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The Role Of the Fellowship Of Universal Adepts In The Unfolding Disorder In The World

Our Teachings

Theme: “If everything is in a state of motion, then spirits animating our human bodies are not outside this natural law”. Nkwo Nnabuchi

1. Flash Points of Disorder

[1] [a] Europe
With the collapse of Soviet Union, United States of America became the only super power in the world politically, economically, and militarily. However, recent economic growth of China and the modernization of Russian Military tend to narrow the gap between United States and China in economic front and between United States and Russia in military dynamics. Nevertheless, in terms of Gross Domestic product [GDP] United States is still a leading country in the world. Similarly, in terms of military might United States is still number one in the world. The present rift between these countries is that both China and Russia are repulsive to United States advances into their neighborhood. If, however, United States is not flexible enough to accommodate these rising economic and military powers, at least in their areas of influence, there might be a serious crisis that might engulf the world.

After the collapse of Soviet Union, the West began to expand towards former Soviet republics which were in poverty and lacked strong governments to lean on. Instead of marching Northward and Eastward with guns and tanks as Hitler did in 1930s, the West marched to former Soviet Republics with bread and butter and this was gradually accompanied by military hardware in the name of Nato. By venturing into Ukraine the Western expansionism walked too far in the heart of Moscow. As the lawless super power opted for coup de tat as the means to achieve its goal, the West ran foul of the basic tenets of spirituality. Being a collection of nations whose constitution are at variance with coup de tat, their machine guns blew up the heart of Ukraine. Russia in turn followed all legal and constitutional means to reabsorb Crimea into her fold. As far as Donbass regain [part of Eastern Ukraine] is concerned it is natural for the people to follow an unconventional route to reply to illegal dethronement of one of theirs. Maybe that if the West had followed the constitutional provisions in the removal of Viktor Yanukovich as Ukrainian president, Crimea may still have been part of Ukraine and there would not have been any war in Donbass region. 

Europe, once a fragmented region at each other’s throat, is trying to build a strong nation with a population of between 500 and 700 million people to compete with United States, China and India. It is a noble path which is being tested by the influx of Moslems. Recent survey indicates that there are more Moslems in France that Christians. Also of interest is the fact that there is a great religious divide between southern Europe now more willing to accommodate non-Christian immigrants and North Eastern/Northern Europe which is largely populated by conservative Christians. With this development Europe is likely to face either a cultural or religious turmoil.

Donald Trump was quoted as having said that Europe is turning into a Germany Empire. This was said at the heat of Brexit. Looking at it from a different perspective, alliances between Germany and Russian in modern terms were never broken by the Russians. Germans would therefore prefer to rely on Russia than United States which had never signed treaties with Germany except as a colony after the defeat of Germany in the second world war. United States has been consistent in attempting to block the marriage of German technology and manpower with the vast natural resources in the Russian Federation. However, if Germany decides to do havoc in Europe, she has three tools available, namely, population, economic muscle and language. 

[1] [b] Middle East
Middle East was home to many ancient civilizations, namely, Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Greek and Roman empires. At the height of Moslem conquest, parts of Europe came under Moslem conquest and administration, but lately Middle East fell completely into the hands of white colonizers such as Britain, France, Italy, Spain and the like. White colonizers showed little interest in the faith of the colonized. They were more interested in the natural resources of the country and the number of able labour force which could readily be available for major projects in the home country of colonizing power requiring intensive labour force. The Feudal Kings were provided with everything they needed to keep the society in check for the emperors in Europe.

The old Jewish Kingdom was sacked by the armies of Islam thereby making all the Jews stateless, with most of them in Germany. The rise of Hitler and the consequences of the second world war created one of the greatest tragedies humanity has faced, often known as holocaust. However, in 1948 the western powers returned Jews, willing to relocate to the Middle East, to Palestine. During subsequent wars [ i.e. in 1967, 1973 and 1982] between Jews and Arabs, Israel occupied more Arab lands, especially towards Egypt, Syria and Jordan. Although sacred to Jewism, Christianity and Islamism, Jerusalem has known no durable peace. Israel was sacked through military conquest. Israel was relocated to Palestine through military fiat. Israel is still in existence in the Middle East through military superiority, but who knows for how long this will last?

“Divide and rule” principles of the West heightened religious divide between Shias and 
Sunnis. Gulf cooperation council countries are feudal in administration with all limitations
of democracy, human rights and denial of our female counterparts of all basic tenets of equality. Nevertheless, all these deficiencies mean nothing to United States, the purported defender of the free world. Yet Gadhafi of Libya and Saddam of Iraq were hunted, disgraced and executed for acts far less than what obtains in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. Iran, the only country in Arab world with a high degree of democracy, human rights and equality for male and female is in constant sanction by United States. The use of nuclear energy, the right to self-defense, independent foreign policy and the like are within the rights of any sovereign state of which Iran is no exception.

The defeat of Arab armies captained by Egypt and assisted by Syria in 1967 and 1973 was credited to superiority of western weapons over that of Soviet Union. This view does not accommodate other factors, such as surprise, strategy, and military formations. Since those humiliating defeats, Egypt and Syria had been subjected to series of crisis, coups, counter-coups and organized protests, all orchestrated by the West to ensure that they never rise again. Gulf cooperation council countries, Egypt and Jordan and the like are spending their resources on western weapons but they have not been adjudged friendly enough to be given access to those critical advanced weapons in the hands of Israel. Rather, they offer United States air bases under the guise that they are protected. What a paradox.

[1] [c] The Korean Peninsula 
With the end of the second world war in 1945, the Koreans became divided into North, under Soviet Union influence and the South, under United States occupation. The North invaded the South in June 1950, and the invasion later graduated into in a war between North Korea, Soviet Union and China on one side and United State, Britain, Canada, France and others under UN Flag on the other side. The war lasted three years with an armistice in place in 1953. With the collapse of Soviet Union, North Korea stood on her own while the South remained an occupied territory. Failure of the parties [North and South Koreas] to technically bring the war to an end through a treaty, coupled with the fact that South Korea became a colony of a Super Power, North Korea had no alternative but to seek enough deterrence. And the only viable option is the acquisition of thermonuclear warheads and the accompanying long range intercontinental ballistic missiles to deliver them.

If after 53 years of the Korean war, the strongest country in the world and her satellite colony undertake military drills in Korea peninsula repeatedly and aggressively too with thermonuclear warheads, ballistic missiles, assault vehicles and ships, stealth warplanes, strategic bombers, aircraft carriers, nuclear armed submarines and the like, what does a rational and unbiased mind expect from North Korea? If limitations of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles are slammed on the weaker sovereign nations indiscriminately, are we right to regard the Security Council a just and equitable body?

[2] Dialectics of Power
In the making of man-in-nature there are three basic components, namely, physical, psychical and spiritual bodies, activated by three levels of power. These three principal activity instruments are as well tagged physical, psychical and spiritual powers. In the early stages of human evolution, i.e. in early times of human existence, emphasis was more toward psychicism and spirituality but as man’s walk along the path of life progressed, man backslid to physical dependence only. Reliance on science solely as the parameters to touch the garments of God, the first impulse in creation, has tended to lead man astray. Today’s mind tailored, of course, by science creates the impression that the death of the physical embodiment brings to an end the ‘entire structure’ said to be replica of our creator.

[2] [a] The Physical Power 
The physical body is a biological entity with average life span of between 70 and 90 years, which is activated after nine months of incubation with birth through growth and decay to death that does occur, through accident, illness or old age. As an entity, possessing all the characteristics of chemical and biological compound, at the end of its lifespan, the constituent segments return to the basic elements, - matter, psychic and etheric forms. In a nutshell, at the collapse of the functionality of the human body the three components return to their primal routes, namely, earth, [dust-to-dust and ashes to ashes], psychic personality and the corporeal aspect of the Essence, known to weaklings as Ether or Spirit. 

In the making of a powerful family in Igbo land, four personalities are indispensable, namely, Ndichie, Dibia, Odogwu, and Oganyala. Any powerful community, tribe and country must have a good mix of them. Ndichie refers to elders, wise men and eloquent speakers which in modern society relate to orators, diplomats and negotiators. Dibias are weavers of the powers of nature to suit the ambitions of the family. In modern times, Dibias are known as mystics, occultists, psychics, prophets and sons of God. Odogwu refers to the adventuresome, bold and warlords who are willing to sacrifice not only their lives but also those of their offspring for the survival of the community. In today’s context, especially when it relates to nations, odogwu means military might as well as men of valour. Oganyala means the rich, and financiers of war which represent economic viability of a nation. Based on the above and within the context of what can be seen and appreciated by the mind, the activities of sovereign states must rest on three strands which are Diplomacy, Economy and Military Might with a very close protection from the forces of metaphysics.

[2] [b] Psychic Powers  
In the early days of man’s march to enlightenment, philosophy embraced all forms of economic pursuits. However, empirical knowledge divorced itself from this umbrella, resulting in a sharp contrast between physics and metaphysics. While physics focused on senses and scientific aids such as microscope, telescope and other new variants, metaphysics remains in the world of fantasy or rather in the theatre of the unseen, but widely acknowledge in dreams and trance. Humans lacking the gift of dreams and trance seek the assistance of more fortunate ones in out-of-soul-travel and manifestation of powers beyond physical understanding.

Psychic power deals with the application of nature beyond five senses [sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch], development of the third eye and the sixth sense as well as the recognition of the mystical tools woven in the clothing which the spirit wears before slipping into the physical frame. Also within the ambit of psychic powers is witchcraft [the only religion of the past, present and future]. Witchcraft is the only religion that proves to humanity that life does not begin and end with birth and death of human embodiment as scientists are forcing us to believe. Vampire is either a variant of advanced witchcraft or the activity of the undead to sustain his buried corpse from progressing to the world of the dead.

Ogbanjes are reincarnating astral entities in the image of man. Similarly, they can be spirits in the vest of astral entities, astral bound entities, ancestral power collaborators, members of organized water, earth and air astral cults or the like lower levels of astral bodies bound together for a particular role in the worlds of the living. They are certainly nature’s tools of regeneration and continuity of human existence. In most cases, advanced members of these orders determine their roles in life, tenure of existence and the structure of the nuclear family wherein they intend to live. In general terms, the power base of the incarnating entity determines the person’s power calculus in the world of man. Sometimes the mundane may find it difficult to differentiate Ogbanje from vampire. Ogbanje are often conscious of their dead lives – concurrent marriages in both theatres of life with the inherent hazard that the partner in the higher world [dream world] determines the fate of the other partner at the lower scale of existence [the world of man].

Dream experiences indicate that psychic power is thousands of times more powerful than the physical power, our advances in the field of sciences and technology notwithstanding. The same dream experience teaches us that astral bodies display all the qualities of multiple powers including the ability to be at various places simultaneously. Through dream we are also aware that the law of physics [gravitation, time and space] relate to the human body only. To further our appreciation of the above traits of life, the doctrine of the expanding cosmos is only in the eyes of the instruments we have so fashioned to serve the physical man.

[2] [c] Spiritual Power
In the determination of the fate of humanity, spiritual power is the ultimate. Nevertheless, its structure is shrouded in mystery. There are many compartments, namely, Lumechs and Dumechs, Sebitets, Inmates of the Leopard Temple, Carriers of Wisdom, Timeless Saviours, Kongis, Initiates of Water of Immortality, Angels, Vairagi Adepts, Holy Ones, the three Chinese Saints, etc. We are not necessarily in contact with all these entities because most of them work beyond our solar system. For example, Lumechs and Dumechs, the creators of humanity in the planet earth came from a star over 15 billion light years away. It is necessary to state in categorical terms that lamechs and dumechs are not the creators of the cosmos.

There are two impulses [Supreme Forces] which created the cosmos and spirits. However, these supreme impulses never created man. Man is therefore a function of secondary creation. It was the minutest but a fully functional part of the second impulse that was put in the structure of the third impulse which does provide spirits, with bodies of different types and shapes to improve the fun arena wherein we find ourselves. The original spirits-in-embodiment, with the powers of procreation, started to replicate spirits and multiple embodiments to enable them exist in varying energy levels, which were also fashioned by the third impulse and its tools of work. For clarity, the Third Impulse is a union of the minutest aspect of the Second impulse, imbued of course with all its functional capabilities, and the Body in the shape of the Spirit in whose image humanity was created. This prompted Nwankwo Nnabuchi to make this most powerful and authoritative statement: - “I am made of the things which the supreme Being used to create cosmos and mini forms of life contained therein” 

Based on the above explanation, it does mean that two components are essential in the making of spirits, the corporeal and the intangible. To the first and second impulses, the corporeal relates to that fraction of theirs which is blended in forms, but to spirits in their clothing, the corporeal is the shell they see and feel. As far as man is concerned the tangible includes the totality of existence, namely spiritual, psychic, and physical bodies, and all other objects we do feel, see and touch.

The Red Bible was emphatic that Ether is the key to all existence, Early mystics were in agreement with this view but science disagreed and later assigned erroneous definition to it. Advances in science notwithstanding, the conclusions of mystics of all ages cannot be faulted. Looking at it from the view point of first, second and third impulses, it does mean that the micro substance in each life is Ether. It is that substance that binds all life into one harmonious whole. Atimes the Red Bible refers to Ether as Audiolife, the vibration emanating from the heart beat of the Supreme Deity.

The spiritual laws demand that beneficiaries of the secrets of nature do not reveal vital information on what goes behind the scene. Nonetheless, non-essential information can be shared to guide the blind and ignorant in the society. The Avatar is made of the things which the Supreme Being used to create the world, and based on this truth, the Avatar is the architect of life on the planet. Soon after the formation of the modern man by lumechs and Dumechs, the appointment of avatars as the head of invisible administration was institutionalized. To enshrine flawless continuity of the avatar-ship, at the crowning of each avatar, his successor is also named. Accordingly, corporeal self refers to the spark of existence, i.e. the minutest aspect of the second impulse.

Ditu, the present Avatar [known to world religions as the current savior] was installed the spiritual leader of humanity in 1975. As the spiritual leader of the world, all prayers end on his table. He holds the position till 2286. His official staff of office is known as the Rod of Universal Power which he will handover to Sher Sheba at a colourful ceremony in the Leopard Temple in 2286. Sher Sheba’s tenure shall extend to over 800 years. An implied conclusion that neither artificial intelligence [A1} nor major catastrophe will obliterate humanity from the face of the earth within the next 1000 years or thereabout.

Until 2286, Ditu’s official residence is in the Hot Temple of the Order situated in the Spiritual colony of Kuu Lam Chee Brotherhood. Because he is a black prince, this colony is located in Africa. He works more closely with Holy ones and Inmates of the Hot Temple who are permanently residing in the spiritual colony. These immortal beings can be regarded as His personal staff. But there is a council [known as members of the Fellowship of Universal Beings] whose individual residences are scattered all over the world, covering all geographical parts of the globe. He administers the world in consultation with these FUA members. Because all spiritual actions translate into physical reality His assistants work directly with seven most highly evolved humans and other power centres of the world willing to be absolutely loyal to the basic tenets of His mission.

[3]. The Tools of Conquest and Colonization
According to Igbo tradition, wealth is the last of the four basic tools in nature, taking its stand behind wisdom, psychic powers and gallantry [now military capabilities]. As nation-ship evolved, the above capabilities become the props where such nations rest. Any nation resting on all the four props is likely to have all the advantages needed to influence the rest, and may also enforce authority over them. The emergence of empires and possession of colonies or spheres of influence throughout the world come through this process. According to Vladimir Putin, only four nations are independent, namely, US, China, India, and Russia. Although Europe is now a quasi-administrative unit of United State it will be unfair not to include her in this discussion.

[3] [a] United States of America  
United States of America, a former British Colony which rose to stardom by eliminating the Red Indians, the original occupiers of the new World, and as well defeated Britain in the war of Independence, and crushed all oppositions in civil war; and lastly was on the side of victory during first and second world wars. What an impressive history! At the end of the second world war, United States of America became the dominant power that shaped the United Nations and all its organs. New York, the former capital of US, became the headquarters of the United Nations and its cabinet [the Security Council and the World Financial Centre] and still retains that status. In other words, the seat of diplomacy, and economy as well as the ability to declare war on a sovereign states remains in US.

To strengthen her grip on the world, militarily, Nato consisting of about 29 nations of the civilized world has its headquarters and supreme commander’s office in Europe and US respectively. Most importantly too, US has never relinquished her hold on conquered nations of Europe and Asia. US airbases in Germany and Japan contain all nuclear, thermonuclear and conventional weapons with sole aim of deterring the former Soviet Union and presently the Russian Federation. However, all defeated nations are allowed to continue with their political culture and internal administrative framework, but defense, external affairs and lately too economic matters must be decided by US. Similarly, all international organizations were established and tailored to be under the ambit of US and her European allies, and they are being effectively used to punish Russia, China and other nations not willing to toe US viewpoints

In terms of economy, US has no rival. With a population of about 320 million, US GDP is about 21 trillion dollars, a little less than that of Europe with a population of more than twice of US. As per the list of the rich persons in the world, 13 out of 20 richest persons in the globe are US citizens. 40% of the super-rich in the world are US citizens. US financial institutions dominate all financial and monetary transactions of the world. This explains why US can conveniently shutout any nation not willing to be loyal to her hegemonic doctrines. At this point European banks and financial institutions are helpless. Similarly, US has abundant natural, material and human resources which can easily be unleashed on adversaries during economic wars. For example, on 15th of March 2018, 39 US senators wrote to Treasury Secretary and Secretary of State urging them to block the Russian Nord Stream two pipelines from Russia to Germany. A further proof of European dependence on US.

