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The Walk to Spiritual Authority - Part 3

Our Teachings

The third impulse, in whose multiple shapes and images we fit in, is the Spiritual Being whose pulsating activities dictate what we term culture and its accompanying religious practices. Religion is therefore inherent in every child because as the spark-in-embodiment descends, in accordance with the theory of devolution, all the characteristics of the descending bodies manifest such qualities in miniature or micro forms which in this case we refer to as humanity. Religion, the false face which spirituality wears to exist in the Lower Kingdom, is therefore inherent in man’s births and deaths repeatedly as long as he walks along the eternal path. Accordingly, religion is not imported but rather clothed with varying alternatives which become necessary as cultures coalesce. This devolution is heightened by our dreams and visions, and in attempt to marry our inner activities with their outward counterparts, we begin to mould our words, deeds, actions, and persuasions to fall in line with the directives of our phantoms. This is the birth of amalgama of faiths, cultures and traditions.

Religion is a function of the activities of our phantoms (spirits, souls, the dead and ghosts) as they navigate the challenges of our out-of-body activities. There are two key components as we walk on the sands of time, namely, the worship of the dead, often clothed and referred to as the traditional worship, paganism and ancestral worship, and secondly as witchcraft, the route to self-security in the mortal kingdom. The worships of the dead and witchcraft are not only the oldest religions on the face of the earth but still remain relevant in the administration of countries and continents of the world of now, and shall continue to be indispensable in man’s quest for spiritual power.

We have repeatedly stated that if the physical is a product of our phantom, and if the physical is the product of our parentage, culture and the like, the phantom must have been tied to the same cultural passage even before it does so psychically and physically. The argument that the parentage determines the lineage of the phantom is not tenable, because our birth is based on the descent curve and not on the ascent curve. The axiom of “as above so below” teaches us that whatever happens in our physical lives had happened in the lives of our phantoms. What occurs in our physical life is merely a shadow of what did take place previously in our phantom’s lives.

As the spirit descends, it wears varying bodies to enable it exist at different energy levels until it lands on the physical world. The knotting together of our phantoms and the phantoms of the powerbase of our ancestral lineage is a precondition for our physical birth in the lineage. This is the bond between the living and his ancestors, and any attempt to break same is a crime against humanity, spirituality and God. To live a fulfilled life in the matter kingdom rests on the stamina inherent in the descending phantom or on the ability of our physical self to be completely assimilated into the doctrine of witchcraft, which on itself, rests on the survival of the fittest, the golden rule of existence. The stamina inherent in the incarnating phantom includes its score card and the spiritual template of the ancestral base through which the phantom assumes physical embodiment. I repeat for emphasis that man is in the image of phantom. Only those who, erroneously and foolishly too, believe in the reality of the flesh, the dress of the phantom, do state otherwise.

It is an indisputable fact that everybody is infused with the Divine Spark, the pulsating Divine Essence which fashioned the fun arena where one form of the body must depend on other forms of life to exist. Each life is armed with adequate potency to carry out its own activities, namely, birth (germination), growth, decay and death. Although man is infused with higher potency than other life forms we have so far encountered in the planet wherein we dwell. The higher the potency, the higher the ability to procreate or modify the template of those on the lower rungs of the ladder of potency. We are pawns in the hands of gods because they possess higher potency than we do. In this discourse, we are focusing on the worship of the dead.


Igbos are facing both physical and spiritual oblivion. They are victims of the second stage of religious colonization, this time around from our western brothers. Igbos, on themselves, ignited the flame of destruction and handed same over to our western brothers who increased the intensity of the flame and used same to make us stooges. Without regard to the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, our sons and daughters began to dismantle every vestige of our traditional institution. Parents were disowned and allowed to starve to death because they disagreed with their siblings on the issue of faith. Our shrines and tools of traditional establishments were either razed on the ground or carted away to an unknown destination. By so doing, they dispossessed themselves of all the arms of offensive and defensive mechanism of their root. They exposed themselves to all forms of spiritual attacks which overwhelmed them, and this gave rise to our expulsion from the seat of power of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Since then, Igbos have been banished from the political, economic, spiritual and administrative hub of Nigeria, and may remain in the state of comatose for a very long time except we retrace our steps.

