russia’s productive chain, enhanced her productive capacity and made her less dependent on European goods, expertise and capital. If this trend is sustained, Russia shall soon be a beast in economy, military and politics.

3) The creation of European Union, at best, eliminated constant military and political rivalries and petty squabbles within EU, but its expansion to the north and east has greatly weakened its core base. The way and manner these minor states, sitting on the template of the German Economic Miracle, attacked Nord Stream 2 project is very worrisome. Poland and Ukraine went too far in fighting Russia and German interests. It is likely that as US misfortune intensifies, Russia and Germany will brush aside these dependent states and begin to address their own common goal which is the enhancement of a better relationship which is the only guarantor of European peace and economic security.

4) The West believes that double standard is a key factor in the control of humanity. Having played this game successfully for centuries, it is wrong to state otherwise. The crackdown of Ukrainian opposition led by Medredchuk and his associates began in February 2021. Three opposition television channels were forced-off air and on 14th May 2021, an Ukrainian court placed Victor Medredchuk under house arrest. According to the government of Ukraine, Victor Medredchuk is a threat to the security of the state. If Navalny’s opposition in Russia is acceptable to the West, and if equity is the basis of God’s decree, EU is expected to slam Ukraine with crippling sanctions as they did to Russia. Unfortunately, EU not only failed to act in defence of the weak but Germany took a step further to continually make cash available to the current filthy administration in Ukraine.

5) The triangle of China, Koreas and Japan, with Taiwan embedded into it, may host one of the most volatile military sectors, if US is allowed to set the enclave on fire. It does appear that one-china-policy is being thrown overboard by US and her allies. Interestingly, two questions remain unanswered, - where does Japan tilt to in this grand confusion? Secondly, will Japan face her old adversary (China and Koreas) or the current colonizing power (US) which must be subdued if Japan will ever be liberated? A new drama in the Northern Pacific is being instituted. It is too early to chart the course of events, especially now that Russia is being included in the military dynamics. It is far safer for all the countries namely China, Korea, Japan and Russia to begin to come together, if they are to avoid another nuclear attack. The hawks in the West are prepared to repeat the ugly incident of 1945 when they used atomic bomb on civilians in the race to wrestle the defeat of Japan from Russia.

6) The turmoil in South China sea is rather an unfortunate drama whose origin rested on the world’s evil genius and her allies. However, Chinese entry into this contested environment with all weapons at her disposal, namely, population, economic resources, military might and political audacity, changed the political calculus. This humble exercise graduated into freedom of navigation which now attracts all navies of the West to this passage. Over time, this amorphous coalition was rephrased and tagged “to contain China”. The situation is still graduating into a very dangerous monster likely to endanger the security of the entire world. Initially, Russia was aloof but now so many factors are at play which make it impossible for Russia not to come to the defense of her allies.

7) The Middle East has remained a very restive spot due primarily to Oil, Shia and Sunni divide and the establishment of the state of Israel including its expansionist tendency to actualize the fullness of a functional Israeli State. The West has fought all other countries of the world unwilling to adopt to her brand of democracy, except the monarchical administration in the Middle East because of the powers of the liquid gold which sustains the defense complex and treasury of US. If religion is a path to God, then Shia and Sunni faithfuls ought not walk along parallel paths, more so, when it is realized that Prophet Muhammed is the common template that bridges such parallel lines. This ugly development and the untidy interventionist policy of the policeman of the world assisted in the establishment of Russian bases in Syria and Horn of Africa. This development is likely to alter the military equation in the Middle East.

8) India and China are the two most populous states in the world and represent about 35% of the population of humanity. In GDP (PPP) they occupy the first and third positions. China has the largest economic capacity. In military configuration, they are both armed to the teeth with thermo-nuclear warheads. Based on the above, we had earlier advised China not to provoke military confrontation along China-India border. Lastly, it is not in the interest of China if India is pushed into the arms of the hawks of the West. As we were concluding this chapter, news came that both parties have started to withdraw their troops from the line of contact. We sincerely appreciate the efforts of Russia to ensure that India and China are good neighbours.