As it relates to defense, US spends 700 billion dollars annually which is far more than the next eight nations put together. In other words, the military expenditure of US is far bigger than that of China, India, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, France and Russia put together. US defense industries are the biggest and the most advanced in the world. US Army, Navy, Air force and Aerospace forces have the most modern and complex tanks, fighter jets, spy planes, Aircraft Carriers, submarines, destroyers and very complex defense shields. US has between 600 and 800 military bases and outposts throughout the world. Most of these bases house thermonuclear warhead, F35, F22 and supported with Fleet of warships and Aircraft carriers. It must also be emphasized that all these weapons are connected to all US Satellites in space and underground cable buried in the floor of world oceans and seas. Simply put US has the capability to destroy the world ten times and over. What an incredible military might!

With the above economic and military advantages US is emboldened to take radical and lawless actions in the defense of her interests and those of her allies. She did overthrow hostile governments without regard to the United Nations Charter or the resolutions of the Security Council, and are still prepared to do so. Presently, she is boasting that she can stay in Syria indefinitely, against the will of the legitimate government of Syria. A brazen act of impunity. Usually, this unholy act is begun by falsifying intelligent report from the affected country which is backed by overwhelming press intimidation and unchallenged propaganda to poison the minds of US people in order to support the invasion of another country. They achieved this lately in Iraq and Libya and work day and night to have a repeat of same in Syria, Iran, North Korea and even at the door step of Russia. Sometimes she trains and arms rebels in foreign countries and force them to kindle the flame of destabilization and cash on the created chaos to invade a sovereign state. All in the name that might is right, no matter the consequences. What an irony!

Surprisingly, US, the number one country in the world in terms of diplomacy, economy and military, is deep in in-extractable tragedy, namely, drug epidemic, veteran suicide and gun violence. About 65,000 Americans die of drug overdose annually; about 8,000 American veterans commit suicide annually. If about 110,000 Americans die annually due to the above reasons, is US not at war with herself and her citizens? If the answer is in the affirmative, does US have any moral right to invade a foreign country because of any of the above lapses in the administration of the state? 

It is interesting to note that US Congress regards itself as the parliament of the whole world. Nikki Haley, US Ambassador to the United Nations, speaks with absolute authority by insulting all nations because of their inability to toe US lines. US Congress barred Trump from exercising his presidential powers in matters regarding US relations with Russia. Recently on 17th March 2018 US lawmakers led by Senator Menendex told the State Department in a letter that the sale of Russian S-400 air defense system should lead to new punitive measures – sanctions. The audacity to prevent the world from buying weapons of their choice is a rejection of the concept of competition which is one of the cardinal points of western democracy. A further proof that US weapons may be inferior to that of Russian Federation.

Recent hurricane visitation to Puerto Rico exposed a lot of things. Freedom, economic empowerment and all other attachment to statehood questions US claim to the basic tenets of civilization. All US oversea territories, namely, America Samoa, Guam, Tarris, Midway Islands, Navassa Islands, Northern Marina Islands, Virgin Islands, Wake Island and others look more like military and protective zones, shielding US from exposure to security threats. Using history as the platform, it is an incontestable statement that US came into existence through the barrel of gun; sustains herself through the barrel of gun and may go down the drain through the barrel of gun. You cannot take advantage of the foolishness of the fool for too long or else you will be consumed by the ocean of foolishness.

The principle of as above so below is true on the issue of the rise of US and the sustenance of this top position in the world economically and militarily. The psychic platform of US was very formidable and still relevant but has started to show signs of decay and deterioration, an indication that the end is around the corner. To buttress this view, let us look at what transpired in the election of Bush in 2000. The Red Bible states thus: -.

“I was a commissioner in the Government of Anambra State of Nigeria, with a very busy schedule. On that fateful day, as I went to sleep in the night I was appointed the returning officer for the presidential election of United States of America. I got to US and conducted the election peacefully, Al Gore defeated George Bush narrowly. But when I was about to declare the result, American witches, spiritual Orders and mystics stormed the podium and prevented me from declaring Al Gore duly elected. I quietly demand reasons for their action. They said that George Bush was an opposition candidate, and for ‘having come so close’, he was as good as the choice of the people of the United States of America. I therefore requested two things:

[i] “That I shall be allowed to leave in peace, so that you will execute your heart’s desire”. 
[ii] “That if you have the effrontery to disrupt the declaration of Al Gore as the President of US, you will also be prepared to pay the price attached thereto”.

“They consented to those two requests and I left and reported the incident to the body which sent me to carry out that assignment. Weeks after this spiritual incident, the physical election took place and the result was inconclusive as well as generated a lot of controversy for some time. After all was said and done, George Bush was declared duly elected. Al Gore was said to have secured more votes that are popular but George Bush gathered more electoral votes [delegates], which gives the candidate the right to the White House. About a year later, US was greatly embarrassed and humiliated. The spiritual orders, witches and mystics who insisted on George Bush could not withstand the visitation of the Council”. 
If America witches, mystics and occultists are responsible for installing leaders of US, it is therefore safe to adduce that what obtains in the physical world is merely a reflection of what exists in the astral world.  

Although Chief Nkwo Nnabuchi was sent by Ditu to conduct US Presidential Election spiritually in 2000, it was not until 2005 that Ditu [the black prince] relocated to Africa. Thereafter the spiritual council endorsed a black man to become the president of US. By that act, Obama became the first black in modern world history and the history of US to determine the fate of US and the entire humanity.

As regards the emergence of Donald Trump, the scenario was different completely. The witches, psychic forces and spiritual platform of US opted for Hillary Clinton, but the spiritual ruling council of the world decided otherwise by usurping the powers of US mystical arm and decided by themselves who rules US. In the voting, Donald Trump scored 6 points while Hillary Clinton got only 3 points. Subsequently, and in accordance with the law of life, the physical result reflected that ratio in determining the delegate strength of the candidates, although Clinton got over 2 million votes more than Trump.

During the campaign, Trump promised to clean the swamp in the Capitol Hill. To clean the swamp includes the re-organization of its foreign policy, new military posture and economic re-direction. To stop Trump from carrying out the mandate given to him by those who gave him victory at the polls carries far reaching consequences. Members of US Congress, the media and the ‘Deep State’ who are ridiculing Trump because of his desire to work with Putin are indirectly tearing US flag to shred. If Trump had not won the election, may be by now the 3rd World war would have been ongoing or may be must have ended decisively against US.

[3] [b] The Super State of Europe in the Making
Essentially, the founding fathers of European Union had three ideals for the new Europe, namely, peace, unity and prosperity. To end the frequent and bloody wars between member states which gave birth to the first and second world wars was the main basis for the formation of European Union.

In 1957, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxemburg and Netherlands signed the treaty of Rome and this created European Economic Community [EEC]. In January 1973, Denmark, Ireland and United Kingdom joined the Union. In 1981, Greece joined and in 1986, Spain and Portugal followed suit, and this resulted in the establishment of a single European Act. On 9th November 1989, United Germany came into existence when the Berlin wall was pulled down.

With the collapse of Soviet Union [communism], two treaties namely the Maastricht treaty on European Union in 1993 and the Treaty of Amsterdam in 1999 came into existence. In 1995 Austria, Finland and Sweden joined the Union. 10 countries became European members in 2004 and this was followed by Bulgaria and Romania in 2007. Lastly, Croatia joined the Union in 2013. With a humble beginning of 6 nations, European Union is now a Union of 28 members with a population of 743 million, GDP of $21 trillion and average per capital income of $41,000.

Various European countries, notably, United Kingdom, France, Italy and Spain had extensive tentacles throughout the world, colonizing North and South America, Africa, Australia, Middle East and greater part of Asia. Imperial Japan was tamed by the almighty United States. Restlessness, greed and quest for colonies which swept across Europe gave birth to the first and second world wars. Although Germany was very thin in having colonies, it nevertheless attempted twice in recent times to readjust Europe’s geography and to prove that she was firmly in control of Europe. Maybe, if Germany did not break her treaty with Russian Federation and declared war against Russian Federation, Germany would have been the absolute ruler of Europe. After the end of the war, Anglo-American Empire was born, but faced competition with Soviet Union for the control of the soul of humanity. However, the collapse of Soviet Union provided the new empire [Anglo-American Empire] the opportunity to be the only super power.

Unfortunately, President Trump who supported Brexit was quoted as saying that European Union was becoming a German State. President Macron, the new Napoleon of France is trying to spearhead European sovereignty with the hope of wrestling power from Germany. Macron’s ambition does not factor the effect of German economy and population capability. The physical and intellectual capability of the Germans and the ability of the German language in northern and eastern Europe to cement German power in these areas was not factored into Macron’s calculation. As Europe marches to pseudo-sovereignty, Germany will always be the godfather of the block. If a sovereign Europe becomes a reality and avoids the mistakes of the second world war, Europe must look for her half-brother, the Russian Federation.

US game plan is the elimination of the Russian Federation politically, militarily and economically, and if possible complete annihilation of Russia from the face of the earth but with an initial take off step of frustrating the marriage between the German Industrial base and vast mineral resources of the Russian Federation. With Brexit and return of Britain to Anglo-American fold, Germany can now feel free to exercise her usual political maneuvers as Hitler did before 1939. As stated earlier, language, population and economy favour the growth of German power in Europe especially with regard to EU expansion in the Baltic, Balkan, and northern segments. However, it is necessary to state that Germany is the home to US biggest military base in Europe including Nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles to deliver same, and most of the military hardware US intends to use in any confrontation with Russia finds itself positioned in Germany. The slogan is that Russia must be pushed out of Europe, but if this goal is achieved, all these very tinny European countries being considered relevant now will end up like Puerto Rico.

Nerve poisoning of Sergei Skripal, a former Russian double agent, tends to portray Europe as rapidly declining in values, ethics and norms. It is strange that Britain does abruptly change her legal system from ‘Proof beyond reasonable doubt’ to ‘highly likely’ as the basis for conviction. This lack of proof notwithstanding, European nations recalled over 150 diplomats from Russian Federation. An indication that Europe and US have other plans in mind. Similarly, the way and manner Poland and Ukraine are acting as fronts to US, and by trying to frustrate Nord Stream 2 pipeline project from Russia to Germany is extremely troubling. If Ukraine benefited from Russia as the exit country for Russian pipeline to Europe when the going was good, it is rational that Russia shall look elsewhere now that both counties are at proxy war. 

In truth, Russia relies not only on Europe’s Industrial Complex but does regard herself an indispensable European nation. Unfortunately, the western world in general and EU in particular think differently. It does appear that US is the brain box of this separation which if it is completed will give rise to an entirely new world order. Any assumption that the defeat of Russia will enable the West to dictate the fate of humanity with impunity is certainly a very wild shot. Rather, the separation of Russia from EU will aggravate the demise of the West. Russia will certainly align with former colonies of the West and rekindle the fire of colonization with its attached slavery and arm the colonized and former slaves with powerful military hardware, which she has in abundance.

If Europe accepts to be a vehicle to cripple Russia economically, four scenarios are likely to face not only Europe but the entire humanity:

[i] Russia will go into economic and possibly military alliance with China and India.

[ii] Russia’s military capability will be put to its greatest test since the existence of Russian Federation and this is likely tied to the development of weapons unparalleled in the history of humanity.

[iii] Russia will limit Europe’s ability to harness her natural resources which is an indispensable arm of European economy. Recent report indicates that between 2000 and 2017, more than $400 billion was fraudulently moved out of Russia to Europe through European banks and financial institutions.

[iv] In view of the fact that death through starvation is more painful than death through nuclear war, Russia’s response to US use of economic starvation may end up in the use of nuclear arsenal, which is likened to the war between Samson and the Philistines. In this case, Europe is rehearsing the role of Delilah. As Delilah betrayed her husband [Samson] so is Europe likely to betray one of hers [Russia]. For clarity refer to Judges 16 [verses 27 to 31] of the Christian Bible.

[3] [c] CHINA
After the collapse of Qing Dynasty in 1911, China declared itself a republic in 1912 with Sun Yat-sen as the first President. Chiang Kai-Shet in 1925 unified China under a nationalist government. Between December 1937 and March 1938, the period of Sino – Japanese war which led to the Japanese occupation of Nanking, more than 260,000 civilians were killed. The war between Communists and Nationalists [1946 – 1949] resulted in the defeat of Nationalists who fled to form Taiwan, paving the way for Mao to claim the establishment of the people’s Republic of China. 

In 1972, Richard Nixon visited China normalizing the relationship between US and China. Not until 1978, that Article 46 of the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China was introduced and this provided guarantees for freedom of religion. In 1977, one child policy was introduced to limit population explosion. In 1980s the Chinese government began series of economic reforms, leading to less government control of business and land ownership. China took control of Hong Kong’s sovereignty from United Kingdom in 1997. In 2001, China was admitted to WTO and won the bid for 2008 Olympics. Lastly, in 2010, China became the world’s second largest economy. The position she still holds.

Earlier than late 1990, Chinese economic system was based on state ownership of certain industries and central control over planning and financial systems. This enabled the government to mobilize as well as to increase the proportion of the national economic output and investment. Economists are of the opinion that economic growth is a function of the ratio of investment in relation to GDP, and that for a reasonable economic growth, gross investment must be in the neighbourhood of 15 – 30% of GDP. Happily, China is within this economic parameter. The pace of economic growth must be aligned with the possession of machinery and associated high-tech tools. Again China is not in short of this requirement.

The stable political system in China is an indispensable factor in the rapid growth of the country in terms of human endeavor. Similarly, the size of domestic purchasing power, the astronomical rise in the modernization of tools and machineries, and the abundance of labour of all types contributed immensely in the growth of China economically, militarily and scientifically. Although central administration handled the economy and resource distribution, the actual activities were de-centralized, resulting in a long wait before the central Government could address the bottle-neck. For a meaningful growth in the economy, comparative advantages will be matched by effective transport system, investment funds and advanced technology

Chinese military has had a great leap from the quality and accuracy of Soviet weapons and can now be classified as a beast in their own right. China now has one of the most intimidating new weapons and fire power, and is being ranked as one of the top three militaries in the world. China is the second country to possess stealth Jets. Chinese homemade aircraft carrier entered into service in June 2018. China’s ability to develop unmanned aerial vehicle with 60 hours’ total flight time and a range of 4,400 miles as well as possessing one of the most dangerous Anti-ship ballistic missiles is a great scientific and technological feat. 

As regards South China sea, let’s begin with the statement of US Defense Secretary, James Mattis – “China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Brunei, all have competing claims to the territory. But while other countries have built military features and artificial islands, none came close to matching Beijing in scale and ambitions which stretch hundreds of miles south and east from its most southly province of Hainan”. Similarly, Lt. Gen. Kenneth Mackenzie, the director of the joint staff said – “I would just tell you that the United States military has had a lot of experience in the western pacific taking down small islands”. Adm. Harry Harris, the outgoing head of the US Indo-China command said – “China is the US’s biggest long-term challenge in the region. Without focused involvement and engagement by the United States and our allies and partners, China will realize the dream of hegemony in Asia”.  

From the above views, it is clear that all other smaller nations within the contested waters commenced the construction of artificial islands before China stepped in. But if the so-called illegal actions were tolerated by US possibly because they were US allies, then, the law of equity forbids US to question Chinese actions. After-all, if China is by far bigger in population as well as larger militarily, and economically, her artificial islands should reflect her standing in the international arena. In the same light, if US has not ratified the law of the sea, has she any right to seek any remedy if there is an obstruction?

After the end of the Korean war in 1953, both Russia and china allowed North Korea to fend for herself as a sovereign state but that was not the case with South Korea. South Korea remains a vassal of US. As at today, US maintains about 45,000 troops and one of the most up-to-date military bases in South Korea as a colonizing power. Sovereignty is distinct from economic empowerment and denial of independent foreign policy and defense. The presence and occupation of South Korea by US, the most powerful country in the world, means that South Korea possesses both nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles to deliver same; more so when it is a fact that both nations [North and South Koreas] are still at war technically. To match the military capabilities of her Southern neighbor, North Korea’s right to both nuclear and ballistic missiles should be seen as absolutely necessary as a form of deterrence.  

The role of the United Nations’ Security Council as the defender of the weak was again abused by the council. All north Korean neighbours are nuclear powered nations. Japan brutally ruled the Koreans and does host US nuclear arsenal. US, the sole super power of the world and the only country in the world to have used nuclear weapons on civilians is in the South Korea and Japan. Russia and China are as well nuclear powered nations. Applying the laws of nature and the dictates of equity, none of these countries have any right to force North Korea not to embark on the goal of nuclear weapon acquisition. The severity of sanctions US and China compelled other members to impose on North Korea went beyond punishing the so called dictatorial regime of Kim Jong-un. The masses of North Korea are being starved to death for aspiring to possess what other nations have not only possessed but are still unwilling to give up. Lastly, China has a population 1,414,320,170 with per capital income of $8,123 and GDP of $12.014 trillion.

[3] [d] INDIA
The acceleration of ‘Quit India’ movement helped to end the British rule in 1947, but not without the partition of the sub-continent into Hindu India and Muslim – majority state of Pakistan. India leadership include Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharial Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, PV Narasimha Rao, Atal Behari Vajpayee, Manmohan Singh, and Narendra Modi.

Although India’s military is largely foreign, it nevertheless possesses the culture to adopt foreign military hardware into indigenous modifications. India’s military was essentially soviet in technology and know-how, but her dependence on Russia is declining. She has started making big military deals with Europe, US and Israel, apparently to diversify her military technology. India is also known for purchasing well-known platforms and integrating same with subsystems from various arms manufacturers, thereby creating a system that turns out better than the original ones. India is the fourth best military after US, Russia and China.