Our western brothers, the children of Oduduwa, took advantage of our stupidity, greed and foolishness, blended of course with lack of love amongst ourselves and ambushed our mind, spirit and soul. And by so doing, they put us under their ambit politically, economically and militarily. Despite our numerical strength in Christianity, the president of CAN, the heads of the Anglican Communion and the Catholic Church have remained elusive to our sons. There is however no likelihood that this position will change in the near future because the sons and daughters of Oduduwa are articulate, focused as well as attend to Nigerian issues collectively and with one mind. They are controlling Christianity, traditional worship, witchcraft as well as being completely aligned with the North which earned them the right to occupy the second seat in Islamism.

Similarly, in regard to politics, especially within the Fourth Republic, they have become President of Nigeria for eight years and the Vice president for five years, yet they are unwilling to cede powers to Ndi-Igbo. South East mass support to PDP in all elections since 1999 is not yet a factor in considering us eligible for either of the positions. What a tragedy. Prior to independence, Azikiwe was betrayed by the sons of Oduduwa. They did so to Okpara in 1964 and just hours before the civil war, Awolowo betrayed Ojukwu and approved the use of hunger and starvation as the essential tool of warfare. Lastly, Obasanjo removed Igbo Language as one of the Nigerian three languages.

However, it is necessary to look at the other side of the coin. The decision of the West to betray Igbos was within the borders of legitimacy because Igbo politicians failed to factor the creation of Midwest from Western Region and the conviction of the head of Oduduwa clan for treasonable felony and conspiracy before attempting a warm handshake across the Niger. It was suicidal for NCNC to seek advantageous alliance from the bruised sons of Oduduwa. Since 1964, the great sons of Oduduwa have been in charge of bureaucracy, economy and civil service of Nigeria as well as being in firm control of all the country’s professional bodies and associations. What an incredible feat and achievement. The Yorubas were able to achieve this great progress because they have remained absolutely loyal to the spiritual base of their ancestors, but only resort to Christianity and Islamism as organs to enhance their capability in economy, politics and leadership.

Obasanjo received the instrument of surrender of Biafra Republic from Philip Effiong in January 1970, but after 30 years and as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, he became the champion-in-chief of the balkanization of Nigeria through corruption, and was bold enough to say that he would be the last President of Nigeria. His adopted son, Goodluck Jonathan who took over from Umaru Yar-adua, echoed the same view. Some few years ago, prominent sons of Oduduwa, under the leadership of Baba travelled to South Africa where they raised over 400 billion naira for the agenda to balkanize Nigeria. Again, a very high percent of the fund was channeled through a former senate president and SGF of South East extraction, purposely to use Igbos as foot soldiers to do the dirty work. Similarly, and for more than 10 years, traditional rulers of the South East extraction were periodically ferried to somewhere in the Former Cross River State where they received fat envelopes and pleasurable items in exchange to queue in line in the balkanization agenda.

Two recent events in Igbo land raised very serious issues concerning the state of mind of Igbo leadership. When Buhari was commissioning new structures in memory of Late Nnamdi Azikiwe (Zik’s Mausoleum), majority of Igbo Governors and the entire leadership of Ohaneze failed to show up at the occasion under the pretext of another meeting in Enugu. The second event was a very shameful meeting in Ozubulu, Anambra State, under the chairmanship of Chief Mbazulike Amaechi, the boy is good, which tended to reconcile the apex leadership of Ndi-Igbo with a proscribed organization, IPOB. Surprisingly, Mbazulike Amaechi participated in all acts which led to the conviction and imprisonment of Chief Obafemi Awolowo, the creation of Midwest out of Western Region, and the suicidal alliance of NCNC/AG which nailed Ndi-Igbo to the coffin of everlasting relegation and banishment from the corridors of power of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He ought to have known the severity of the offence in dealing with those being charged of treasonable felony and conspiracy and the consequences of leading the apex leadership of Ndi-Igbo in this embarrassing dialogue.

