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The Law of Self

Dialogue with the Sebitets part 3

The survival of self in any particular form, sheath, cycle, incarnation or theatre of life is the law of self. One’s survival in this world or thereafter becomes one’s principal pursuit. It is your ambition. Ii is your goal now and hereafter. It is the interest of all of us.

This situation is not restricted to man alone. It is also valid for animals, fishes, plants and indeed all other micro forms. Each life faces great challenge. None is exempted from this struggle. Those who fail to make it face death instantly while others die at various stages of youth. Nevertheless, those who are fortunate progress into adulthood with of course varying challenges along the line. In effect, each form is constantly facing new and unfolding challenges till death which opens another vista of challenges.

Survival of the fittest therefore becomes the divine injunction in the worlds wherein the self finds itself. Every technique, which aids and supports survival, is put in place. Every obstacle on the path of self must be overcome with whichever technique that best suits the occasion. The self strives to overcome its other competitors at every occupation, position or contest. Whether the contest is political, military or spiritual it is immaterial. Therefore, it is enshrined in the book of life that each self must walk through the ladder of life by the process of elimination. The weak thereby become victims in this whole exercise. The upward movement on the rungs of the ladder is the basis of ceaseless flow of millions upon millions of gallons of blood of innocent people who are victims of this fierce struggle. This is why I have always maintained that only the bold and adventuresome find God.

Experience has shown that every human personality faces three choices. They are the choice of now, tomorrow or eternity. They are known as three types of races. Others refer to them as scales of preference. These choices are categorized thus:

         [i] Survival in this theatre of life
         [ii] Survival in the next theatre of life
         [iii] Survival in this world and subsequent theatres of life 

This theatre of life no doubt holds sway for very many of us. It is almost he wish of all. Today’s satisfaction is what every body seems to ask for. Today’s happiness is what most of you desire. Success of yesteryears and tomorrow mean little to the man of the moment.    

While the weak and the less privileged are said to have been indoctrinated into believing that their shortcomings in this life will be adequately compensated in the next life. It is being asserted by the proponents of this view that if you lack the wit to either protect yourself or triumph in your daily contests now, there is no feasibility that you can do so in your next life. It is also being claimed that it is the stamina you generate and sore in this life that will propel you in your next life as well as provide you with the necessary gadgets for safe-landing in subsequent theatres of life.

You cannot undertake a successful journey in your next life if adequate preparations are not concluded now. You cannot talk of tomorrow’s greatness if you do not work very hard now. If you do not sow during rainy season, you have nothing to harvest when the time comes. Survival in this life is a condition precedent for survival in other theatres of life.

The quest of a true seeker is not only the survival of self now but also in subsequent cycles and rungs of spiritual evolution. To achieve this goal one needs the companionship of those who not only performed these feats in their cycles of life but are as well laws into themselves in whichever rung of evolution they now operate.

Survival is in two broad categories [spiritual and physical]. Physical survival borders on physical achievements including the provision of all the essential ingredients of material happiness in this cycle of life. Material happiness means different things to different people. Wealth, long life, children, good health, political and military greatness, leadership, sexual fulfilment and the like are some of such physical achievements most people are known to pursue. In the pursuit of these physical goals, many ignoble acts are carried out on hourly basis. Yet legions of prayer warriors are engaged by the same political and financial barons to provide them with not only the necessary spiritual base but also the required spiritual protection.

The average man’s pursuit falls within the ambit of the above listed satisfactions, and one who excels in any of them is known to have lived this cycle of life successfully. This is what is known as the survival of self in this physical enclave. It is true because happiness, comfort or bliss in this lifetime which is the ambition of all is visibly present in the household or the particular body of the individual.

The pursuit of materialism is hydra-headed. The techniques employed to achieve these ambitions contradict very strongly those methods fashioned and handed down by highly refined stock of human race. The stock in trade of these successful knights of worldly things include intrigues, blackmail, murder [directly or indirectly] and various forms of cruelty. Having ascended these heights, the screw is tightened further to remain on top. The tighter the screw the longer the tyrant remains on top, with the attendant debasement of the poor, weak and the down trodden. Here the law of survival of the fittest comes to the fore unclothed. Based on the foregoing, one can rightly conclude that the law of self relates in its completeness to the techniques which the self applies in outwitting its competitors in any sphere of human contest. 