At independence, India faced poverty. Two options were proffered, namely, self-reliance and modern technology and industry. A marriage of the two was fashioned. To further this goal, it became necessary to balance the role of the market with that of the state. A non-capitalist and non-communist balance was accepted and this gave rise to ‘Social Democracy’. In the 1970s, India became entangled in complex bureaucratic processes which stifled entrepreneurship and hence rubbished the goals of social democracy. Later, India’s economic policies were overhauled, and western media began to hail the new India political democracy and liberal economics and therefore became a vehicle likely to compete with China on economic grounds.

However, the social framework of India, which necessitated the denial of landless labourers, tenant farmers, small land cultivators and traditional caste system, tends to constitute road-block not only to the economic growth of the nation but also hinders the participation of the poor in shaping the economy. At least 30 – 42 percent of Indians live in abject poverty with only above 12 percent of the Indian labour force being employed in the organized sector. India’s GDP stands at $2.611 trillion. Her per capita income is $1,710. India’s population, as at now is 1,354,051,854.

With a population of over 1.3 billion, India has the potential to become the largest economy in about two to three decades. Situated between the economics of the Gulf States and that of the South China Sea, India has the potential to be a very powerful military outpost. Her ability to subject military hardware from foreign countries to local adaptation is an encouraging development. It is a fact of life that any nation aspiring to be a major player in the military arena of the world must be wise enough to diverse her military from those of the hawks now policing the world so as to have a line of defense should the hawks decide to make a meal out of her.

Unfortunately, the present administration’s outreach to the western powers, especially the US may hurt her later. The more India depends on the western economic and military establishments, the more India is exposed to military and economic colonization. The closer India is to the West, the more she is prone to the use of maidan protests to ignite the fire of balkanization. Lastly, India may run the risk of being used to settle scores with China. US has formed a ring around China in the East, [with troops, tactical weapons and assorted types of weapons of mass destruction] especially in South Korea, Japan and ongoing armament of Taiwan, and may do so in the south of China by using India to do the dirty work.

Due to poverty, class differentiation, caste system and lack of human feeling at various tiers of India’s social frame work, organized maidan protests as witnessed in Ukraine, do possess the key to unlock a lot of vices likely to endanger the corporate existence of the country. India has worked tirelessly to protect her sovereignty and it is very late in the day to see the reversal of that achievement. Sovereignty is quite distinct from economic prosperity. Japan, South Korea, Germany and the like are economically buoyant, but lack independent views in foreign policy, defense, economy and political matters.  

India and Russia have had profound military relationships. Russia’s willingness to transfer military technology to India is not in contention. Relying on long years of cooperation militarily, it is advisable to fuse India’s huge population with that of the vast natural resources of Russia together because this is a better mix and may lead to greater stability in the world.

Russia’s advancement in military technology is now second to none, and if Russia is willing to continually share this knowledge with her long standing ally, what is prompting India to look elsewhere? Russia is the last country to stab India in the back. Lastly, Russia and India are not reckless in the use of military either to dethrone a sovereign head of state or to invade a sovereign nation. 

[3] [e] RUSSIA
Germany attacked Russia in July 1941 but the advance was only halted on the outskirts of Moscow in December. This prompted the formation of alliance between the Soviet Union on one part and US and Britain on the other part. With the allied victory over Germany, the Soviet hegemony in central and eastern Europe and the Balkans was established, this is in addition to the annexation in 1939 – 40 of Eastern Poland, parts of Romania, and Czechoslovakia and the Baltic states as part of the non-aggression pact with Hitler. Josef Stalin extended his grip to Eastern Germany and Austria.

The cold war was said to have begun through pro-Soviet revolution in China, the Middle East, Near East and Asia, and led, later to competition for power with the West in Latin America and former European colonies in Africa. The Cuban missile crises of 1962 created the impression that the Soviet was defeated, and this led to the ouster, two years later, of Nikita Khrushchev. Afghanistan war quickened the fall of Leonard Brezhnev. Mikhail Gorbachev’s attempt to reset the moribund economy spiraled beyond his control leading to the collapse of communist rule in Eastern Europe and the eventual implosion of the Soviet Union.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia took over the seat of the former Soviet Union on the United Nations Security Council and retained control of its nuclear arsenal. Yeltsin appointed Vladimir Putin Prime Minister with a brief to bring Chechnya back under control. Due to ill-health Boris Yeltsin resigned and handed over power to Putin, and since then Putin has been in control of Russia, except when he deferred to the constitutional provisions and handed over to Dmitry Medvedev who was in power for only four years.

Under Boris Yeltsin, Russia had a warm handshake across the Arctic Circle with NATO in 1994 for peaceful military activity, and became admitted in G7 in 1996 but suspended in 2014. Russia’s opposition to NATO’s campaign against Yugoslavia in 1998 became the starting point of Russia’s withdrawal from US foreign policy. In May 2002, Russia and US announced a new agreement on strategic nuclear weapons reduction  

In November 2007, President Putin signed a law suspending Russia’s participation in 1990 Conventional Armed forces in Europe treaty which limits the deployment of heavy military equipment across Europe. In April 2010, Medvedev signed a new strategic arms agreement with US committing both sides to cut deployed nuclear warheads by 30 percent. Lastly, the removal of non-aligned President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, in July 2014 led to Crimea rejoining Russia.

Germany launched an attack on Soviet Union on June 22 1941, in violation of all treaties with Russia. Germany’s allies joined the war on the following dates: Romania, Italy and Slovakia on June 23; Finland on June 25; Hungary on June 27; and Norway August16. The invading armies had about 15,000 tanks, 148000 pieces of artillery and mortars and 15,000 aircraft. Russia was billed to fall within a few months but the defense of Leningrad, the Arctic, Kiev, Odessa and Sevastopol as well as the battle of Smolenk rendered the plan ineffective, with the war dragging for more than 4 years. The Russian march to Berlin was extremely tough, but allied forces lost more than 8.6m military personnel and three – fourth of their weapons either captured or destroyed in the eastern front alone. Lastly Germany signed an act of unconditional surrender in Berlin on May 8, 1945 [May 9, Moscow time].

These countries which joined the German campaign against Russia, 77 years ago, must have done so because they felt that Germany had military advantage. But the perceived military advantage did not translate to victory. Unfortunately, 77 years after this ugly military adventure, Romania, Finland, Hungary and Norway are embarking on another military tragedy. The belief that NATO can perform better than Germany is false because the spiritual pendulum which gave Russia victory over Germany on May 8, 1945 is still swinging in favour of Russia.

The composition of the Soviet Union reflected the birth of a true confederalism, a true confederal structure which was a multi-national superpower. Major Soviet Industries and military complexes were located outside the Russian Federation. In terms of leadership, Stalin was an indigene of Georgia while Nikita Khrushchev was Ukrainian. On the basis of this truth, any argument that Georgia and Ukraine are different from Russia is not plausible. If Russia continues to fly the flag of the Soviet Union, any attempt by Ukraine or Georgia to do otherwise may be likened to one swimming against current of the sea of the dead of the Soviet empire.

The death of Adolf Hitler has various accounts namely, that the Fuhrer committed suicide on 30th April 1945; that his corpse was buried in accordance with his will on 2nd May, 1945; that the Fuhrer died with a weapon in his hand defending Berlin; and lastly and correctly too, that Hitler’s remains were exhumed and buried repeatedly until April 1970 when KGB exhumed boxes containing the remains of the Fuhrer at a SMERSH Facility in Magdebury and destroyed them.

The INF [Intermediate – Range Nuclear forces] treaty was signed in December 1987 by Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan, but came into force in June 1, 1988. This led to the destruction of 1,846 missiles and 117 launch sites by Russia, while US destroyed only 846 missiles and 32 launch sites. Further production of additional missiles and launch pads has since been banned. Russia went further to throw some 400 km range missiles into the mix. Regrettably, the agreement did not address aircraft and sea based missiles which US had a clear strategic advantage at the time. Based on these facts, it is evident that Gorbachev paid more attention to the global security at the detriment of the security of Russia. Despite these glaring advantages, in 2002, when US found out that Russia’s military capabilities had crumbled, US walked away from Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty [ABM Treaty]. 

Crimea was originally part and parcel of Russia but was peacefully transferred to Ukraine due to brotherly affection. However, if for any reason Ukraine decided to divorce the marriage of Russia and Ukraine, she ought to return to Russia what belongs to Russia. After all the onus is on those who engineered the divorce to provide Ukraine with a replacement for the loss of Crimea. This practice is in conformity with equity and spiritual ethics and values.

But according to Russia, “Crimea gained independence through the freewill of the Crimeans as expressed in a referendum in 2014. Six years after a similar scenario in Serbia through the might of NATO. If the West do accept Kosovo which declared independence from Serbia in 2008 by a parliamentary decision only, why is Crimea different? If Russia annexed Crimea, it is only a repeat of NATO’s annexation of Kosovo. Similarly, if the decision to liberate Kosovo from Serbia is legitimate then the West should concede to the people of Crimea the right to self-determination.

Resting on the platform of article 5 of the NATO, Estonia’s former President on 4th June 2018 said that “Russia may lose St. Petersburg, if it decides to attack Estonia”. In 2014, Poroshenko the Ukrainian President said that Ukraine would recover Crimea from Russia without a fight. We are opposed to the use of force [military, economic or politics] to change international boundaries. But feel compelled to say that most of these countries acting as vassals to US are living in the world of fantasy. They are blind to the fact that Russia is their neighbor as well as the most powerful nation in terms of thermonuclear warheads and the capability to deliver them. US, the architect of the unruly attitude of these satellite countries, is the only country to have used nuclear weapons to settle scores. By instigating all these vassals to provoke Russia, all those countries sharing borders with Russia are being exposed to nuclear extermination. Russia’s neighbours having NATO membership may be the first victims as was the case in Japan in 1945. These micro countries parading themselves as points of contact in the oncoming war between Russia and US should realize that Russia may not be coming to battle field with kids globes because NATO is a military block of 29 countries with enormous financial and military resources.  

To buttress our opinion, let us refer to Swedish Newspaper Svenska Dagbladet and associated comments thereto.
“Invading Russia may become a military nightmare for any army due to the following reasons. – military might, the size of territory and difficulty of terrain. Whoever considers the idea of invading Russia must be prepared to handle all kinds of terrain. The enemy would face desolate mountains, impenetrable swamps, frozen tundra, turbulent rivers and dark forests.
“Hot summers and chilling winters would also pose a challenge. And then we have the Russians themselves, who for thousands of years, having participated in both large scale wars and guerrilla warfare, gained a lot of experience and of course backed by Russian history itself, as the country has never been conquered since the creation of a centralized state of Russia in the early 15th century. The Russians have thwarted the attempts to invade their land, defeating among others, the armies of French Emperor Napoleon in 1812 and Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler in 1941 – 45 – who were both considered unstoppable at the time”.

According to Putin, “A new world war could become the end of civilization and that the awareness of this ought to restrain international powers from ongoing global conflict. Albert Einstein once said ‘I do not know with what weapons world war III will be fought, but world war IV will be fought with sticks and stones’! That wonderful understanding of the fact that world war III could be an end of the modern civilization should deter the world from any racial and highly dangerous acts that threaten the modern civilization”. Putin went further and “then pointed out that recent US actions, - in particular its unilateral withdrawal from the anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty signed with the Soviet Union – are nothing but an apparent attempt to disrupt this strategic parity”. He argued that “Russia needs to develop its own state-of-the art weapons systems to retain this condition”.

Lastly, Putin stated that “US actions for the past 15 years namely, the ability to fan arms race, achieve unilateral advantage against Russia, impose sanctions considered illegal in international law and other acts aimed at the development of Russia ‘have already happened’”.

International financial report indicate that Russia is the world’s 12th largest economy measured at market exchange prices, but the world’s 6th largest economy measured by purchasing power parity. Based on the above, many economists say that it is a tragedy that with the enormous natural resources, Russia is still lagging behind UK, France, Germany, Italy and Japan in GDP. Corruption and type of administration may be blamed for this embarrassing situation. However, in military capabilities Russia is ranked 2nd world’s most powerful nation. 

[4] The Footsteps of Nature in the Fun Arena of Mankind
The best we can do for now is categorize this topic into sub-units, namely Vectors of doom, the policeman of the world, the blacks in modern history, the gang-up against Russia, and lastly too, the role of the unseen in the power equation of mankind.

4. [i] Vectors of Doom
Vectors of doom refers to flash points of today and this includes Middle East, NATO at Russian borders and the Korean Peninsula.
[4] [i] [a] The Middle East
If the prophecies of Nostradamus are worthy of consideration, then the galloping military skirmishes in the Middle East should be of grave concern to mankind because they have the potential to lead the region into serious military catastrophe that may engulf the entire world. The feud between Shia rebels in Sunni controlled government of Yemen, the military uprising orchestrated by Sunni rebels in Shia controlled government of Iraq and Syria, the ongoing protests in Gaza because of the movement of Israeli capital to Jerusalem and the attendant responses from Israel’s military might, the alarming rhetoric’s between Israel and Iran as a result of US withdrawal from Iran’s nuclear deal, the gathering cloud of discontent in GCC, and the fallout from the organized Arab Spring are likely to trigger an unexpected military misunderstanding.

If the romance between Iran, Iraq and Syria is cemented and backed by the new understanding between Russia and Turkey, we may be having an alternative block likely to rival the marriage of GCC and Egypt. Similarly, if the economic goals of Russia and Saudi Arabia, especially in areas of oil and gas are being brought closer and if this is properly oiled and greased, then US’s grip on Saudi Arabia may gradually be weakened.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ought to realize that harmony within the ranks of Islam should be her primal concern. The split between Shia and Sunni as well as their respective splinter groups should not affect their political pursuits, especially in matters regarding the wellbeing of all Moslems. Other major religious bodies like Christianity and Hinduism have various sects and breakaway groups but it has not surfaced in the administration of Europe and America where Christianity holds sway. The same is valid in the case of Hinduism in Asia sub-continent. If Islam suffers any major catastrophe, the leadership of the faith is to blame, and as at today, the blame shall be on the doorsteps of Saudi Arabia. If the game of divide and rule by the West in this area must be checked, this issue must be addressed immediately. It is a fact that the only interest of the West in the Middle East is purely economic and security of Israel. Your oil and gas, the liquid gold of our time, is only in contention because transactions do take place in dollar.

The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979, and 10 years later [i.e. 1989] she withdrew. Taliban was formed as a resistance to the Soviets and was funded by US and Pakistan. Osama Bin Laden, a product of US, formed Al Qaeda in 1980 to fight the Soviets. In its early history, Al Qaeda was based in Sudan but later relocated to Afghanistan in 1996 and stayed under the patronage of the Taliban militia. After the attack on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon in 2001, US invaded Afghanistan and in May 2011, Osama was killed by US intelligence [through the cooperation of the Intelligence Units of Pakistan], about 31 miles from Islamabad.

ISIS came into existence as a response to US invasion of Iraq in 2003. They were Sunni civilians and military men who were thrown out of job by US actions in an unholy war against Saddam Hussein. ISIS considered itself the Islamic caliphate, a theological empire and controlled greater parts of Iraq and Syria. The creation of the caliphate and its subsequent suppression by Iraq and Syria forces gave birth to the influx of refugees in Turkey and Europe. They were experts in terror, rape and as well organized genocide and ethnic cleansing of Christians, Alawites and other Shiites and Yazidis. In an attempt to divide the Muslim community, ISIS, a Sunni outfit was given the impression that Shiite-led government in Iraq and Syria were disenfranchising them. The money ploughed into Syrian chaos by US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey ended up in the hands of ISIS.

According to the above facts, terrorism in the Middle East is solely the effect of the intervention of the western world in the area. The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan was against international law but US participation in funding terrorism created a very destructive army whose carnage went beyond the walls of Afghanistan. The Soviets were in Afghanistan for only 10 years, but NATO has been there since 2001 [for about 17 years now] but the end of the crisis is not in sight. NATO’s recklessness in Afghanistan catapulted the growth of Taliban and Al Qaeda. Similarly, NATO’s operations in Libya and Iraq and her attempt to pull Assad down against the wish of Syrians added ISIS to the club of terrorist organization.

In accordance with the law or life, Moslems who were forced out of their country homes had no chance but to travel northwards in search of security and source of sustenance. Europe is presently facing the consequences of her exploits with US in the making of the three deadliest terror outfits in the world. This ugly spectacle of migrant experience is not only tearing Europe apart, but has gone further to raise right-wing radical leaders in key countries of Europe and this may, in no distant future, lead to a new Europe.

Sponsors of Taliban, Al Qaeda and ISIS are Sunni Moslems and countries in the Middle East and their western backers such as US, EU and Anglo-American countries. Surprisingly, on June 21, 2018 in Amman Jordan, German Chancellor, Angela Merkel called for solutions to Iran’s aggressive tendencies in the Middle East and turned blind eyes to the forces of migration now trying to wrestle power from her. Apparently, as a key player in NATO and EU, she was participatory in the making of the muster now threatening not only her own government but also the very foundation of EU. This is a classic example that the West has lost the sense of judgment or the templates of right or wrong, norms and values as well as being a vehicle of the continued mockery of international laws and rights of sovereign nations.