Having gone through Egyptian, Greek and Roman Cultures, two techniques appear to be widely in vogue, namely, the modernization of existing cultural platforms and the assimilation of incoming faith into the existing culture. The Yorubas followed both paths in blending the existing with foreign aspects. They embraced Islam and Christianity and fitted them into their cultural platform. In the creation of Ogboni fraternity, they modernized their cultural rituals and approaches as well as broadened its operational sequence to accommodate non-yorubas into certain arms of their cultural tools, keeping to themselves only those powers which make them unique. The same is the case in the making of Christianity and all mystical groups arising therefrom, such as Free Masonry and the like. I advise my Igbo brothers to follow the footsteps of our western brothers and return to their ancestral and primordial spiritual platforms, modernize aspects of same and begin to induct non-indigenes into them, while holding tightly those things which make them unique. If our great dibias could stop death and birth for 7 years, it is not in doubt that something very unique is in Igbo land.

To embark on a project solely on the basis of inducement from external pressures, particularly from our southern brothers who opposed the Biafran experiment in 1967, is certainly catastrophic. The bloated dogma that we shall excel IF Biafra is realized is false. If after 50 years of the capitulation of Biafra, our economic hubs of Aba and Onitsha became relocated out of the Igbo enclave and have since remained there because of lack of unity, insecurity and infrastructural facilities, backed of course by the limitations of geography, it is doubtful that the proposal is in good faith. It is likely to be the last betrayal that will wipe Igbo enclave from history. What happened between Carthage and Rome is on the drawing board of our adversary. If President Goodluck Jonathan told Ndi-Igbo that his people refused to allow the dredging of River Niger through their soil, why are Igbos deceiving themselves by thinking that something good will come from our southern brothers, if Ndi Igbo is stretched to extinction.

Despite the above shortcoming of Ndi Igbo, the veto which determined whether the balkanization of Nigeria shall be feasible or not is in the hands of the primordial powerbase of Ndi Igbo, and that the power, in its infinite mercy, has pitched its tent with the indivisible New Nigeria. All acts inconsistent with its decisions are acts of nullity. The battle for the survival of one Nigeria commenced in the spiritual realm even before Obasanjo muted the idea of third term. What happened in the National Assembly on the issue is well known to all of you, but that did not brush aside the plan of the third term which was a code name for the balkanization of Nigeria. The programme to balkanize Nigeria now is a collective action of the elite of the South West and sections of Eastern Nigeria where the Third Marine Division passed through to get to Igbo Heart Land.

In the early hours of Obasanjo’s second tenure, the spiritual conference on the balkanization of Nigeria was called in Benin, the former spiritual headquarters of Nigeria. 2100 delegates were accredited for the meeting and voting. South West produced the highest number of delegates. Former Midwest region, Kogi, Cross River and Benue, in descending number of delegates, came second, while only a handful delegates from a tribe living in between Adamawa and Taraba followed closely. Another tribe in Kebbi State also produced some delegates while other scanty delegates came from North East, North West and South East in descending proportion. However, delegates from the western region alone accounted for more than one-third of the total number of accredited delegates. Leaders of Oduduwa clan ensured that every Yoruba person eligible to vote attended the meeting.

1200 plus delegates voted for the break-up of the country while 800 plus delegates voted in support of the existence of one Nigeria. They did not realize that a veto carrying delegate was in their midst, and of Igbo extraction. As the western delegates were celebrating their victory, the veto carrying guru cast his veto and this made the election null and void. And as the victorious delegates descended on him, he chanted the most secret and powerful word that tore the gate of God apart, unleashing a force that brought calm and order and as well endorsed and legalized the verdict of the veto. Nigeria was saved from fragmentation.