It does appear that the inclination of most of you tilts towards the above fulfilment or parts thereof. If this is so, it is not bad at all. But will ambitions of yours be realized if your behavioural approaches fall in line with the teachings and lifestyles of saints?

In your last discourse lecture, we did inform you that the gateway to spiritual liberation is polarized into two broad streams Internal Mechanism and External Technique. We also looked at Internal Mechanism briefly. Let us also have a brief survey of external technique.

External Technique is the application of external aid in achieving spiritual illumination. It entails strict compliance with all the laid down cultural observances, such as rites, rituals, sacrifices, prayers and the like ceremonies. Strict compliance with the dictates of the culture and religion of one’s time results in one’s entanglement with the operators and forces which expressed themselves through such cultures, thereby making one a channel for the maintenance of status quo, and its attendant manipulations.

I have all along maintained that nobody is born in a family by accident. We are born in our respective families and cultures purely for spiritual balance and training. If one’s birth into a lineage is in keeping with the balance sheet of one’s spiritual account, then whatever one encounters in that sojourn is a necessity for the continuity of one’s spiritual programme for one to go through the circle of witches as part of one’s external walk. Consequently, all rituals and ceremonies attached thereto are indispensable aids in one’s onward match to eternity.

External technique stipulates rigorous time schedule when such ceremonies must be performed for the desired result. Rhythm is an indispensable part of any meaningful spiritual endeavour. It is not necessarily the practice alone, but one’s ability and resolve to keep to such programmes for practices and ceremonies. Some of which occur at very odd hours. The key point here is consistency. It is this act that encourages and invites the master. This is the basis of the statement “when the student is ready, the master appears”. Masters and adepts who achieved this exalted position though that technique are usually the initial instructors to the seeker. Thereafter, all other adepts irrespective of the culture become available as instructors to the seeker if he continues earnestly in this unceasing quest. At this point, different cultures, ceremonies and rituals no longer inhibit or affect the spiritual performance of the initiate. The power of the spoken word has taken over. Continued adherence to ceremonies only reaffirms one’s diligence and steadfastness to routine considered inseparable in the life of saints.

Man’s manipulation of any system put in place by the spiritual masters has been the major inhibiting factor in enhancing spiritual growth. The basic benefit of both internal mechanism and external technique has been destroyed by doctrines and dogmas sandwiched in the teachings of such faiths. Man, through deceit, has been convinced that religious practices are undertaken collectively. This purported collective religious responsibility midwives collective cleansing, forgiveness and onward match to non-existent heavenly kingdom, spiritual liberation and land of bliss.

The principal function of religion is the enslavement of mankind. Each group coined out its own set of rules, doctrines and dogmas. Technique as an integral arm of religion has been the key instrument of that enslavement. Washing away of sins by whatever means is the final goal. The Indians wash as many times as possible in river Ganges. The African traditionalists appease their forefathers and their instruments of existence through sacrifices for wrongful acts against the society. Jesus had to face death in the most inhuman form to wash away the sins of believers and Christendom generally.

These doctrines at best encourage gross disobedience to the tradition and laws of the society. They were introduced in holy books and religious teachings apparently to further the cause of evil in the society. When one is made to believe that by mere action of sacrifice, baths in river Ganges or believe in a particular saviour, his multitude of sins and heinous crimes against humanity is erased, then there is every tendency to have recourse to those facts, and repeats the process of technique thereafter.

To further catapult this gross deceit, the concept of Heaven and Hell was put in place by those who midwives the Christian faith. The mystery cults coined out the concept that their higher initiates are no longer subjected to the cycle of awagawan. The Indians on their part teach that the theory of Transmigration [metempsychosis] holds sway for any human whose behaviouraial standards fall short of the accepted norms. Such persons are reborn as animals in their next lives. They argue that if upward movement is possible if one lives a good life, one’s downward movement is also a possibility if one lives a bad life. It is a very brilliant argument indeed. It is not different from that of the Christians.