As a result of the calamities that befell the Jews during the second world war, as well as through the imperial powers of Britain and US, the state of Israel was forced on the people of Palestine in 1948. 1967 and 1973 wars humiliated the Arab world particularly Syria, Egypt, Jordan and Palestine. Jerusalem hosts the spiritual arms of Judaism, Christianity and Islamism. It served as the capital of Kingdom of David, but was destroyed by Roman legions who later adopted it as a pilgrimage venue for Christians. In the 7th century, Jerusalem capitulated to the expanding armies of Islam. Moslems believe that it was from Jerusalem that Prophet Mohammed ascended to paradise. The contradictory faces of Jerusalem may again lead to the re-cycling of human fortune or misfortune, depending on your own understanding of what is about to playout.

In the 7th century, the noble birth of Jesus caused the sack of the race by the army of Islam. During the second world war the same claim of the Supreme race resulted in the massacre of Jews by Adolf Hitler. The same special race is again in the front burner. The book – ‘The Pity of it all. A portrait of the German – Jewish Epoch, 1733 – 1933’ – outlines how a small minority rose to deadly threaten the German National Integrity. MK Miki Zohar emphatically said that “the entire Jewish race is highest human capital, the smartest, the most comprehending – the chosen people, most special people in the world”. 

Recently, the government of Israel was very reluctant to integrate blacks in her fold. Possibly for the claim that blacks are not at par with humans of other colours. If this is the reason, then it is rather unfortunate that the country is inviting the visitation of the wrath of God again. The black prince [the supreme son of the Supreme God] is not likely to tolerate this level of discrimination and humiliation of His kit and kin in colour and image. After all, Moses the Spiritual father of the Jews made it absolutely clear that the Supreme Being is the embodiment of the dark from whence light, a product of other races of mankind, came into existence. Science attests to this fact when it states that 96% of the cosmos is dark matter. It is also a biological truism that the black skin is best suited for the planet wherein humanity lives.

Lastly some spiritual powers in Israel aligned with other forces hired to participate in the balkanization of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This affront rattled the Spiritual Power Party which took upon itself the responsibility to stop the drift and collapse of the nation, as the take-off base towards the re-establishment of the spiritual football of the black race. If for any reason this level of recklessness is repeated, the spiritual base of Israel shall be responsible for the consequences attached thereto. Nature, in its entirety, is in the state of motion resulting to humans viewing varying faces of the theatre of fun of the world at any given time in human history.   

On May 8, 2018, US withdrew from the joint comprehensive plan of Action [JCPOA], but on 23rd June 2018, Mr. Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State threatened Iran that she would face the wrath of the entire world, if Iran pursues Nukes. If US withdrew from the deal, and heavens did not fall, why does Pompeo expect heavens to fall, if Iran follows suit? By withdrawing from Iran Nuclear deal, US has torn to pieces the Security Council of the United Nations. Common sense dictates that the process for the fall of the United Nation began on May 8, 2018. Any other nation is now free to flagrantly rubbish any other UNSC resolutions and decisions. The most powerful nation, the leading member of the security council and the host nation of the world body has set the ball rolling. Nobody can predict what happens next. As in the past, the only avenue to stop the drift is through a third world war so as to enable the victors chart a new course. The United Nation has started to align itself with the league of Nations, and is likely to face all the tragedies the league of Nation faced.

Gulf Cooperation Council states [GCC] and Israel were said to have backed US withdrawal from JCPOA without realizing the grave consequences attached thereto or that when one door closes another opens. We are highly opposed to the rhetoric of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, especially those statements that Israel shall be wiped out of the planet. Statements like this are on the borderline of the breach of international law, norms and values. However, Israeli attacks on the so-called Iranian militias in Syria on the basis of self-defense is indefensible. Israel is borrowing from US polices of attacking countries thousands of miles away on the basis of the same flimsy excuses. If Saudi Arabia has the right to fight in Yemen to protect the government of Yemen, then Iran does possess the same right to fight in Iraq and Syria. Similarly, if Saudi Arabia has the right to support rebels attempting to over throw Assad, Iran also has the right to support Houthi rebels. Lastly, if the West considers all the actions of Israel and Saudi’ Arabia in the Middle East legitimate then the masses of the world are right to accept Iran’s actions in this area as legal and legitimate.

According to the latest military ranking, 7 militaries in the Middle East are included in the list of 25 most powerful militaries in the world. They are, in descending order, Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, Israel, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Algeria. However, only 2 possess nukes and the means to deliver same. They are Pakistan and Israel. Let us hope that the recklessness of some Arab nations and their western partners do not ignite the time bomb of the third world war because if this does happen, its control will be extremely difficult.

Essentially, NATO was created as a tool of US in her fight against the Russians and Germans. According to the first Secretary General of NATO, “the object of NATO is to keep America in, the Russians out and the Germans down”. An implied acknowledgement that the sole aim of NATO is the defense of US, which can be fortified by a ring of defense around US. All Europeans and non-European members of the Union are being assembled to justify this objective. Although Russia seems to be the principal foe of the organization, Germany is being seen not only as a tool in the whole exercise but also a nation that can be compromised or sacrificed in the battle field if there is a military crisis.

The Secretary General of NATO, in December 2016, said and we quote “The ties that bind us are under strain. There are real differences between US and other allies over issues such as trade, climate change, and Iran Nuclear agreement. These disagreements are real and won’t disappear overnight. Nowhere is it written in stone that the transatlantic bond will always thrive. That doesn’t however mean that its breakdown is inevitable. We can maintain it, and all the mutual benefit we drive from it”. Stoltenberg.

NATO consists of 29 members from North America, Europe and Eurasia. US and Canada are from North America; Turkey is from Eurasia while the rest 26 nations are from Europe. The treaty was established on 4th April 1949, and states that if an armed attack occurs against one of the member states, it should be considered an attack against all members, and that other members shall assist the attacked member with armed forces if necessary. Three NATO members, namely, US, the United Kingdom and France are not only Nuclear Weapons states, but also permanent members of the Security Council.

NATO membership as well as the evolution of this military block is as summarized: - “Twelve countries were part of the founding of NATO – Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, the United Kingdom and the United States. In 1952, Greece and Turkey became members of the alliance, and joined later by West Germany [1955] and Spain [in 1982]. In 1990, with the unification of Germany, NATO grew to include the former country of East Germany. Between 1994 and 1997 wider forms for regional cooperation between NATO and its neighbours were set up, including the partnership for peace, the Mediterranean Dialogue, Initiative and the Euro-Atlantic partnership council. In 1977, three former Warsaw pact countries [Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland] were invited to join NATO. After this fourth enlargement in 1999, the Vilnius group of the Baltics and seven East European countries was formed in May 2000 to cooperate and lobby for further NATO membership. Seven of these countries joined in the fifth enlargement in 2004. The Adriatic states [Albania and Croatia] joined in the sixth enlargement in 2009. Montenegro joined in 2017”.

Apart from the above, there are about 12 nations that are NATO partners, including Russia, Austria, Finland, Belarus, Switzerland, Sweden and Ukraine. With 29 members and 22 partner countries, over 50 nations are connected to NATO. Unfortunately, the meaning of partnership to NATO does not in any way relate to its true dictionary interpretation. For example, instigation of protests in partner countries such as Ukraine, Russia and former Yugoslavia are reflective of the character and letters of the instrument of the Union – “America in, Russia out and Germany down”.

The defense budget of NATO members’ totals $917 billion while its GDP is $38 trillion and per capital income of $41,000 [average]. The population of NATO members Is about 950 million. Based on the above statistics, the contest between NATO and Russia is an uneven one because of the following – “In terms of population, NATO is about 18 times that of Russia; in terms of income per capital, NATO is about two times that of Russia [which is based on Putin’s own computations], and in terms of GDP, NATO, is about 10 times of Russia [again using the figures as stated by Putin and the Governor of Russian Central Bank].

US, through NATO, is digging-in at Russia’s borders. For example, US troops are in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania with a total population of only 6 million. An indication that US is only interested in stationing troops and up-to-date hi-tech war machines only inches away from Russia. In the same vein, latest US military equipment including complex defense systems are stationed in Poland and Romania. Lastly, US is providing Ukraine with both defensive and offensive weapons. One wonders what would be the feeling of Americans if Russia stationed similar weapons in Cuba and Venezuela.

Similarly, the US, French and British Navies, armed with the most powerful nuclear warheads and the means to deliver same are patrolling all seas and oceans of the world to ensure that other navies, including those of Russia and China are denied the necessary maneuverability needed for effective war activities. This is more pronounced in areas such as the Black sea, the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, the English Channel, the Sea of Japan, Korean Peninsula and the like. As a proof of the above, let us quote Stephen Hejmanowski – “The US Navy boasts the world largest and most powerful array of military force on the high seas including 11 [eleven] nuclear – powered aircraft carriers. As at now, no country has more than two carriers, although China is reportedly building its third”.

Under NATO’s nuclear sharing arrangement, the United States stations tactical weapons in various countries in Europe. In the event of a conflict, Washington would release these weapons [B61 nuclear gravity bomb] to the host nations, which could deliver them using their own nuclear-capable aircrafts. About 90 Tornado fighters of the Luftwaffe [the German Air force] are capable of Nuclear missions to Russia. The US new Nuclear Gravity bomb, [B61 – 12], as a replacement to the existing 180 B61 bombs has been successfully tested and will be deployed throughout Europe including Germany, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands. 

NATO has multinational battle groups in Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to counter Russia. The military alliance continued to boost military readiness. According to NATO “these forces are a defensive and appropriate deterrent force”. Canada is leading the team in Adazi, Latvia including troops from Spain, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Albania and the host nation. The German-led team is in Rukia, Lithuania and Includes troops from France, Croatia, Dutch, Norway, Belgium and Iceland as well as the host country. The UK-led team is in Tapa, Estonia and includes troops from Denmark, Iceland and the host nation. The US-led group is in Orzysz, Poland and includes troops from UK, Romania, Croatia and the host nation. How will Americans react if Russian and Chinese troops are at the US borders. It must be noted that any person seeking the backing of Metaphysics or rather the August Tribunal to which the weak never appeal in vain must do so with clean hands, Equity and fairness.

The countries bordering the Korean peninsula are China, Russia, Japan, North Korea and South Korea. China and Russia are permanent members of the Security Council while Japan and South Korea enjoy relative economic strength. North Korea is essentially a very poor country but recently acquired Nuclear Weapons to shore her military competiveness as well as to stave-off US and her allies. Regrettably, the US forced herself into the theatre and became the de-facto 6th nation in the Korea Peninsula.

The war between North and South Korea [1950 – 1953] which ended 65 years ago has not progressed beyond ceasefire [armistice]. After the Korean war, North Korea began to fend for herself while US took over South Korea as her neo-colony, with absolute authority over defense, foreign affairs and economy. Nevertheless, US moved money, investment and manpower to prop up the state which is now one of the best economies in the world.

In response to the so-called North Korean threats as well as the presence of China and Russia within the vicinity, US installed Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense [THAAD] in South Korea apparently to check North Korea, China and Russia. Unfortunately, too, the US military bases in South Korea are capable of receiving strategic and tactical weapons and this radically changes the military dynamics in the region.

Now that North Korea has decided to completely de-nuclearize, the political and military pressure is now on the South Korea and US to make meaningful concessions. If the reason for placing US Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense [THAAD] in South Korea is in response to North Korea’s nuclear threat, then THAAD should also be on the table. “For the past 680 days [two years now] inhabitants of Sesong-Ri, has been taking shifts around the clock to try to block US vehicles from travelling to the battery-site, and recently added this statement – “Take THAAD; North Korea’s nuclear threat is now gone”. The villagers are conscious of the fact “that the presence of THAAD makes their town a target of either North Korean or Chinese missiles and bombs”.

Because North Korea was lonely and lacking in its own protection, she resorted to the principle of self-defense and the unfolding scenario became very repulsive to US end goal. Subsequently, the US authorized the most gruesome sanctions in the history of United Nations against a sovereign nation and a member of United Nations. Unfortunately, China which is a signatory to the armistice abandoned North Korea by allowing such an inhuman sanction to be slammed on North Korea. As a co-guarantor of Korean Armistice, the onus is on China to fully protect the interests of North Korea for as long as the Armistice lasts. However, China failed to live up to its duties during deliberations that slammed on North Korea three levels of sanction. Ironically it was 
Russia that attempted to moderate some of these catastrophic clauses, but deferred to Chinese interests in very sensitive areas.

With sanctions in place and in response to the so-called US strategic interests and those of her allies [South Korea and Japan], US moved quickly by not only placing additional sanctions but went further to co-opt other western countries to rigidly enforce all sanctions through inspection of North Korean vessels in International waters. Even if North Korea is pursuing nuclear weapons programme, what is wrong about that, China and Russia are nuclear powers while Japan and South Korea are under the umbrella of US nuclear weapons.

During the meetings of China and North Korea, North Korea and South Korea and North Korea and United States, Chairman Kim Jong unequivocally stated that North Korea is committed to complete de-nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, but unfortunately, US interpretation of Kim’s stand is different. US is talking of de-nuclearization of North Korea only. As it stands, it does seem that sooner or later, but more sooner than later the June 12 meeting in Singapore may run into a dead end. Pulses in US and South Korea military exercises as well as North Korea’s missiles and nuclear tests seem to be holding. Return of the remains of American Servicemen is also ongoing.

On 7th July 2018, the official News Agency of DPRK said – “The US is fatally mistaken if it went to the extent of regarding that North Korea would be compelled to accept, out of its patience, demands reflecting the gangster – like mindset”. However, in response Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State said – “If those requests were gangster – like, the world is a gangster because that was a unanimous decision at the UN Security Council about what needs to be achieved”. As usual with the West’s double standards, Mike Pompeo overlooked two fundamental issues, namely, if US withdrew from Iran’s nuclear deal in violation of UN Security Council decisions, does she possess any legal right to enforce UN sanctions against North Korea? Secondly, Pompeo was not in North Korea as an ambassador of UN and therefore lacked the authority to speak on behalf of the world body.

In fanning the air of dual temperature, the Japanese Foreign Minister, after a meeting with US Secretary of State and South Korea’s foreign Secretary told the press – “Today we managed to reaffirm our commitment to further strengthening tripartite cooperation in order to achieve our common goal of complete, verifiable and irreversible destruction of all types of weapons of mass destruction and missiles of any range. We also discussed ways to work together to encourage North Korea to take concrete actions to implement the provisions of UN Security Council resolutions”. If obedience to UN Security Council decisions means anything to Japan and South Korea, why are they supporting US on the issue of “Iran Nuclear Deal”? If US reneged from Iran Nuclear Deal, why won’t North Korea ignore all sanctions imposed on her? If South Korea has missiles which are not on the table for discussion, why should North Korea’s missiles be a topic for debate?

Lastly, if Japan’s 49 tons of plutonium, with the potential to be converted into up to 6,000 nuclear warheads, is not on the table why should North Korea’s nuclear Arsenal be on the table? Based on the above, a rational mind will come to the conclusion that North Korea is only being victimized because there is no godfather to protect her. However, the law of life states that there is an August Tribunal to which the weak never appeal in vain.

In the same vein, if North Korea’s commitment to de-nuclearization is irreversible, then every facet of nuclear materials and missiles system of Japan and South Korea as well as similar weapons of the US not only in the two countries [Japan and South Korea] but also in the vicinity of the peninsula should be on the table. However, if Japan, South Korea and the US are unwilling to bring their nuclear materials and ballistic missiles to the table for discussion, then whatever does happen in the area regarding complete denuclearization of either North Korea or the entire Korean peninsula is their responsibility. But be assured that the mandate of the black prince is complete adherence to the tenets of equity.

According to the world military bulletin, the three major military powers, namely, US, Russia and China have their military forces and weapons enveloping North Korea. Regrettably, US is not sharing boundary with North Korea and therefore lacks both moral and spiritual reasons to have her forces and weapons in the Korean peninsula. The military balance of power in the peninsula gives both Japan and South Korea comfortable advantage over North Korea. Japan occupies the 7th position in the military ranking of world powers. South Korea is rated number 12th in the list while North Korea, the underdog, occupies the 23rd slot on the table. Japan and South Korea have more than enough stockpile of plutonium to bring the entire world to her knees, if the said stockpile is converted into nuclear bombs. You are also aware that plutonium can be militarized in the shortest possible time if there is a threat of war.

On the issue of Russia and Japan concerning northern islands of Japan now within the Russian Federation, the pendulum is swinging in favour of Russia. Unfortunately, Japan attacked Russia but before the end of the second world war, Russia had occupied the northern territories. In view of the fact that Japan surrendered to US, it was no longer convenient for Japan to sign a peace treaty with Russia. Rather the concept of armistice prevailed and still remains so. As long as US remains in Japan, it will be difficult to convince Russia to transfer any piece of the disputed territory to Japan because by doing so Russia will be handing over southern Kuril Islands to US. In short, as long as US military bases and personnel are in Japan it is suicidal for Russia to undertake this gamble. As soon as Japan frees herself from the colonization of US, Russia will be positive in this regard.

It is a general belief amongst American elite, that US does not want peace. Peace at the terms of the weak will trigger inevitable decline of US. If US opts for peace, small countries shall stand-up to the US, and force US into peaceful co-existence. Since the end of the shooting war in 1953, tens of thousands of US soldiers are stationed in South Korea. Mr. Deal, an American analyst, concluded thus: “At the end of the day, the notion of peace, from the view point of American elite, it is dreadful because it could spell the end of American hegemony”. As at today, the largest US foreign base of about 45,000 servicemen, is stationed in South Korea, a few kilometers from the military, political and economic hub of China. The choice of South Korea is not unconnected with the ongoing geopolitical and military goals to contain China at all costs.