That Nigeria was slated for balkanization in 2015 is true. Baba, armed with the tree of life and small child in his spiritual belly, established that programmed which was collaborated by the US Secret Service. Unfortunately, Baba failed to factor the ancient power base of Ndi-Igbo which was tilting towards a credible Northerner capable of restoring order in the polity of Nigeria and effect the reversal of the drift into anarchy and disintegration. Regrettably, Buhari who was finally chosen faced four major challenges in his presidency, namely, he over-relied on Tinubu and his cohorts, despite advises since 2005 that the intention of Obasanjo and his brothers was to move out of the umbrella of one Nigeria; secondly, he accepted the terms of the peace accord under Abusalam Abubakar and thereby accepted the continuation of the decay, corruption and maladministration which Obasanjo instituted as the vehicle to divide the country peacefully; thirdly he was unable to check the excesses of his kit and kin who increased the tempo of corruption and therefore became pawns and willing tools in the hands of Obasanjo’s team; and fourthly and most importantly too, he ignored the instruction of the Spiritual Council which brought him on board to fulfill the aspiration of poor Nigerians who died in various venues waiting to see and hear him during 2003, 2007 and 2011 campaigns.

While our South West brothers pretended to be working with Buhari, they were interested in furthering the goals of Baba. It is too late to cry because we willingly chose this course which comes with a very humiliating price. However, having decided on the new Nigeria, the power that used the guru in the South East to veto the decision arrived at the spiritual election is determined to achieve its goal of a united and indivisible Nigeria but maybe through a very painful operation. The birth of New Nigeria is a certainty and will usher in a credible administration in the country which could last for over 250 years, effective from 2020. This programme has as well been endorsed by the global spiritual council. This decision is however not without reasons which I am not competent to address in this discourse.


Man’s religious worship can be classified into two forms; The worship of Gods that existed before the origin of mankind and the worship of our kit and kin who lived and died before us. The belief in and reverence to the seven Gods who created us and their various phantoms as they walked down the ladder of creation to create the lower kingdoms including the realm of the dead can be termed the worship of the Gods. In the same vein, our reverence to our kit and kin who walked along the path of life, ate from the proceeds of the soil and had died can be classified as the worship of the dead. In other words, all those who did live the type of life we now enjoy and faced death are the dead. All sons of God, saints, great spiritual authorities on divine mission as well as divine kings are also included in the classification of the dead. The belief in and reverence to ancestors as depicted in the Christian bible is, in itself, the worship of ancestors. Lastly, all the power points in man’s quest to knock at the door of immortality or to enter the portals of heaven are under the umbrella of the dead.

In the Divine Web and its Basic Tools, I made it clear that there are three different stages in our walk from the highest spiritual plane through the phantom (spirits, souls, and their shadows) to the man of flesh and blood. A proof that there are various phases of religious or cultural activities beyond the world of humanity. What obtains in the physical realm is certainly a reflection of what obtains in the lives of our various phantoms. The higher we move up the ladder of spirituality, the more spiritual our cultural and religious techniques reflect the reality in the power configuration available to us, while the lower we descend, the more we are prone to manipulation, the necessary ingredient in the threatre of fun wherein we are consigned to. If the above scenario is the basis of our religious practices, the insinuation that one is better than the other is likened to the pot calling the kettle black. The more the religion tilts towards dogma, the more the religion derails from reality.

All the primitive peoples of the world were and are still united in the practice of paganism. From the Chaldeans, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans through Hindus, Druids and the Aborigines of Australia to the so-called savages of the South Sea Islands and the blacks in whatever continent they are found are tied together in the practice of paganism. An indication that all religions originated from the same common pool. Colonel J. Garner R. E. in the worship of the Dead echoed the same view – “they must have all derived their religious ideas from a common source and a common centre. Everywhere we find the most startling coincidences in rites, ceremonies, customs, traditions and in the names and relations of their respective Gods and Goddesses”.