9) We are all moulded in ethics and values of Christianity, Islamism, Traditionalism or Myriad sects and cults. Apart from traditionalism which anchors its steps on spirituality (the only channel which links all spirits with their maker), all other religious pathways rest on uncertain doctrines which are irrelevant in our quest to the throne of the source of existence. In plain language, we are what we were and must be that we are, which means that we are bound to the cultural and traditional base through which we came into human embodiments. To act otherwise is to force our souls and spirits to walk along the great Broadway that leads to eternal damnation.

10) Nature does assume any technique to either increase or decrease human population. It could be through military conflict, hunger, natural disaster or disease. Today’s threat is Covid whose origin is being contested. Some claim that it came into existence through military or scientific research that went wild while the silent few trace its origin to Supernatural Forces. The witches assert that this is one of the tools of nature in reshaping itself. The scale of mutations lends credence to the views of witches. If some of those who have been inoculated are still prone to the illness, something is happening up there. Similarly, if the scale of mutations makes a mockery of our attempts to contain the spread of Covid, then we have no other option but to accept the views of “the Owls of the Night”.

11) The President of the United States, in his address to the people of America on 31st August 2021, said that the retreat from Afghanistan did not just mark an end to that War but an end to the era of “Military operations to remake other countries”. He also confirmed that 2,500 lives were lost in the unnecessary gamble. If Russia’s withdrawal from Afghanistan became the cause of the collapse of USSR, it carries an implied view that NATO’s withdrawal from the same country could lead to the collapse of NATO. Similarly, if the collapse of Afghanistan rests on the inability of the Afghan Army to carry out its military responsibility, is it rational to freeze 7 billion dollars Afghan foreign reserve and block about 400 million dollars due to be released to the incoming government in Afghanistan by the world apex bank?

12) Having said that Ditu, the current Avatar was inaugurated about 47 years ago, it is necessary to add that he is still walking down the divine ladder with the Universal Rod of Power, and that he is expected to land in the Mortal Kingdom within the next two years. As he walks down, he rearranges the Spiritual Temple of every plane to synchronize same with his mandate. Fortunately, the imprints of the descending God is already being felt by most spiritual centres of the world. It is too early to speculate but it is likely that he possesses adequate spiritual tools to rearrange our political, economic and military templates, necessary to provide us with about 1000 years of peace. It does mean that the world would enjoy relative peace during the administration of Sher Sheba.

13) If the Spiritual Walk is in the realm of eternity, and if our spiritual clothings (our mortal bodies) cannot withstand the stress of over 120 years, then it becomes rational to assert that the so-called advantages being enjoyed by the West, our present-day colonizers, are not beyond the ambit of insignificance and certainly within the borders of illusion. The present-day western rule roughly began with the greatest military icon, Alexander the Great and has not lasted more than 3,000 years, a flash in the realm of eternity. Anybody who intends to live a blissful life for a considerable period of life, far in excess of tens of thousands of years, should seek harmony with the source of life and spiritual audacity. This gift has no duration and definitely outside the corridors of physical wars, whether political, economic or military.

14) The New Afghan Government has not only been constituted but has also been inaugurated. The US claims that she withdrew from Afghanistan after accomplishing her goals but the Taliban state otherwise, that they decisively defeated the US and therefore at liberty to constitute the type of administration that best suits their objectives. The choice of 11th September 2021, the composition of the new cabinet with Taliban hawks and the exclusion of women from the cabinet are indicators of the direction of the administration. If the Taliban still remains what it was over 30 years ago, it does mean that Taliban’s relationship with the West may be in the cold for a long time. If the key components of the cabinet are in the Wanted List of the West or the UN Security Council, then something is certainly going anticlockwise. Similarly, no matter the euphoria or the ongoing geopolitical scheming, Chinese relationship with the Taliban, in finality, will be dependent on how the Chinese Government relate with Moslem (Muslim) community in China.

15) Lastly, as the product of the inmates of the Leopard Temple, I am placing before you the bare facts of the structure and the operation of the world wherein we dwell as well as the role of various types of the inmates of the cosmos. We are not condemning any path, whether religious or mystical, but due assert with adequate spiritual authority that no other teaching has gone deeper that what we are placing before you. Nevertheless, every spirit is imbued with Freewill and the right to choose the path that best suits its ambition as it walks the path of eternity. Goodbye for now until we meet again in 2026.