4. [ii] The Policeman of the World  
There is no doubt that the victors of the second world war created a new world order. At the end of the second world war, US and her allies established the current world political platform. Then the Soviets concerned themselves with communist principles and practices, and focused more on her military might. Soviet Union tried her best to export its own form of administration as well as to further the concept of welfarism, and at that time US was on the defensive. The number of vetoes cast by US during UNSC deliberations attests to its frustration. However, the intrigues of presidents of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus accompanied by inept leadership of Gorbachev as well as conspiracy of the West led to the collapse of Soviet Union in 1991.  

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, US has become the only policeman of the world, not only in military but also in economy, diplomacy and politics. US is the world’s leading economic power. US dollar’s overwhelming position of dominance in the global financial system is one prominent example. It is because of its economic hegemony that US can arbitrarily impose unilateral sanctions on any country. The US economic hub, New York, is the economic capital of the world.

As regards the political theatre, New York is also the political capital of the world because it hosts the general Assembly of the United Nations. All other arms of the United Nations are either in US or in her Satellite colonies in Europe. Apart from World Bank which is the sole property of the US, all other organs are also located in Europe. The total GDP of NATO, Anglo-American Empire and Asian colonies [Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, GCC and the like] is between 50 to 60 trillion dollars. Based on the above, there is no doubt that US and her cohorts are fully in control of the world’s economy and financial institutions.

In matters concerning security, New York is as well the capital of the World because it houses the Security Council. US is the only country that has successfully withdrawn from Security Council decision, and faced no sanctions or repercussions. It must also be stated that US has contributed more than any other member nation for the up-keep of World Institution. US has between 600 and 800 military bases throughout the world, and possesses more aircraft carriers than all the countries of the world put together. US naval vessels are found everywhere in the world from east to west and from north to south. As stated earlier, US defense expenditure is far more than the next eight nations put together, including all other permanent members of the Security Council.

Apart from US military might, she is absolutely in control of the Armed Forces of Anglo-American Empire which comprise of US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. This is in addition to the Armed Forces of NATO, a military block of 29 Industrialized nations which include US, France, UK, Germany and Italy. Lastly, the Armed Forces of Asian and Middle East regions [i.e. Japan, South Korea, Israel, Turkey, Egypt and GCC] are at her disposal. Out of the 25 most powerful militaries in the world US is controlling the following countries, [their rankings also attached] – US [1], France [5], UK [6], Japan [7], Turkey [8], Germany [9], Egypt [10], Italy [11], South Korea [12], Israel [15], Taiwan [18], Poland [19], Australia [22], Saudi Arabia [24].

With over 50% of the most powerful militaries in the world and GDP of over 50 trillion dollars, US and her allies may be right in arrogating to themselves the soul of international community. Unfortunately, the population of this “Almightily God” is only about 20% of the entire world. An implied view that the rest 80% [about 6 billion humans] is inconsequential and lacks the right to be part and parcel of the international community. Based on these facts, it is right to conclude that all SCO and BRICS countries are shut out of the club. Most importantly too, it carries an impression that most of the developing and under developed nations lack the basic right of regarding themselves as members of the international community. An irony indeed. This is an affront to the theory of equity as enshrined in the UN Charter.

However, the strength of the world’s policeman rests on the potentialities of physics, economics and politics as well as the tools of the physical world. Sometimes the tools for the enslavement of mankind can be extended beyond the borders of matter and knock at the portals of psychicism. As the face of God is upon the poor, it is likely that the agony of the weak in developing and under developed economies will one day force the doors of nature open for the poor to behold not only the face of God but to as well receive His blessings. When this does happen the oppressed will be empowered by metaphysics to tackle the wrong doings of the privileged and powerful. We have consistently stated that metaphysics is the Rod of Power of the Spiritual Council. It must also be stated in unequivocal terms that the Holy Ones are averse to worldly glories and pleasures. Lastly, if US and her allies are the policemen of today’s world, they are likely to confront metaphysics in a very deadly war and the leopard, as the king of the jungle, must be victorious.

To further amplify the above assertions, SPP [Spiritual Power Party] the organ of the Spiritual Council in addressing the political mechanics of mankind is of the view that US flagrantly abuses the blessings of Nature. These abuses include:

[1] That US interferes in Internal affairs of Sovereign nations, politically, militarily and economically.
[2] That US forcefully overthrows legitimate governments all over the world, without regard to international laws and conventions.
[3] That US fakes intelligent reports which are blown out of proportion by biased media as the basis to instigate armed conflicts in sovereign nations.
[4] That US uses all the endorsement of nature at her disposal to cripple other nations likely to either oppose her global dominance or be a threat to her military or economic hegemony. She does carry out this role through sanctions, thereby catapulting mass starvation, revolution, protests and complete breakdown of law and order resulting in the change of administration of the affected state.

Based on the above unjustly acts, the Spiritual Council is being moved to decide to adjust the metaphysical tools which are the basic platforms of the rich and powerful nations whose wealth and military might is now terrorizing the world of the weak. The Black Prince whose tenure expires in 2286 has the mandate of the creators of life as known to us, to restructure the world as He deems necessary before He hands over to Sher Sheba.

From Mesopotamian, through Greek and Roman to Anglo-American Empires, the same race and peoples have been recycling themselves as the absolute rulers of the world but between now and 2055, the Metaphysical wind of change is likely to tilt not only the balance of power but will also sow the seed of Climatic shift. On 28th February 2015, three of the seven pillars of today’s Metaphysics addressed the Spiritual Council in the following words: - 

“Whereas the West are deep in planting, sustaining and executing terrorism in Sovereign nations; whereas the West do subjugate other nations into economic and military colonization and slavery; whereas the West do flagrantly disregard international laws, norms and customs by imposing sanctions, creating no fly zones, embarking on military conquest in sovereign nations; whereas the West are encircling Russia with a view to either destroy or balkanize her unjustly, and finally whereas the West do apply double standards in international conflicts and issues, I on behalf of the continent of Oceania urge the council to address these lapses as soon as possible”.          

Another speaker from the roof of the world, [the highest plateau] was more forceful in his response to the ongoing western encirclement of Russia.

“Nobody is in doubt of the sacrifices Russia made in the defeat of the second Anti-Christ. Russia lost more than 27 million lives to save the world from the tyranny of Adolf Hitler. Russia paid the greatest sacrifice to bring the war to an end, and I am of the opinion that it is too early in the day to rubbish Russia. If the living is unwilling to exist in accordance with the rules, it is time for us to intervene and tame the hawks in the Capitol Hill. We can no longer watch the agony of the weak who sacrificed all it had to save humanity. Enough is enough. Consequently, I urge this August Assemblage to which the weak never appeal in vain to release all necessary tools of metaphysics to the Government of Russian Federation, the present guarantor of the safety of the weak”.

The last speaker, from Europe, while sharing the shortcomings of US, blamed Russia for her travails.

“At the end of the second world war, Russia had all the opportunities to mould the Soviet enclave the way and manner US handled the West. Since after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Mr. Putin had ample opportunities to tame oligarchies, the channel through which Russian monies ended in western banks. Secondly, Mr. Putin lacked the will to free sizeable percentage of enterprise from the control of the State. The Russians were ferrying their wealth outside the borders of Russia, apparently for fear of the state clampdown. Russia’s national endowment both in terms of natural resources and human capital, is great and if properly harnessed will pull Russia out of the woods. Every spirit in human embodiment is a product of how it walks along the path of life. The same is true for the Russian Federation. However, if the goal is to address the debasement of the weak especially in Africa, South America and Asia, it is necessary to tame US”.

If the above observations by the three members of the followership of the Universal Adepts are statements of truth, it is likely that all the advantages of the West will soon be addressed. Let us look how the clock ticks, and may be between now and 2055 something different will play out.

Trump’s administration has made substantial progress in reshaping US economy but at the expense of US’s relationship with Europe and other economics of the world. However, the same administration has also made two fatal mistakes, namely, the movement of US Embassy to Jerusalem and US withdrawal from Iran Nuclear Deal. If US accepted Jerusalem [a city captured through war from Arabs] as the capital of Israel because of historical links, she lacks the right to challenge Russia’s reunion with Crimea which through plebiscite accepted to return to Russia from which it was transferred to Ukraine. Similarly, if US withdrew from Iran Nuclear Deal, she lacks all legal, moral or spiritual rights to expect Russia and China to keep to North Korea sanctions. US’s arbitrary withdrawal from UNSC decisions discharges other permanent members from honouring any other Security Council decision.

On the 7th of August 2018, President Trump stated that anyone trading with Iran will not trade with US, an indication that the whole world is now the colony of US. This vulgar language has been the trade mark of Trump’s assistants including the like of Nikki Haley, John Bolton and Mike Pompeo. The comments of the above named assistants have been tagged offensive, provocative and insulting. Power intoxicates and absolute power intoxicates absolutely.

4. [iii] The Blacks in Modern History
 According to the Red Bible, Lumechs and Dumechs travelled over 15 billion light years from one of the stars in the Cosmos to this barren planet in the solar system and established the life of the physical man and the tools to support same. These spiritual Travellers landed in East Africa between the Equator and Capricorn, but nearer the Capricorn. Also of importance is that all these spiritual Travellers were blacks. A definitive statement that blacks are the source of human existence as well as that Africa is the only continent to host these great spiritual personages. A rational mind would then ask – what went wrong for the blacks to be in this mess?

Two approaches are feasible, namely, that Africa and her peoples are victims of the wheel of life which is certainly cyclic, and that blacks caused their own ruin. It is a known fact in history that kingdoms rise and fall. The light of the existing kingdom either extinguishes itself or is extinguished by a superior power. In a very short span of 6,000 to 10,000 years, mankind moved from the lost continent of Atlantis through Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Greek and Roman empires to the present Anglo-American empire.

Sellers of humans face two sets of laws, the laws of universality often called the laws of the Supreme Deity and the cultural and traditional laws. But buyers face only the Universal laws. The law of universality is to do unto others as you would expect them to do unto you. This law states that for every 25 units of one’s actions one receives 56 units of nature’s response. The cultural and traditional law forbids every member of the family from acts inconsistent with the norms, values and practices of the family. In the Christian Bible, Moses referred to this rule when he said “Thou shall not kill”. However, the same law which led them through a 40-year conquest, killing their opponents as they marched to the promised land catapulted their zeal to successfully kill their victims without any punishment. The killing of non-Jews was legitimate because they were not killing their kit and kin.

Consequently, blacks who sold their kith and kin faced the judgement of their ancestral, cultural and traditional power points as well as those of the Universal God, while whites who enslaved blacks faced only the judgement of the Universal Spiritual Authority. Based on the above facts, it does imply that whites face lighter judgement for the treatment often given to the blacks. This may throw more light on why Africans and their kith and kin in slavery are still in perpetual tears for over 300 years.

However, if blacks of Africa and US were victims of this arrangement the same could not hold water for Australian blacks. Therefore, something more deadly must have been at play. They included colour, civility, naivety, and deficiencies in intelligence and know-how. To hit the nail on the head, Let’s consider the views of Abraham Lincoln, one of the timeless leaders of the most powerful nation – “I am in favour of the superior position assigned to the white race”. This view expressed over 200 years ago is still very relevant today. The crux of the matter is the inferiority of the black race.

Australia was home to blacks and they managed the continent peacefully before the advent of the white settlers. But with the influx of the white race, the political calculus changed. Whites needed land for farming which could not be obtained without wrestling same from the weak [blacks]. Blacks were repulsive to the takeover of what nature provided them, and therefore resisted the overwhelming might of the imperial powers. The Colonial Times was quoted thus. – “Self-defense is the first law of Nature. The Government must remove the natives, - if not, they will be hunted down like wild beasts and destroyed”. George Arthur, Governor of Australia issued a decree that aggression could be repelled “in the same as if they had proceeded from the accredited state” as it was tagged a noble service to shoot blacks down.

Between 1826 and 1827, George Arthur used 40th regiment to make sure that Aboriginal people were not only greatly reduced in population but also confined them to very remote quarters of the island “until their habits shall become more civilized’. On 19th April 1828, he issued a proclamation that “any Aborigine could now be legally killed for doing no more than crossing an unmanned border that the Government did not bother to define. Lastly, the Governor on 1st November 1830 declared martial law against the Aboriginal people in the settled districts who were “now open enemies of the king” with a standing instruction that soldiers were free to arrest without warrant or to shoot at sight.

Slave trade rested on two principal props, economic wealth and military power. It formed largely the economic foundation of the European elite. Its principal ideology was mercantilism as expressed thus – “Colonies were sources of mineral wealth and crops to be used to the home country’s advantage because using European for labour proved unsustainably expensive as well as harmful to the supply of labour in the home countries. African slaves were available in large numbers as prices that made plantation agriculture in the Americans profitable.

“Along the economic motives underlying slavery in the Americans, Europeans world schemas played a large role in the enslavement of Africans. Even with inherent superiority such as the technological advantage, Europeans still believe that non-Europeans could be enslaved”. Despite the arguments that led to the abolition of slavery, the use of Africans and non-Europeans as slaves is still in practice. Between 1676 and 1860, more than 470,000 slaves were forcefully transported from Africa to US. Prior to the civil war, eight serving presidents of US owned slaves but this was protected by the country’s constitution. These slaves were providing wealth to the white elite.

The two quests for the blacks to enjoy greater freedom began in 1820s and 1830s, - one is colonization and the other emigration to Africa. Colonization rested on the words of Henry Clay – “Unconquerable prejudice resulting from colour, they never would amalgamate with the free whites of this country. It was desirable, therefore, as it respected them and the residue of the population of the country to drain them off”. The practice was that “enslaved family members would be split up never to see other again. Between 1830 and 1840, nearly 250,000 slaves were taken across state lines. In 1950s, more than 193,000 were transported and historian estimate that nearly one million in total took part in the forced migration”. Ashley’s sack – the symbol of the tragedy of separation of the slave mother from the slave daughter can never be erased from the mind of all blacks – whether of yesterday, today or tomorrow. It is the greatest debasement of the black race.

Surprisingly, after 150 years of the above tragedy the separation of kids from their mother is again in vogue in US. The law was said to have been enacted by the only black president of US [Barrack Obama] but is being rigorously executed by an unapologetic white President, Donald Trump. If the same tragedy which nailed the blacks to their coffins more than a century ago, is being rehearsed now in the southern borders of the US, it is a clear sign that all is not well in today’s US polity. If you marry this awful scenario with the push to completely erase Russia from the face of the earth [firstly through strangling her capabilities by sanctions and secondly through military confrontation] any rational mind will be alarmed at the rate the fire of destruction is being lit here and there simultaneously. If we allow this ugly spectacle to continue unchecked, what happened to the Red Indians of America may be a child’s play in what is coming.

Abraham Lincoln opposed slavery but never believed that the constitution did not give congress the powers to end slavery and went further to say – ‘I am not nor ever have been in favour of making voter or juror of Negros, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people. I as much as any man am in favour of superior position assigned to the white race”. However, the 13th Amendment of December 6, 1865, roughly a year after the civil war created the necessary environment for the freedom of about 4,000,000 blacks, although citizenship was not extended to them. Only the whites were given the right of citizenship. Unfortunately, in the 1870s, violent white supremacist came to power [via parliamentary groups like Red shirts and White league] with the result that African Americans were returned to where they were before the 13th Amendment.

Abraham Lincoln’s statement that – “I am in favour of the superior position assigned to the white race” has been the official constitution of all whites throughout human history. Even as at now racial prejudice is on the rise, more so, after a Blackman had ruled the country. Everything Obama did as the president of US is being erased from the public administration of the country. The new president {Donald Trump] sees it as a sacred duty to blot out any vestige of the black man’s presidency or imprints in the history of US. Regrettably, the supreme son of the Supreme Deity who is now in charge of the fun arena of mankind is the Black prince, with the absolute power to decide the fate of man for the next 260 years.

President Woodrow Wilson, elected in 1912, ordered segregation throughout the Federal Government in the World War I. Blacks served on the US Armed Forces in segregated units. Blacks were poorly trained and equipped and were often put on the frontlines in suicide mission while no blacks were enlisted in the Air-force and Marines. Blacks were denied Medal of Honour. Many black youths were disgraced, maimed or brutally killed in segregated schools despite Civil Right Acts of 1964, because segregation was a product of collective actions taken by whites to exclude blacks from their neighours. In the reception to honour his Olympic success, Owens was not permitted to enter through the main doors of the Waldorf Astoria, New York. The first black Academy Award recipient Hattie MacDonald was required to sit at a segregated table at the far wall of the room.  

Lastly, from 1981 to 1997, US Department of Agriculture denied tens of thousands of black Americans loans while their white counterparts were fully granted loans. Bombing of black churches and mass shootings in black schools in addition to assaults of the blacks by the law enforcement apparatus of US was in vogue everywhere in the US. The courts fair no better as crimes committed by whites against blacks mean nothing to US legal system, “the winner take all” structure that applies in 48 out of 50 states in the electoral college benefits white representation. This political alienation does force black voter not to be keen at going to vote. Despite these prejudices, Barrack Obama [a Blackman], at the presidential election received about 43% of white votes during presidential primaries, eight out of ten blacks sided with Obama. Racial Profiling is creating a change in the criminal justice programme of US. Lately, in 2015, there were no fewer than 315,254 African American deaths in US but only few received public notice.

Apartheid [apartness in Afrikaans], a system of segregation through legislation was enforced in South Africa. It was a political and social system which the minority whites used to rule the black majority from 1948 to 1994. The last apartheid ruler was Fredrick Willem de Klerk while Nelson Mandela became the first black president. Both Frederik Willem de Klerk and Nelson Mandela were awarded Noble Peace Price.