Unfortunately, Faber’s works on pagan idolatry and Catlin’s works on North American Indians stated – “that with the exception of Negro races, there is hardly a nation or tribe in which does not possess a tradition of the destruction of flood” “It would also appear probable the observance of this festival was intimately connected with, and perhaps initiated that worship of the dead which, as we shall see, was the central principle of the ancient idolatry”. The two writers, possibly of the stock of Christianity and while accepting the universality of paganism, raised two key issues which need to be addressed.

According to World Book Dictionary, Idolatry means the worship of idols or the worship of persons or things. If this is true, as it has proven to be, every religion is guilty of the worship of idol, the dead and veneration of all facets of nature, whether observed physically, psychically or spiritually. Christians worship images, saints, martyrs and sons of God because either they once existed or they do exist now. On the issue of deluge, it is of significant interest that the ancient Negroes never talked of deluge, apparently because they never witnessed it. If our creators landed in Africa which, in its totality, never witnessed the devastating effect of the deluge, maybe the so-called world-wide cataclysm must have been caused by other factors.

This widely accepted deluge might have been triggered by the periodic movement of the rigid tectonic plates which have over millions of years determined “the structure of our continents and oceans, the formation of mountains and volcanoes, and distribution of earthquakes”. I have repeatedly stated that I (my spiritual counterpart) witnessed the landing of our creators, and that nothing of such happened during their landing. Fortunately, I am a negro, a confirmation that what my ancestors said is valid. The so-called world-wide cataclysm, of water in nature, has been in existence and still does so in various forms in various islands and coastal areas vulnerable to hurricane and similar related water borne wind falls. Maybe the interpretation of the cataclysm of deluge is to blame in this context, and certainly not as it related to the source of human existence.

Man’s realization that birth, growth, decay and lastly death is a function of time is a grim fact which has been woven into his religious practices. However, the definition of time is a very thorny issue when we relate it to two basic aspects – man’s limited lifespan and the wider metaphysical and scientific theories. The evolution of human race, especially from Paleolithic Age (stone axe peoples) through his “ability to anticipate and so provide his future needs (in dominating the world as well as eliminating all his animal competitors) to the present complex scientific and technological sophistication”. In other words, our struggle to exist is dependent on time, especially when we realize that we live in the band of youth and old age, tailored of course to fit into the flux of time, the carrier of change and our effort to make an input in life, either positively or negatively.

According to S.G.F Brandon, - “As we have seen, the whole complex structure of civilization is designed, on its final analysis, to ensure constant and adequate provision for the material needs of man. But beyond the satisfaction of these needs, the prospect of death has remained as the ultimate menace. Mankind’s reaction to this grim fact has found expression in religion”. Having failed in his bid to provide immunity from physical death in this life, man focused on the problem of security after death. This is so because man believed that some part of his personality survives physical disintegration. Therefore, the search for tools to secure against post-mortem perils became necessary. At a point in Egyptian magical art, the dead who had become one with Osiris claimed that “I am Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”, and this is likened to my definition of Agwu, “which is of the past, embracing the present and living unto the future”. Man’s main goal is therefore to wriggle out of the grip of Time and live in the Temple of Eternity.

Many religious texts speak of Time in various guises, namely, Brahma said he is the day for ever; Nirvana is the Eternal Bliss or a state beyond time’s changing phenomena; Vishnu announced ‘know I am Time that makes the world to perish, when ripe, and come to bring on them destruction”, Shiva is the personification of the dynamic persistence of life in its abundance and complexity as well as the terrible destroyer of Time. The above theories of Indian origin indicate that this empirical world is certainly not real. Similarly, Janus, the ancient Roman God has been regarded as a time god, and therefore associated with the beginning. It has two faces, one looking to the past while the other is looking to the future, a proof that the Romans also deified time.