It is nothing but an introduction of fear in the subconscious mind of the initiate. Each religion has her technique of achieving the same goal. These are the doctrines and dogmas which create sharp division amongst religions. But a spiritual path will never engage in such mass enslavement and deceit. A spiritual path will only educate you on what happened yesteryears, what is happening now and what shall happen in life hereafter.

Each religion nonetheless recognizes the functionality of the law of retributive justice. In each holy text is this spiritual injunction. “What a man sowth so shall he reap”. Although they quickly add that their saviours have the spiritual authority to set aside that Immutable law. This is not rue. The role of a sage is to guide you. To point at the pitfalls on your way. To help light the path through which you walk. The law of freedom and freewill makes it mandatory for each individual to be solely responsible for these deeds.  

Most religious cults teach that their Grandmasters or spiritual heads are synonymous with the lord of Karma. Christians equally claim that Jesus holds the key to eternal Kingdom. Traditionalists adduce that sacrifices wash away their guilt and sins. All these claims or counter claims are erroneous, falsehood and without any iota of reality in them. But we must admit that the concept of eternal damnation creates enough fear in the minds of the weak. The fear of being reborn as animal is also an impediment in reaching the souls of people who had been since birth indoctrinated into accepting such rubbish as the decree of the creator. We must also accept that these tonics, embellishments and falsehood, are attractive to neophytes. By the time they realize their mistakes they have taken many steps at variance with what they intend to achieve.

The purpose of mass enslavement and mind colonization is not different from the pursuit of materialism. It is the use of the church and its followership to achieve financial and leadership positions respectively. All religious leaders are ranked as knights, princes and barons at various state lodges and government houses worldwide. Spiritual successes have become tools for self-aggrandizement. Personal ego has taken over our spiritual life.

If the law of self rests on the survival of self which is the combination of two components [physical and spiritual], the fight for that survival should be physical and or spiritual. Physical survival is diverse.

People whose interests contradict yours; whose ambitions are in conflict with yours; whose pursuits are at variance with yours are your enemies. There are however two forms of enemies, those within and those outside. Those outside are identifiable while those within are masked and unknown until too late. Your foes within your wall are the deadliest ones. Your closest ally whose interests cut across yours, no matter the relationship automatically becomes your foe. And if during that relationship your secrets are shared with him, there is the likelihood that such knowledge will be used to destroy you. It will interest you to know that somebody will not come to you without reasons, interests and ambitions. Your closest ally might come to you because of certain interests well hidden from you. Your wife, money, position, and knowledge are some of such hidden interests, and as soon as he realizes that objective, you are booted out.

You have been taught that the easiest way to reach your wife as constantly as possible is to be your intimate friend. The same holds sway for females who may have very strong desire for a successful man. You should first identify the reasons for your closeness with any individual and protect your background thoroughly. You must weather through these pursuits, interests and ambitions, or else your goals become short-lived. Failure to undertake a successful campaign leads to defeat or death.

You cannot be successful in outwitting your enemies in any contest if you do not apply certain techniques. Hard work is the catchword. But your opponent may rely more on intrigues, conspiracy, blackmail, deceit, betrayals, falsehood and the like negative approaches. You must fight such vices on a daily basis throughout your life. To excel in any activity in life, you must not only fight these evils in man’s clothing, but must emerge from the duel victorious. You must be as canny as the fox; as wise as serpent; as agile as a monkey, as well as being extremely bold if you are to be a great soul.

Physical contests must be undertaken physically. If it borders on intellect, be prepared for it. If it is based on intrigue, be ready to smash it. If it is based on conspiracy, be a smatter guy. If it is based on falsehood do everything to expose same. If it is violence oriented, try to outwit same. The law of self demands that a man must go into nature’s battle ground with all the weapons of war [all deadly arms and ammunitions] at his disposal.

Self’s onward climb on the ladder of life is constantly tasking and demands that you must be temperate in all things; resolute in all undertakings; unyielding in the pursuit of your goals and permanently on the positive arm of the scale of performance both spiritually and physically.