Through legislation people were divided into four racial groups and kept apart. Non-whites were denied many rights. “The laws created certain arena for the whites only, and if for any reason the blacks were to live in the same vicinity, they had to carry special papers known as “passes”. People of different races were not allowed to marry each other. Blacks were denied land and the right to vote in white areas. There were uprising in South Africa, especially in Sharpeville in 1960 and Soweto in 1976. After the Sharpeville massacre, attempts to kick out South Africa from the UN was stopped by France, Britain and US. The Soweto uprisings were because Africans were forced to study some subjects in Afrikaans, - the language of oppression.

However, when F. W. de Klerk became president of South Africa in 1989, he legalized again the African National Congress and promised to release Nelson Mandela. On 27th April 1994, Nelson Mandela was elected President of South Africa, with de Klerk and Thabo Mbeki as deputies. Black South Africans were granted equal rights by law but economic inequality persisted. As at 2012, the average black family earned 17% of what the average white family earned.

[4] [iv] The West’s Gang-up against Russia
For nearly 100 years, sanctions have been part of US policy towards Russia. US had viewed Russia an adversary, still does so and will continuously do so until Russia is either balkanized or destroyed. During the Russian civil war of 1918 – 20, President Woodrow Wilson sent American troops to fight against the emergence of Soviet Government. US continued to deny USSR diplomatic recognition until Franklin D. Roosevelt, in 1933, changed the tide. During much of the 40-year cold war, US imposed various technological and military exports sanctions on USSR. The 1975 Jackson – Vaaint Amendment denied Moscow privileged trading status with US, and as this sanction was ending in late 2012, it was immediately replaced in December 2012 by the Magnitsky Act, - purported to sanction Russian officials and oligarchies for Human Rights abuses. Additional sanctions were slammed on Russia in 2014 for Ukraine crisis.

Based on the above historical facts, it does mean that US has consistently waged economic and political wars against Russia and may continue along this trajectory until the fulfilment of the Prophecies of Nostradamus, regarding the 3rd Anti-Christ and the twenty-seven years’ war. Similarly, if after about 100 years of US antagonism against Russia nothing substantial has occurred to force Russia to cave-in, a rational mind would ask – is it not the time for US to embrace Russia and cooperate with her in military, economic and political theaters of the world? 

In the same vein, if all these hostile actions have neither altered Moscow’s direction and behavior nor advanced US national security interests, then an outsider would conclude that something is fundamentally wrong with US defense and foreign policy think-tank. One would also assume that US Law makers are still many centuries behind in their orientation and appreciation of the world’s political, economic and military dynamics of the 21st century. To cap it all, men of letters in US are in agreement that US postures against Russia have made US National Security matters worse.

Michael McFaul, a former US ambassador summed it all thus – “To advance almost all our core national security interests, the US does not need Russia”. However, Emeritus Professor of Universities of New York and Yale, Stephen F. Cohen has a divergent view which he expressed thus – “If McFaul assumption is widespread in Washington, as it seems to be, we [Americans] are living in truly unwise and perilous. The second assumption of McFaul is that Russia is weak and lacks counter measures is no less myopic and dangerous”.

The US President, Donald Trump on Monday 20th August 2018 was quoted as saying that he would not lift sanctions on Russia, except Russia does something good in respect of Syria and Ukraine. If the maidan revolution which toppled the legitimate and non-aligned government of Viktor Yanukovych of Ukraine in 2014 was sponsored by US and EU, the fallout of that incident must be born squarely by the West only. If the legitimate Government of Syria invited Russia to help her to stabilize the country, Russia’s actions were completely in tandem with international laws and norms. Even if the tools of the physical man are weak and therefore cannot challenge the US military use of force in any part of the world, it is not unlikely that the Avatar of now who is also the Chief Spiritual World power will use His divine authority to address US lies and false accusations. And if this does happen US will pay a very big price.  

Edward Joseph Snowden, 35 years old and in 2013, leaked classified information from NSA. His release revealed numerous global surveillance programmes with the cooperation of US telecommunication companies and European Governments. He revealed NSA documents to Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras and Ewan MacAskill and those releases appeared in The Guardian, The Washington Post, Der Spiegel and The New York Times. On June 21, 2013, US charged him for violating Espionage Act of 1917 and theft of Government property, and based on the above revoked his passport. On 23 June 2013, he flew into Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport, and after being restricted to the Airport for about one month, he was granted right of asylum for one year, which through series of extensions permitted him to stay in Russia until 2020.

“It was revealed that NSA was harvesting millions of email and instant messaging contact. The NSA was shown to be secretly accessing Yahoo and Google data centers. NSA was accused of extending beyond its primary mission of National Security. Snowden’s disclosures had created tension between US and her allies, and revealed that US had spied on Brazil, France, Mexico, Britain, China, Germany, Spain, as well as other 35 world leaders. The NSA’s stated objective was to ‘collect it all, ‘process it all’; ‘exploit it all’; ‘partner it all’, ‘sniff it all’, and ‘know it all’. In August 2014, Snowden for the first time disclosed a cyber-warfare programme in the works that you could have someone sitting in China for example, making it appear that one of these attacks is originating from Russia.

The ruling of a US Federal Judge that the collection of US phone meta data conducted by the NSA as likely unconstitutional emboldened Snowden to say that “his breaking point was seeing the Director of National Intelligence; James Clapper directly lie under oath to Congress”. After the lie, Snowden said – “there is no saving an intelligent community that believes it can lie to the public and the legislators who need to be able to trust it and regulate its actions”.  

Snowden’s goal was to seek asylum in South America [Ecuador, Nicaragua, Bolivia or Venezuela] but because there was no direct flight from Moscow to South America, his ambition was frustrated. US’s diplomatic effort to get at Sweden [dead or alive] resulted to the worst diplomatic drama in Europe. Ecuador’s presidential plane was flying from Moscow to Ecuador through Europe but was refused Spanish, French and Italian airspace and was re-routed to Austria where it was forced down and searched, apparently in the belief that Snowden was in the presidential plane. Joe Biden, former US Vice President assured the world that whoever scuttled US ambition to get at Snowden would pay a big price. Russia did it and a year later US initiated Ukrainian maidan protests which graduated into the partitioning of Ukraine.

Based on Snowden’s information regarding the US Cyber Warfare Programme techniques, it is an option that the so-called Russian Cyber Warfare operations against the US are actually being carried out by US Security Operatives who in turn accuse Putin of having approved same. If Snowden said that ‘the breaking point’ was seeing the Director of Intelligence, James Clapper directly lie under oath to Congress, the this fact validates all accusations that most security and intelligence reports to the congress and Mr. President are fake. The scenario that prompted the Iraq war and the present wave of malign Russian activities, is a further proof of this ugly development.

Lastly, if US economic and military adventurism is based on concocted security and intelligence reports, is it not natural to adduce that the blood of the poor in the world sacrificed on the altar of falsehood, deceit, and cruelty does stain the hands of both the Security and Intelligence operatives as well as the politicians who rely on such template to go to war, economically and militarily? Regrettably, the modern man who is a product of Science and Technology hardly believes that God exist talk less of being a factor in shaping the world wherein man finds himself. But be informed, in absolute authority, that man’s belief in the finality of Science and Arts in charting the course of humanity is resting on false footings and that the modern man will soon face the tragedy attached thereto.

“Charles Rowley, 45, and Dawn Sturgess, 44, were found unconscious at Rowley’s home in Amesbury on June 30, 2018, Dawn never regained consciousness and passed away on July 8, 2018, her boyfriend was discharged from the hospital after three weeks”. Charles claimed that “he had unwittingly picked a contaminated sealed perfume bottle. He then gave it to his partner who sprayed the liquid onto her wrists, exposing the pair to a lethal dose”. The Metropolitan police announced they had found a small bottle during the search of Rowley’s house in Amesbury. UK counter terrorism office repeatedly admitted it had no evidence of link between Skripal case and Amesbury incident.

Unfortunately, it took the UK Crime division up to 10 days to search the home of Charles Rowley where they picked a bottle of the chemical agent. Anybody knowledgeable in the act of investigation should fault the timing and the procedure adopted in picking evidence of the cause of the deceased. More so when the whole of Europe was flogged to fall in line in the massive withdrawal of diplomats from Russia in the case of Skripal, just a few months earlier.

The Novichok Nerve attack in UK took place in two locations, one in Salisbury and the other in Amesbury, both located about 8 kilometers from the Porton Down Chemical Laboratory. In other words, both poisoning incidents took place “in the vicinity of the secret military chemical laboratory in Porton Down, UK”. Sergel Skripal and her daughter Yulia were found unconscious in Salisbury, Southern England on March 4, 2018. UK laboratories confirmed that the substance was Novichok, a military grade nerve agent developed in the former Soviet Union, a political block with some of the countries now in the EU while others still remain within the ambit of Russia. If the above statements are correct, there are three possible sources of nerve agent, namely, the chemical laboratory in Porton Down, the Russian Federation or other former members of the Soviet bloc.

The Sun citing sources in Scotland Yard, said, “a two-man hit team with close ties to Russia orchestrated the alleged poisoning of ex-Russian Security agent Sergel Skripal and his daughter Yulia in the UK earlier this year. The sources said that the police are currently convinced that they made a huge breakthrough by pointing the finger at two key persons of interest who allegedly fled UK within 24 hours after the attack on the Skirpals. The suspected hitmen are now thought to be back in Russia under the protection of President Vladimir Putin”. If the nerve agent poisoning in Salisbury and Amesbury are Novichok; if the two incidents are unrelated; and if there is no evidence as to the perpetrators of the Amesbury incident, then one is left with the only conclusion which is that the so-called hitmen from Russia returned to Amesbury to continue the continuity, and if this position cannot be sustained then UK should look elsewhere.

On September 5, 2018, the Crown prosecution service identified Messrs. Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov of Russian Military Intelligence as having orchestrated the Salisbury poisoning. But the Russian Government presented the accused who claimed that they are civilians, and not members of either the Russian military or intelligence organs. The accused denied any involvement in the poisoning but accepted that they were tourists who visited Salisbury Cathedral. UK police however went further to say that they are looking for a Colonel in the Russian Security Services whose true identity may be different from those whose photographs were released to the media. Another mix-up in the investigation. 

The State Department Spokeswoman, Heather Nauert said that Moscow could avoid a second draconian round of sanctions by providing “reliable assurances that it could not violate the Chemical and Biological Weapons Control and Warfare Elimination Act including by allowing on-site inspectors by United Nations Observers or other Internationally recognized impartial observers or other reliable means that exist to ensure that the government is not using chemical and biological weapons in violation of International law”. On Sunday 12 August 2018, Sergey Lavrov said “Three years ago based on the reports of all conceivable inspections, we have received confirmation within OPCW [Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons] framework that the process of Chemical disarmament by Russia has been completed. We didn’t close our facilities. They visited everything they wanted to visit and came to the conclusion which I have just mentioned. The US had to complete its chemical disarmament within roughly the time frame as Russia but has again asked for a reschedule, this time now until early 2020s”.  

  If US is yet to eliminate her stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons what is the guarantee that the said nerve agent did not originate from her stockpiles? And what is the likelihood that by 2020s she will willingly give up her biological and chemical weapons? For US to demand that Russia opens up her chemical and biological facilities for international inspectors, she ought to have given-up her stockpiles and for failing to do so, she lacks the moral, political, military and spiritual audacity to make such statement in the first instance, and for being bold enough to do so she has shot herself fatally. We expect world leaders charged with the responsibility of enforcing peace in the world to be as transparent as possible in keeping to international rules and norms. 

Crimea became part of Russia, through annexation, in 1783, after the defeat of Ottoman forces in the Battle of Kuzludzha about a decade earlier and remained part of Russia until 1954 when Soviet government under the leadership of Nikita Khrushchev [an Ukrainian politician] transferred it to Ukraine. As head of Ukraine, Khrushchev supervised brutal annexation of Western regions of Ukraine [Volynia and Galicia], although occasional armed clashes were prevalent in the region which only stopped after the transfer of Crimea to Ukraine. Apparently, Crimea transfer was merely a political issue aimed at satisfying the ambitions of Nikita Khrushchev. Khrushchev desperately needed this transfer to leverage his bid to wrestle power from the then Soviet Prime Minister, Georgii Malenkov who had greater grip of power after the death of Josef Stalin.

According to the presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet, the reasons for the transfer of Crimea to Ukraine were: -

[i] “The cession of Crimea was a noble act on the part of the Russian people to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the unification of Ukraine and Russia. To evince the boundless trust and love the Russian people feel towards the Ukrainian people”.

[ii] “The transfer was a natural outgrowth of the territorial proximity of Crimea to Ukraine, the commonalities of their economies and the close agricultural and cultural ties between them”

Later references to the political deal rested on “Unity of Russians and Ukrainians and to the great indissoluble friendship between the two peoples. According to some Russian Commentators, the transfer of Crimea, an autonomous republic in Russian to Ukraine was unconstitutional or illegal. The statement of the Chairman of the Presidium of USSR Supreme Soviet, Kliment Veroshilov during his closing remarks at the session on 19th February 1954, attest to this conclusion and is hereby reproduced – “enemies of Russia have repeatedly tried to take Crimea Peninsula from Russia and use it to steal and ravage Russian lands”.

If the transfer of Crimea to Ukraine in 1954 was based on the “Unity of Russians and Ukrainians” it does mean that if anything happened to that Unity, Crimea would be returned to where it was [Russia]. Similarly, if the transfer of Crimea to Ukraine was carried out, through political fiat, by an Ukraine politician who was ruling both countries, then it does carry an implied conclusion that as Ukraine was bidding farewell to Russia, the onus on her was to return Crimea to Russia willingly. If the marriage of Russians and Ukrainians resulted in the transfer of Crimea, then the dissolution of the marriage should also result in the return of the gift. Having chosen to move westwards, Ukraine lost all rights to Crimea, and Russia did not need plebiscite or war to absorb Crimea into her fold.

Following the footprints of George W. Bush who annulled all the key components of US and Russia military agreements, and acting in accordance with the threats of the Joe Biden former US President [in 2013], that any nation that harboured Edward Snowden would pay a costly price, Barrack Obama and all US allies within the EU, plotted and executed maidan protests in 2014, [a year after the said threat], that removed Viktor Yanukovich unconstitutionally. The political, military and economic adventurism in Ukraine by the West can best be assessed in the following ways.

[i] In terms of military benefit, it is a fact that since Russia annexed Crimea in 1783, Crimea has remained the site for Russia’s military bases and facilities as well as the symbol of imperial powers of the Soviet Union. The main goal of the US was to take over those Soviet facilities and turn them into NATO bases and facilities. This goal was however thwarted by the ingenuity of Russian Military.

[ii] Similarly, in terms of economy, the loss of Crimea and the crisis in the Donbass region as well as the persistent corruptive practices of the oligarchs have frustrated all attempts by the West to fix Ukrainian economy despite billions of Euro being pumped into the economy by EU and IMF.

[iii] In like manner, in terms of population and labour about one million Ukrainians leave Ukraine annually to European Union to bridge any deficiency in the skilled manpower requirement of the Union. An implied conclusion that Ukraine has become the source of cheap labour to oil and grease the industrial base of the Union. On 16 October 2018, IMF named Ukraine the poorest country in Europe.

[iv] Lastly, in terms of politics, NATO’s plot to put a wedge in the Russia – Ukraine relationship is successful. However, the success of this goal is at a great cost to Ukraine. Ukraine is on the decline politically and may face further decline as soon as Russia’s industrial base begins to grow stronger. Ironically, western sanctions are providing Russia with all the tools to begin to harness her economic resources with her own know-how and finance. Already Russia’s military technology is one of the best today and if she diverts this military potential to economic sector the story will certainly be different. In finality, the more the West provokes Russia, the more Russia is tasked to be self-sufficient in all theatres of human endeavor.

After the collapse of Soviet Union, Russians were in great poverty, walking the streets of Europe to search for bread and butter. Russian’s military was fashioned towards quantity at the expense of quality and this got worse because of lack of funds to even keep that quantity functional. In plain language, Russia’s military suffered serious deterioration. This was fully exposed in the Georgian war. Based on the above level of decay, all European military experts, public officers, diplomats and journalists were in agreement in stating in very clear terms that Russia’s military had reduced to the third-grade regional power. In the same vein, when Russia decided to embark on military intervention in Syria, Europe made caricature of Russia saying that she was going to suffer the same fate USSR faced in Afghanistan. However, the level of military precision in the take-over of Crimea and its adjoining waters shocked the West. Similarly, Russia used most modern weapons in Syria and achieved a feat that the West thought was not feasible. Russia of today is certainly different from the Russia of the Soviet Union. Military experts are of the view that if this trajectory is maintained Russia may overtake US in areas of superiority of weapons, nuclear arsenal and the means to deliver same by 2025.

MH17, a Malaysia Airline on a scheduled Passenger flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, was shot down on 17th July 2014 while flying over eastern Ukraine. All the 283 passengers and 15 crew members on board were lost. The plane was about 15 km away from Ukraine – Russia border. The flight route and height were altered as the plane approached the conflict zone, and in that state of uncertainty, the plane disappeared from the radar and was later confirmed to have been hit by missiles from the warring parties. After the incident Ukraine closed all routes to eastern Ukraine. On 23 July 2014, the Ukrainian military jets were hit by enemy missiles at the altitude of 17,000 ft. close to the area where MH17 was downed. A proof that MH17 flight altitude was within range of cross missile attacks in the war zone.

According to the convention of International Civil Aviation, the country in which an aviation incident occurs is responsible for the investigation, but this can be delegated to another state. In the fulfillment of this clause, Ukraine delegated this function to the Netherlands which split the investigation into two parts – technical cause of the crash that released its report on 13 October 2015, and the criminal investigation which released its findings in September 2016. May be due to apparent lapses on the part of flight control centers of Ukraine, the country found herself in an awkward position to adjudicate in matters she is largely at fault and opted for the Netherlands which could not resist pressures from the US and UK.