In about 12 century BC, ancient Iranians believed that except Time all other things have been created. Similarly, in Persian dualism, Ohrmazd and Ahirman were derived from time and space. Gradually, Zurvan in Iranian mythology split into two religious concepts, the infinite and the finite time, an indication that everything was a creation of time. Infinite time refers to infinity and eternity, while the finite time deals with the compartment of our human lifespan of birth, growth, decay and death. Unfortunately, the theory of transmigration of soul, though highly misunderstood, is tagged the sorrowful Weary Wheel. Plato’s conception that the errant soul has to endure a series of incarnations of about 10,000 years before it could return to its former happy state, is not all that correct. However, it must be emphasized that there is no limit to the number of years of peril in the incarnating jungle nor the number of incarnations in world of matter before the next step is taken on the journey of life. Unless the spark satisfactorily complies with the balance sheet of life, it is denied an upward climb on the ladder of spirituality, ad infinitum.

The concept of the Golden Age (the Golden Race) was developed in about 700BC when man, under the leadership of Cronus, lived like gods “They were free from pain and toil, and old age. The earth bore them its fruits untilled, and death came to them gentle as sleep. Now they have become invisible spirits that watch over men and bring them prosperity”. In descending order, the Golden Age was followed by Silver Age whose inhabitants were “foolish, violent and irreligious with childhood of about 100 years”. The God then took another step and created the Bronze Age, “out of Ash Tree, more stern and brutal still who destroyed themselves and left no trace. They were the first to kill animals for food”. The fourth Age was that of the Nobles who fought wars like that of Troy and the revered demigods of ancient days. Lastly, the Iron Age (today’s humanity) whose inhabitants are “doomed to toil, suffering and shall eventually be destroyed as their wickedness increases.

Based on the above, it is clear that time has varying definitions. If there was no time and space before the Big Bang, there should be none now. This is only valid if this view relates to Audiolife, the spark, the word, Agwu, Ether and the Divine Wheel. But if we return to the fractionalized aspect of the whole, (the clothing or dressing which the spark wears to experience multiple facets of nature), we are bound by the divine limitations inherent in our body constitution. If the dresses the spark wears to exist at varying steps of the ladder of life have divergent appreciation of time, then our understanding of time and space is relative. The uninformed refers to these dresses as shadows of life, or the image of the real personality. Some refer to it as the phantom of the spark.

These dresses have unique chemistry to enable them accomplish their specific roles in the arena of fun or the food chain of life in accordance with a given time frame and within an allotted space. The concept of time is therefore the dictate of the fun arena wherein we are merely articles of fun and can only mean different things to different articles of fun. Even in the physical world alone and within geographical environment, man has exhibited four major time and space limitations – those between 700 and 1000 years of earthly life; those between 300 and 700 years of existence; those between 120 and 300 years old; and those under 120 years of the breath of life running through their veins.

As we move outside the band of humanity, some other life forms live less than 24 hours. But nature is so structured that matter is neither destroyed nor created, and in that context all life come under the umbrella of infinity, eternity and life without end. This thorny issue is further strengthened because one life nourishes the other in an endless food chain. Lastly, as we progress in the ladder of spirituality, and divine participation in the wheel of life, our earthly life of about one thousand years could be a day in the life of a phantom about 3 steps above us, and if this trajectory is continued to up to 49 steps, we may comfortably land on the initial portals of immortality which is the vehicle of the transference of power, commonly called Agwu. In other words, space and time are one and limitless too. Lastly, as Space and Time expand, both our consciousness and number follow the same trajectory. A proof that as part of Cosmic Inertia, Man’s consciousness and number cannot be outside that great Wheel which is in continuous expansion.

There are four basic elements in the world of humanity, namely, sand, water, air and fire. All the four must be functional as long as man is alive. But the more noticeable ones are air and heat. Unfortunately, only air is commonly associated with breath. Kenneth Grant defined Breath thus – “Breathing air into the lungs is the first action after birth; and death comes with final breath. Since air is life, it has been identified with man’s soul and spiritual essence in many religions”. Because both spirit and soul are as invisible to the naked eye as air, the infusion of air into the body at birth is actually the activation of the clothing by the soul, while its final departure signals its final exit from the clothing.