According to News Corp Australia, first rebel soldiers who arrived at the site, assumed that the downed aircraft was an Ukrainian military jet. Investigation from Western sources revealed “that Igor Girkin, the leader of Donbass separatists took credit for downing an Ukrainian aircraft. This news was subsequently reported by channels in Russia”. On 22 July 2014, a rebel fighter revealed to an Italian reporter “that fellow separatists had told his unit that the aircraft was shot down under the assumption that it was Ukrainian”. Again, if rebels mistakenly shot down an unknown plane in a war theatre could they be guilty? Certainly not. The government apparatus that permitted civil aircraft to fly through war zone is to blame.

Several news outlets such as Guardian, the Washington Post, and the Sydney Morning Herald reporters stated “that the air plane is believed to have been downed by a rebel fired missile”. An unnamed American Intelligence official stated that MH17 may have been shot down in error by Pro-Russian separatists and “that the rebel was a former member of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who had defected to the Pro-Russian Separatists”. “On October 8, 2014, the President of the German Federal Intelligence Service [BND], during a German Parliamentary Committee hearing concluded that the Pro-Russian Separatists had used a captured Ukrainian Buk System to shoot down MH17”. On 22 December 2014, the Dutch News Service, [RTC] News published a statement of an unnamed local residence who witnessed the shooting down of MH17, indicating that the plane was shot down by a missile from the rebel territory”

Another investigation team led by Valentyn Nalyvalchenko said that the rebels intended to shoot down Russian airliner in a false flag operation to give Russia a pretext to invade Ukraine but shot down MH17 by mistake. Again this is a perfect military strategy in any military conflict. This technique was adopted by some nations during the second world war as a ploy to drag powerful nations into the conflict.

American and Ukrainian officials claimed that “a 9m33 series surface-to-air missile strike was the most likely cause, and if so, then the missile was fired from a Soviet designed Buk Missile System as this was the only surface-to-air missile system in the region capable of reaching the altitude of commercial air traffic”. According to defense analyst, Red Foster, “the contour of the aluminum and the blistering of the paint around many of the holes in the aircraft fragments indicate that small, high velocity fragments entered the aircraft externally, a damage pattern indicative of an SA – II”. Ballistic Specialist, Stephen Frushing of the Australian National University’s Strategic and Defense studies center said “that it struck the cockpit rather than an engine, it was probably a radar guided than heat seeking missile equipped with a proximity fused warhead such as an SA – II”.  

On 27 July 2014, the Russian Ministry of Defense held a press conference and said “that while the Boeing 777 was crashing, an Ukrainian SU25 ground attack aircraft approached to within 3 to 5 km of the Malaysian airliner. The MOD also claimed that a satellite photograph showed that Ukrainian army moved a Buk Sam Battery to the area close to the territory controlled by the rebels in the morning of 17 July 2014, hours before the crash. They said that installation was then moved away by 18 July”. The Russian government funded outlet, [RT] initially said “that the plane may have been shot down by Ukraine in a failed attempt to assassinate Vladimir Putin, in a plot which was organized by Ukraine’s western backers. This was, however quickly dismissed as Putin’s flight route was going hundreds of kilometers north of Ukraine”.

The Dutch Safety Board issued the final report on the crash on 13 October 2015, which concluded that the crash was caused by a Buk 9m38 series of surface-to-air missile with 9N31 warhead resulting on the loss of 298 occupants of MH17. However, the report did not specify who launched the Buk missile. On the issue of the route of the flight of MH17, it was also confirmed that many airlines had avoided the eastern Ukrainian air space for months prior to the MH17 disaster while many others continued to use the route.

The report recommended that “states involved in armed conflicts should exercise more caution when evaluating their air space and operator should more thoroughly assess the risks when selecting routes over conflict areas”. In December 2014, in a letter to the Security Council, the Netherlands UN representative wrote that “the Dutch government is deliberately refraining from any speculation of accusations regarding responsibility for the downing of MH17. Also in December 2014, the Assistant Secretary of State of the US for Europe and Eurasia submitted all the classified information to the Dutch Investigators and this might have influenced the change of tone in the last report three years thereafter.

On 28 September 2016, the JIT gave a press conference in which it concluded “that the aircraft was shot down with a 9m38 Buk missile. It was also found that the Buk missile system used had been transported from Russia into Ukraine on the day of the crash and then back to Russia after the crash, with one missile less than it arrived with”. On 24 May 2018, after extensive comparative research the JIT concluded that the Buk that shot down the flight came from the Russian 53 Anti-Aircraft Rocket Brigade in Kursk. On 25 May 2018, the governments of the Netherlands and Australia issued a joint statement in which they laid responsibility on Russia for its part in the crash. The Government is now taking the next step by formally holding Russia accountable”.

Having gone through all the above views, two approaches are relevant, namely, the statements of Russia and Pro-Russian rebels and the direction of Ukraine and her masters [the West especially US and UK, the key components of Anglo-American empire]. Unfortunately, the final report rested on the view and conclusions of the latter, and in complete contradiction of the initial stand of the government of the Netherlands, which three years ago, refrained from apportioning legal liability and responsibility. If there were lapses on the side of Ukraine by authorizing the flight of civil aircraft through war zone in eastern Ukraine, it is unreasonable to transfer the causality attached thereto to a neighbor country – Russia.

In similar vein, if Ukrainian rebels [Pro-Russian separatists] shot down MH17 accidentally, it is also unethical, wrong and lacking in law to ask Russia to accept responsibility for acts arising from the recklessness of Ukrainian politicians who opted for power through the back door. Ukraine is wholly in charge of her airspace and should accept full responsibility for crimes or tragedies within her territory. Donbass region is not under Russian administration. Donbass is under the administration of Ukrainian rebels. No sane man would believe the claim that Buk from 53 Anti-Aircraft Rocket Brigade of the Russian Army was ferried to Donbass region purposely to shoot down a civil aircraft with 298 passengers and crew on board.

Most importantly too, if Vladimir Putin’s plane was over Ukrainian airspace at the time of the incident, and more so if there was also a suspicion that the plane would be flying through Donbass, the Government of Ukraine or its Armed Forces would make an attempt to shoot down the plane and blame the rebels. Lastly, we console the families of innocent women and children who became victims of MH17 tragedy and wish the departed, God’s mercy as they continue on the eternal journey. In humility, we state in very clear terms that all the principal actors, either as individuals or as nations in the coup that toppled Viktor Yanukovich shall face the same fate with MH17.

After the above conclusions new facts emerged. The international investigators supplied Russia with the necessary materials that enabled them to reach the conclusion that Russia was responsible for the tragedy of MH17. The examination of the debris supplied by International Investigators prompted the Russian military to state as follows.

“On 17th September 2018, the Russian military said that the serial numbers found on the debris of the Buk missile which downed Malaysian Airline Flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine was produced in 1986. The Projectile was owned by Ukraine. There were two serial numbers found on the fragments of the Missile which shot down the passenger airliner in July 2014 according to an International team of investigators led by the Netherlands. The numbers were marked on the engine and the muzzle of the missile. The Russian military traced the missile to the producer serial number 8868720. It showed that it was produced at a military plant in Dolgoprudny in the Moscow region in 1986. The missile was shipped from the plant on December 29, 1986, and delivered to a military unit 20152 located in what is now Ukraine. It is now called 223rd anti-aircraft defense regiment of the Ukraine Armed Forces. The Unit took part in the Kiev’s crackdown on rebels in eastern Ukraine in June 2014”.

All US Intelligence and Security apparatus, the Democratic Party, the Republican Party and the entire organs of the ‘deep state’ especially the media and the political class are united in the alleged plot not only to paint Russia black but also to use this platform to internationally ostracize Russia economically and militarily. Although Robert Mueller’s Russian investigation is still ongoing, Russia has already been condemned, with virtually all individuals and companies connected with the production and sale of military and energy products under US sanctions. For example, China is currently under US sanctions for buying Russian military equipment and India is likely to be the next target.  

“On October 7, 2016, the office of the Directorate of National Intelligence [ODNI] and the Department of Home Security [DHS] said that the US Intelligence Community was confident that the Russian Government directed recent hacking of emails with the intention of interfering with US election process. ODNI’s report of January 6,2017 stated that the Russian Military Intelligence Service {GRU] had hacked the severs of the Democratic National Committee [DNC] and the personal Google email account of Clinton Campaign Chairman, John Podesta, and forwarded their contents to WikiLeaks. The document also stated that Russian leadership favoured Presidential Candidate Trump over Clinton and that Russian President Vladimir Putin personally ordered and influenced the campaign to harm Clinton’s chances and undermine public faith in the US democratic process”.

The above alleged statements claiming Russia’s involvement in the hacking of DNC severs has been vigorously denied by Moscow. If the onus falls on WikiLeaks to disclose the source of the documents it released, then until such disclosures are made, it is wrong and lacking in law to point accusing fingers at Moscow. Secondly, if the contents of the documents as released by WikiLeaks have not been challenged in matters relating to facts and genuineness, then a rational mind would come to the conclusion that the US society is chasing shadows in its democratic practices and principles. It is only WikiLeaks that can rope Moscow in the accusation of interference in 2016 US election and thereby undermined US democracy.

“Unidentified US official claimed that the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies received President Putin’s authorization in June 2016 to support more favourable candidate that may be more disposed towards Russia, and in this case the choice was Trump, and this was heightened in October when Trump was more likely to win”. The idea was to hype voter’s fraud in order to undermine the legitimacy of the electoral system and Clinton’s Presidency. In May 2018, the Senate Intelligence Committee released the interim report on election security which said that the response of the US DHS on the Russian sponsored effort to undermine confidence in the US voting was inadequate, and stated that the infiltrators lacked the ability to manipulate individual votes and failed to exploit vulnerability of election system.

If the above views are within the borderline of truth, it does mean that Russian organizations merely queued behind the better Presidential candidate as a reinforcement to the yarning of the populace, and secondly a confirmation of ineptness of DHS in the discharge of its statutory duties as well as the ineffectiveness of the so-called Russian hacking. If the alleged Russian hacking did not affect US election results, the claim that the hacking undermined voter’s confidence in the US electoral process does not arise. We should look elsewhere for the US reasons in slamming sanctions on Russia recklessly and unjustly too.

Prof. Philip N Howard of the University of Oxford found that about half of the news on social media prior to the election was junk or fake. Clint Watts, Foreign Policy Research Institute fellow and Senior fellow at the center for Cyber and Home Security at George Washington University and Andrew Weisburd reported to the Daily Beast in August 2016, that Russian propaganda fabricated articles were popularized by social media owned by US citizens, Mark Zuckerberg’s denials as regards accusations of money that passed through his organizations were found to be false and that about126 million dollars of Russian money went through social media in favour of their preferred interests. 

Again, if Russians are being penalized for dishing out their hard earned money to support a candidate of their choice, why has the US Government not taken reciprocal actions to penalize American Social Media which catapulted and weaponized those posts in internet? Those who went to greater length to attempt to bend the thought waves of Americans in the social media or those whose language is the Russian money are of greater danger to the existence of the US as presently constituted. It does confirm that the ‘deep state’ in Washington is merely interested in hoisting Hillary Clinton on the nation. Trump campaign touched on the key fabrics of what the nation needed in 2016, particularly to clean the swamp in Washington, stop US interventions worldwide, limit immigration and enhance job creation.

“After reports from the gang of 8, intelligent allies of the US [including UK, Germany, Estonia, Poland, Australia, the Netherlands and France] on May 23, 2017, Brenan said to the House Intelligent Committee that Russia brazenly interfered in the 2016 US election. At the Aspen Security Conference in Summer 2016. James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence said that Vladimir Putin wanted to retaliate against perceived US intervention in Russian affairs with the 2011 – 13 protests and the ousting of Viktor Yanukovych in 2014 Ukraine crisis”.

From the above, it does signify that the Intelligence Agency of US is no longer relying on its own security inputs. Apart from Germany now trying to organize herself, all other members of the gang of 8, namely UK, Estonia, Poland, Australia, the Netherlands and France are mere satellite colonies of the US and therefore can fake any security report that would serve the goal of US Secret Service. Secondly, James clapper’s statement during Aspen Security Conference is a confirmation that US organized and funded the Russian Protests of 2011 – 13 and Ukraine Maidan protests of 2014. Having come to this naked truth, why won’t Russia react in any way she considers necessary during US elections?

Finally, the Russian probe is still ongoing. It is therefore not safe to draw the final curtain on the issue. However, on 18 August 2018, barely 19 months of frustrating probe, the Senate Intelligence Committee found “no factual evidence on collision between Trump Campaign and Moscow”. If the Senate Probe has no factual evidence of Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election, Trump’s mistrust of the intelligence arm of the US can be adjudged reasonable, more so when he decided to declassify all documents relating to the probe, it was the same security apparatus that prevailed on him not to do so.

[4] [v] The Unseen in the power Equation of Mankind.
“The physical man is the home to one of the seven strands of Divine powers. Unfortunately, this singular divine strand in man passes through seven different moderating substations or clothing in decreasing vibration to give birth and sustenance to the human existence. The outmost clothing of this Divine Energy is the human flesh while the innermost vest of the same force is the vibrant entity called the soul. Therefore, the true spirit personality cannot be decoded until after all the seven clothing the spirit assumes in the making of the flesh and blood form are systematically eliminated”.

“The core differences between Ether and Spirit include that Ether is formless while Spirit has form. Secondly, Ether is one of the seven strands of power emanating from the Second Impulse while Spirit is the First Individualized and personalized skeletal form to house [or rather host] that one seventh of the minutest aspect of the Second Impulse. The union of the above is the origin of individuality in the Cosmos, and the birth of a Force called the Almighty God. It is the pulsation and vibration of this singular strand of the Second Impulse that creates, sustains, and dissolves existence. It is this elusive substance that scientists are looking for in the study of particle physics. Regrettably, great minds in science, material physics and particle physics are thousands of miles away from knocking at the portals of this elusive power”.

“Unfortunately, life, as it does exist on earth and everything therein, was created by Lumechs and Dumechs who travelled from a distant star to mould the environment in the likeness and image of their parentage in that distant star from whence they descended. I, with absolute authority, state that the Planet Earth is mirrored to suit the same environment of the parents of Lumechs and Dumechs. I also state with all the spiritual authority at my disposal that this mystical star is located between 18 to 20 billion light years away. I am merely narrowing the actual location of the star from whence Dumechs and Lumechs descended to fashion the existence of humanoid in the planet, and as I get older, I may be more disposed to provide humanity with the exact location of that star.

“It does imply that the matter man is limited in capabilities and must rely on the vibrating energy of the higher prototypes of the vest the body wears. Without this arrangement the human frame is completely lacking in sustenance, functionality and capabilities. This is why witches, ogbanjes and members of various mystical schools, and Temples are more prone to the understanding of the forces of nature than the ordinary man in the society. In similar manner, priests of various religions who are keeping to the tenets of the spiritual aspects of the faith enjoy this privilege. At the end of it all, and unfortunately too, these privileged individuals resort to dogma as the tool to enslave their followers and turn them into weapons against the society”.

“The physical man is the grossest of the Divine Impulse as it does possess the thinnest divine link which empowers it to procreate and pro-dissolve. However, its actions can only be successful if it is not in conflict with the actions of its higher prototype. These higher porotypes are Gods to the ones below. This is the structure of life as seen by man and the forces of nature driving and activating man. In like manner, the entire structure of the physical world including our scientific tools such as microscope and telescope are framed on the same principles”.

“In the same vein, the world as known to the grossest aspect of divinity, is a product of Maya [illusion] and this drastically reduces our capability to reasonably and freely appreciate the limitless flexibility inherent in the workings of the cosmos. Accordingly, Nature augments these shortcomings by providing us with additional support such as Gods, principalities and powers, spiritual Travellers known to man as aliens, and the head of the spiritual council which is known to some as the Messiah, Lucifer or the Avatar. Similarly, those of us who have chosen to forsake the economic and materials things of this world in exchange for spiritual enlightenment fit into this class. Priests of mystical and religious orders who are pure in heart as well as conform completely to the teachings of the faith graduate to this level of spirituality. Most importantly too, carriers of Agwu [Audiolife] enjoy similar status because Agwu itself is known ‘as the past, embracing the present and living into the future or the Divine wave that moulds and remoulds nature and life ad infinitum. The wheel of nature is the root of the cyclic principle in creation”.

“The political and military leaders did come to this basic truth centuries ago and since then have continued to ensure that they do not embark on political and military campaigns without seeking the blessing and support of those higher beings through priests of their religions. Unfortunately, this natural and all-embracing power became fragmented and localized to suit the pursuits of the Valour, the Politician, and the Rich. Overtime these micro power points were established in various continents of the world and the so called fragmentation polarized various communities and sovereign countries leading to the rise and fall of empires. The present empire, the Anglo-American hegemony which does co-opt EU, Japan and South Korea is an example of what is being said”. – Chief Nkwo Nnabuchi 

As the Second World war was ending a new Avatar was born in the jungle of Africa where there was very little to sustain him. He received the mantle of spiritual power otherwise called the Rod of Universal Power in the Leopard Temple in 1975 but relocated to the Hot Temple in the spiritual colony in 2005 where He is expected to spend the rest of His tenure which shall come to an end in 2286, more than 260 years from now. Ditu is a bit different from His predecessors on two issues, firstly His tenure is very short and secondly He opted to hierarchically harmonize all the spiritual footprints of the past.

The official name of this power point is Ditu which may be different from other names He might occasionally use in various manifestations in the discharge of His mission. He shall be the absolute ruler of the world spiritually for 311 years and then handover to His successor, Sher Sheba in 2286 in the Leopard Temple. He is also known to the spiritual heads of sovereign states and the continents as the Chief Spiritual World power as well as the only Timeless Saviour closest to the material world of now. Most importantly too, He is as well regarded as the Supreme Son of the ‘Almighty’ in matters regarding the existence of the human personality. 

For clarity, the first two impulses which created the cosmos are formless but it is the third tier of existence that is clothed in the shape of spirits in whose form we are. In other words, the black prince is the supreme son of Lumechs and Dumechs, the creators of man on the planet earth. As the Chief Spiritual World power, Ditu does possess the power to mould and remould the life of man in the planet earth or parts thereof as He considers fit and proper. This is so because all spiritual centers, religions, cults, paths and personalities come under His jurisdiction. All Spiritual bases, temples, and the like paths and cults whose operations are inconsistent with His pursuits, ambitions and interests are liable to dissolution. 

Lastly, if the prophecies of Nostradamus are the decisions of the spiritual council in the Leopard Temple, be assured that Ditu would execute it flawlessly in so far as it falls within the time frame of this mandate. Ditu will handover to Sher Sheba who would rule the world spiritually for over 800 years.

Before now, regional as well as global contests, wars and rivalries rested on Metaphysics, economy and military capabilities of contending parties or countries. But this posture has not taken the World a step forward on the path of peace. The present hegemonic power [the Anglo-American Empire] compels the world to accept either servitude or destruction, and has deployed all the overwhelming advantages in economics and military to achieve this feat now or never. Lately US and her allies organized and executed the balkanization of Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia and the invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, as well as staged uprising in Syria as a ploy to topple the legitimate government of Syria. The same technique was employed in Ukraine. All these acts violated the rights of Sovereign nations as enshrined in the United Nation Charter. Too, the world is yet to recover from the devastation of the second world war which was due to the failure of the League of Nations. Russia alone lost more than 27 million people to tame the second Anti-Christ. Unfortunately, US, the most beneficiary of the defeat of Hitler is treading the same path now. Hitler destroyed the league of nations as he was preparing to embark on the second world war. Donald Trump is following the footsteps of Hitler. If this trajectory is continued, we are about to face another great tragedy. Let us hope that we have not reached a point of no return in igniting the flame of the third world war.

Within the last few years, the world spiritual council under the leadership of Ditu worked tirelessly to put in place new guidelines which have been passed to the spiritual leaders of sovereign states for guidance and implementation. Spiritual leaders of sovereign states are expected to prevail on their political and military leaders to follow to the letter the contents of the document handed over to them. The essential reason for this move is to eliminate reckless interferences in internal affairs of independent states and the accompanying breaches of their sovereignty. It is our view that these unlawful incursions often lead to political tensions, war and may likely lead to thermonuclear annihilation. Failure on the part of spiritual bases of these sovereign states to completely adhere to the directives of the world’s spiritual council may not only lead to the loss of such spiritual bases but also the extinction of all the policies and their attached benefits including military, economic and political ones.

We have said earlier that US election in 2016, and the last British referendum on whether to continue with EU or not were decided by the Global Spiritual Council. If Donald Trump fails to keep to the terms he reached with the spiritual lords, he does breach his contract with them and exposes US to penalties and consequences of default. The Spirit of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, standing on the power configuration of her ancestors demanded that the sovereignty of Great Britain be restored. The battle now in UK is between the benefits of sovereignty and satisfaction of migrants and the attached citizens unwilling to pay the necessary price for freedom. On the part of US, the battle is between those who want US to return its old self and the forces that believe in the ideology of Anglo-American Empire which thrives through world domination. Unfortunately, history has taught us that world domination is not forever, one sun must set for another to rise.

The US and UK are key components of Anglo-American empire, the seat of power of mankind of today. If for any reason these two nations became repulsive to the pursuits, interests and ambitions of Ditu and His team, the future of the western world would be seriously threatened. We advise the spiritual bases and tools of the Anglo-American empire to comply with all the directives as handed over to their spiritual leaders and representatives in the Global Spiritual Council.

[5] The Dialectical consequences of Western Adventurism

Since 2000 which synchronized with barely 10% of the tenure of the new Messiah, Ditu has featured not only in many spiritual meetings throughout the globe, but has become more assertive in determining the outcome of such meetings. The 2000 US general election of Bush and Al Gore was won marginally by Al Gore. But the US spiritual platform opted for Bush [disregarding US values and norms which dictate that whosoever secures the highest vote becomes duly elected] with the following statement – “For coming so close and for being an opposition candidate his score is as good as the mandate of the people of America”. The returning officer accepted this decision with a proviso.

About a year later, US faced 11th September disaster. Bush went to war in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as abrogated major US-Russia nuclear treaties including ABM Treaty. Bush also authorized major military establishments along Russian borders and orchestrated the death of Saddam. At the end of Bush’s tenure, Obama, the first African-American was elected President of US. He catapulted American colonial interests by reinforcing American military might around Russian borders; instituted Arab Spring, the origin of the present refugee crisis which has become a menace to Europe; orchestrated the death of Gadhafi; organized the ongoing war in Syria and Yemen; masterminded the expulsion of Russia from G8 and supervised the maidan protests in Ukraine that led to the balkanization of Ukraine.

Trump was brought on board to make America great again which carries some consequences, the likes of which include the unfolding Geo-political dynamics in the world. More military hardware are flying to Russian borders [Balkan and Baltic regions, Poland, the Netherlands, Sweden Romania, Ukraine and the like]. Trump, including the hawks [Nikki Haley, John Bolton, Mike Pompeo and Stephen Mnuchin] in attempt to liberate US and make US great again appears to be creating more enemies for US as well as sowing the seed of the birth of a New World Order. Hitler adopted these tactics in 1930s, before he struck, and may be Donald Trump is moving in the same direction.

Malign behavior of Russia is one of the key weapons in the hands of western leaders in their attempts to smear Putin. This hysteria is becoming very embarrassing to seekers of truth worldwide. Accusations ranging from hacking 2016 US election, WADA and OPCW computers through skripal nerve poisoning to the crash of MH17 are signs of bad omen. The claim of assertive Russia in Syria and Ukraine creates the impression that the West is fast loosing relevance in the political arena of mankind. Trump’s bulling of European nations show how far Europe has degenerated. If US leadership could talk about billions of billions of dollars Germany is paying to Russia for her energy needs, then it appears that US does not look at history.

Firstly, US attacked Germany in the second world war, apparently without any threat from Germany. If this is the case US has been the core enemy of Germany since then and shall remain so tomorrow. Recently, Trump urged Britain to pull out of EU because it is becoming a German empire. Secondly, Germany abrogated all treaties with Russia and launched surprise attacks against Russian Federation unjustly during the second world war. Surprisingly, Russia marched through eastern Europe and defeated Hitler. History therefore, does compel Germany to retrace her steps and begin to close the gap between Moscow and Berlin because there is every likelihood that the Anglo-American hegemony will ask her head at a later date, more so, now that UK is going back to her root with a plan to kick start a new Anglo-American framework. 

In 1962, the world was on brink of nuclear war primarily because of Russian missiles in Cuba. Russia bowed down to US blockade and international pressure, and dismantled her military hardware in Cuba. Since then Russia wrote-off all Cuban debts and retained those facilities at least for the next 50 years, but refrained from installing military assets there. Unfortunately, US soldiers, offensive and defensive military hardware including those capable of carrying thermonuclear weapons are amassed along Russian borders from Baltic through eastern Europe to the Balkans, in flagrant violation of treaties that barred US and NATO’s presence in Eastern Europe. If Russia has refrained from establishing bases equipped with her modern weapons in Cuba and Venezuela, then US and NATO’s presence along Russian borders is a gross provocation and disregard to international commitment which is likely to trigger third World War.  

The main victors in the second world war, in descending order, are Russia, US, Britain and to an extent France. Unfortunately, US, Britain and France were on the western arm of the battle field while the Soviet Union was on the Eastern front. So far no Russian soldiers and modern equipment can be seen situated along US, British and French borders but these veto wielding permanent members of UNSC have their soldiers and key military assets along Russian borders under the guise of NATO. If Russian soldiers and equipment are not patrolling the borders of US, UK and France, the spiritual leaders of the world find it difficult to accept the arguments of the West and have advised US, UK and France as well as those NATO satellite countries that they are on the wrong side of truth, fairness and equity.

The Western Press is awash with the conclusion that Russia is weak. According to Ted Gallen Carpenter, - “Today Russia is weak and cannot be an existential threat like USSR”, which was a Superpower while hostile pundits and politicians assert that Moscow’s “alleged interference in 2016 US election constituted an attack on US which is akin to Pearl Harbour and 9/11”. Russia is not Soviet Union, and secondly nobody is in doubt of Russia’s weakness. But if US is frightened about North Korea Nukes, then it is nonsensical to regard the views of Ted Gallen Carpenter. Secondly, the size of Russia and her military capabilities [even in its present state of weakness] makes it impossible for US to knock-out Russia’s capabilities through pre-emptive strike, and if this is the true scenario then Russia’s response shall be total and existential in nature. 

On the alleged hacking of DNC and the purported interference in the US 2016 election [especially views as expressed by Russians and posted in the internet but weaponized by US citizens] cannot be likened to Pearl Harbour attack by the Japanese during the second world war or the tragedy of 9/11 which was a function of the recklessness of the spiritual elite of US. Snowden revelation dents US argument that another country is after her in Cyber Warfare. Lastly, any military attack on Russian Federation as was the case with Japan and Afghanistan, will result in Nuclear annihilation of the human race, including North America, Europe, Russia, countries bordering the Korean Peninsula, Middle East, Australia, etc.

The US has indicated she is withdrawing from INF Treaty, despite apparent advantages she had when the treaty was signed in 1987. On 25 October 2018, Russian Foreign Minister, Sergel Lavrov said that John Bolton made it clear to Moscow that Washington had already made up its mind about tearing the treaty and that the withdrawal would be announced in about a month and half.

In an opinion piece published in the New York Times, former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev stated that “a new arms race has been announced. The INF Treaty is not the first victim of the Militarization of the world affairs. In 2002, the United States withdrew from Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty; this year from the Iran Nuclear Deal. But as we have seen during the past two years, the President of the United States has a very different purpose in mind. It is to release the United States from any obligations, any constraints, and not just regarding nuclear missiles. The United States has, in effect, taken the initiative in destroying the entire system of international treaties and accords that served as the underlying foundation for peace and security following World War II. I hope that Russia will take a firm but balanced stand. I hope that American allies will, upon sober reflection, refuse to be launch pads for new American missiles”.

At a recent verbal fracas, during UN committee debate on the US withdrawal from INF Treaty, US stated that “Russia is preparing for war” while Russia’s response was that “US is preparing war” and that “it is a bit like a thief marauding outside homes and then complaining that homeowners are installing threatening burglar protection systems”. The US has troops in about 150 countries covering nearly 80 percent of all nations in the planet. Also of importance is that in October 2018, Ramstein Air Base in Germany received 100 containers of Ammunition, the largest since NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999.  

On 29 August 2018, the Prime Minister of Israel said – “The Middle East is no place for the weak. The weak crumble, are slaughtered and erased from history while the strong, for good or ill survive. The strong are respected and alliances are made with the strong, and in the end peace is made with the strong. No agreement between Syria and Iran will deter us. Whoever threatens us with destruction puts himself in similar danger, and in any case will not achieve his goal”. On 5 October 2018, in an address to the Council on Foreign Relations, former Secretary of State, John Kerry said – “both Saudi Arabia’s late King Abdullah and Egypt’s ousted President Hosni Mubarak demanded that US should attack Iran”. Mr. Netanyahu claimed that “Israel lobbied US to pull out of Iran Nuclear Deal”.

Statements of John Kerry and Netanyahu confirm media reports that majority of US obnoxious policies originate from selfish desires of allies. A clearer understanding why US not only turns a blind eye to all criminal activities of her friends or allies but also rise, [without regard to the level of humiliation] in the defense of such heinous crimes against humanity. As long as allies are willing to surrender their foreign policy, defense and economy to US, it becomes obligatory on the part of US to assume those responsibilities on behalf of such allies, and US, with all political, military and economic superiority, is willing to push enemies of her allies to the borders of extinction. This is the basis of US hegemony.

If US hostility towards Iran is to satisfy Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Israel, it is also an indication that US antagonism against Russia must have as well been due to pressures from EU, and Russian neighbours such as Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Baltic counties and Balkan enclave. This explains why EU, despite economic losses, is deep into the course to destroy Russia. As long as US military interests are factored into all anti-Russian sentiments, US is willing to accept all EU expansionist postures towards former Soviet enclave.

The same argument is true in the ongoing crisis between US and North Korea. Recently, North and South Korea reached broad understanding on the way forward in improving the lots of their two nations but US was furious because South Korea never sought necessary approvals from her before the deal was sealed. If Trump could roll back the agreement between North and South Korea, it is a tacit acknowledgement that South Korea is a colony of US. Lastly, it is a confirmation that South Korea, Japan and lately Taiwan cannot claim to be members of free world if they are adjudged incompetent to deal freely with other independent and sovereign nations. Putin is then right to say that only four nations are independent, namely, US, China, India and Russia.

On 28 October 2018 [today], Chinese President XI Jinping ordered the nation’s military group that monitors the South China Sea and Taiwan to “prepare for war. It is necessary to strengthen the mission and concentrate on preparations for fighting a war. We have to step up combat readiness exercises and confrontational exercises to enhance service men’s capabilities and preparation for war”. The China’s Minister of Defense noted that “China will take decisive steps regardless of the cost to preserve its territorial integrity and repel attempts to separate Taiwan from the country”.

If the spiritual war that took place around China and its adjoining neighbourhood and waters was not stopped from rolling down to physical manifestation, we ought to take this latest military instruction from XI Jinping very serious. We do hope that US attempts to contain China now or never does not lead to a very serious military conflict likely to pull-in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and the Hawkish western partners in the guise of NATO. However, if this scenario does play out, Russia may be compelled to join the war and this certainly will change the military calculus.

Israel’s view that Middle east is not a place for the weak is not contestable, after all Israel is the twin brother of the US, the most powerful nation in the world as well as the only superpower in economics, politics and military. Netanyahu merely stated the official constitution of the US. Similarly, whatever is condemned by the US receives international condemnation and whatever position US takes in any issue becomes the position of International Community. Strangely, too, enactment of the US Congress supersedes that of the Security Council of the UN. This explains why US is at war, economically, with the rest of the world and so far has won convincingly.

If US defense expenditure is more than that of the next eight nations put together, including the other four permanent members of the Security Council, it does imply that US is unstoppable in her march to subdue the world. Unfortunately, geo-political, arithmetic as detailed above has to be married with metaphysical calculations, if the above benefits can be realized. An example of the above circumstances may be related to the case of David, with hundreds of wives and hundreds of concubines, against Uriah and his only wife [as documented in the Christian Holy Text, the Bible].

If China, India and Russia are merely seeking to exercise their sovereign rights as per UN Charter, they are likely to be propped up by the August Tribunal to which the weak never appeal in vain and when this does occur the geo-political, geo-military and geo-economic templates of the world must be adjusted in favour of the weak. Incidentally, the Head of the Spiritual Authority of mankind is neither from the Anglo-American empire and Europe nor from China, India and Russia, an indication that fairness and equity shall prevail in the decision making process of the Spiritual Council

“If the orchestrated diplomatic row between EU and Russia that involved the recall of over 150 diplomats each from Russia and EU on the issue of Skripal nerve poisoning without thorough investigation”; if Russia was sanctioned on the issue of MH17 “without through investigation”; and if Russia was sanctioned on the issue of interference in 2016 US election “without thorough investigation”; why is the West insisting on “thorough investigation” on the issue of the death of Jamal Khashoggi in Saudi Arabia Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey? This not only unmasks the true identity of the West but also questions mankind belief that the West can be trusted in international arena.

It is not an overstatement that European leaders have lost their bearing in the defense of freedom and democracy in their base. President Macron, like other EU leaders, was quoted as having endorsed the creation of European army to defend Europe against Russia, China and even the United States, but was quickly corrected by a French historian, Dr. Edouard Husson in the following words, - “That Russian Empire and the Soviet Union suffered 5 million deaths, civilian and military, during the first world war and 27 million deaths, civilian and military, between 1941 – 1945. Such is the toll paid by the Tsarist Empire and the Soviet Union in the defense of freedom in Europe”. On the basis of this fact, Russia is a major Guarantor of freedom, peace and democracy in Europe. Consequently, Germany, France and Italy are being urged to ensure that European Union reaches an understanding with Russian in areas of economy and defense within six months effective from 28th of November 2018. This is very important and needs compliance. 

Lastly, at the rate the world is moving, especially regarding the level of lawlessness or impunity being exhibited by the US with tacit support of Europe and Japan, it is likely that a new ‘World Order’ will be actualized between now and 2055. Similarly, it must be expressed, clearly too, that the cyclic principle in life cannot be either delayed or stopped during the administration of Ditu. Having established a common template for the spiritual administration of humanity, we state categorically that from now onward, any spiritual base, platform, force or entity unwilling to queue in line with the newly established hierarchical structure to maintain peace and order in the planet wherein we find ourselves shall bear the burden of disobedience. This is the new spiritual law and shall remain in force till 2286.

Issued by the Spiritual Services Department of the Holy Order, in accordance with the seal of the Grandmaster, as per our reference – KLCB/FUA/01 of 28th October 2018