Incidentally, air enters the newly born clothing through the nostrils but the spark, wearing the soul as its vehicle, enters the clothing through the crown chakra (the top of the head) and from there it passes through the brain to the central nervous system, the platform of all key chakras in dwelling in the body of man. This is also the channel through which we are in contact with Angels, demons, ghosts and sylphs. In magic and mystical parlance, the mixture of blood (the mystical water of life), and clay is the result of the Red Clay, clothed of course with energy (heat) that forms a very key component in the making of additional shadows of the psychic phantoms, the weird and wrathful entities. “The dead man could use the offered blood to make material clothing for his spirit, so that he would be able to appear visibly on earth as ghosts. The phantoms of the dead or the dying clothe themselves in a subtle aerial vapour in order to become visible to the eyes of the living. This applies to every sort of apparition, whether of Angels, spirits or demons”. If as above so below is a spiritual dictum, man’s procreative activities are the reflection of what our higher selves or the dead do in the inner planes.

According to S.G.F Brandon – “Animism is the belief that spirits inhabit everything in nature; every hill, tree and stream, every breeze and cloud, every stone and pool, has its own spirit – a belief once seen as the origin of all religions”. Sir Edward Taylor, the professor of Anthropology at Oxford University regarded Animism as the doctrine of souls and all kinds of phantoms associated with life. He further stated – “it seems as though thinking men, as yet at a lower level of culture, were deeply impressed by two groups of biological problems. In the first place, what is it that makes the difference between a living body and a dead one; what causes waking, sleep, trance, disease, death? Regrettably, the man of today has yet to offer a satisfactory explanation to these two basic questions. “Tylor’s dualistic idea of the soul as the inner essential self, independent of the body, first emerged comparatively late in India in 700BC and in Greece in 600BC”.

The Egyptians were said to have held the view that human being was regarded as a compound of the physical body and various psychic elements of which the soul was only one. Similar views were shared by the Mesopotamians, Hebrews and Homeric Greeks. Using dreams and visions as examples, ancient philosophers came to the conclusion that every man has life and phantoms not only attached to him but as well a higher partner in the journey of life. If the phantom does have power to detach and reintegrate into the body mechanism without any inhibition, it does indicate that the phantom is of the higher self in the union with the body.
Similarly, if the mobility of the phantom defies the laws of nature as inbuilt in the physical mechanism, then the physical self is merely either as a tool of work or a very dormant and passive partner.

As part of our broad teachings, Animism is the fusion of the body and an aspect of the second impulse. The body ranges from man through animals, and fishes to vegetation. The only difference is the percentage of the animating part of the second impulse. As soon as the union occurs the body is energized and hence becomes an independent, functional and pulsating entity. The first impulse is the ultimate power, the second impulse is the animating power while the third impulse is body being activated and energized. It carries the conclusion that all life are at various stages of animation, from our creators through the spiritual and psychic phantoms to mankind and beyond what we refer to as the food chain.

Our food chain includes all the items which enter into our system through our mouth, nose, eyes, ears, skin and sexual organs. The key component of it is the vegetation, including its roots and fruits, which is governed by the green spirits. Most importantly, the breath of life (oxygen) that sustains us is a waste product of vegetation. In the same vein, the life of vegetation depends on our own by-product. In other words, man and vegetation cannot live without the other. Sometime ago, I visited the order of green girls. As green spirits, the food they eat, the blood running through their veins and the colour of their skin are all green. They entertained me with their food and drinks, and we ended up with songs and dances. They escorted me to the track road through which I came and bade me farewell. As I walked some steps away from them, I vomited all these items in my system.

If my phantom did not vomit all it had eaten before slipping into my mortal frame, it would have changed the constitution of my mortal frame. As the blood of my phantom self was about to become green, and if it was allowed to go through the process of symbiotic assimilation and then mixed with the Red blood of my mortal counterpart, then the end result could have been the birth of another race. It is likely that the seven black Gods must have adopted this creative principle in the making of other races, namely, white, yellow and red.

On the basis of this deduction, any reasonable person would agree that the belief of the primitives, so to say, rests on the stone of the truth of life. Many philosophical and academic theories concerning God, existence, the living and the dead are based, in its entirety, on psychological inexactitude. In the groove of Agwu, the spider that weaves the creative wheel as known to humanity, there are important trees, like Orji, Akpu, Ebenebe, Ngwu, Udalla, Orah, Ogilishi, etc, which are considered indispensible in the harmonization of the symbiotic existence of man-in-nature. If we cannot live without trees physically, how can we do so psychically, or in other lives of our phantoms.

More-so, when it is a fact of life that the force activating trees are green spirits in man’s shape and form. It is a further proof that green spirits are our twin brothers whose principal role is to ensure the continuity of the human life and the corresponding phantoms. The man of Christianity claims to be worshipping Chukwu, the first impulse, even when it is clear that Chukwu put in place all safeguards and tools which man must rely on as he walks the path of eternal life. Finally, all those relying on the powers of Church are fools, idiots and imbeciles under the chains of pastors, and officials of dogmatic religions. The body, as activated by the spark, has all the tools of existence. If he finds himself on the positive side of life, it is because of his deeds. Similarly, if he finds himself on the other side of the coin, it is for the same reason. Nobody is blessed and nobody is cursed. To alleviate the problems of man, the inmates of the Leopard Temple send Avatars continually, in an unbroken chain, to renew the message of existence to the willing.

The Christians view that God dwells in us is certainly false, if the God in question is Chukwu, the first impulse or the Supreme Being. There are two reasons for the assertion that the Supreme Being does not dwell in us. Firstly, we are all in agreement that the Supreme Being is formless. Similarly, if He bars us from giving Him sacrifices, offerings and thanksgiving, it is an indication that He requires no contact with us who are products of His second-in-command. Even tithe, which is the basis of obedience to Him, came not from God, but from the contact of Abraham and Melchizedek, the King of Salem (the king of Righteousness). Secondly, it is the second impulse that dwells in all living things, including man. It is therefore logical that only the second impulse in the body that provides the body with mobility, activity, vitality as well as birth, growth, decay and death. To all life, the role of the second impulse was upgraded to that of the first impulse and this runs counter to the doctrine of creation. I am revealing this truth because I am the carrier of Chukwu’s blessing. But it must be clearly stated that Chukwu does not dwell in me. I am only a vehicle to expose the concept of creation.

Douglas Hill said that “the wide range of ghostly manifestations such as faceless and lifelike apparitions makes it difficult to find explanation which will account for them all”. Apparitions do occur because of tragic deaths, non-conformity with cultural burial procedures, failure to keep to the terms of the oath of acceptance into the cultural values and norms before the birth of the phantoms into the ancestral lineage, the psychic implants into the body mechanism in the form of juju, talisman and the like or the creation of an independent entity the individual has chosen for himself as he shops for security to enable him walk the tight rope of existence in this cycle of life, which of course does include membership of mystical, psychical or witch orders, and lastly the application of inherent follow-come spiritual or mystical gift as a result of previous incarnations.

Ghosts, in all respect, are in human shape and form, and because they are standing on the higher rungs of spirituality, our understanding of them is sometimes vague and inadequate. Nevertheless, their apparitions reflect their true nature, even though we lack the capability to behold the fullness of their form and shape. Secondly, ghostly apparitions do reflect not only their shape and form but as well depict the power nomenclature of the phantom which wears the human embodiment. The flesh, in truth, is likened to the thick and heavy shadow of the phantom. The ability of a static body to fully grasp the mechanics of a fast moving or a flying body is very doubtful. The phantom represents the flying eagle, while the body depicts the thickest stone; which does lack all the tools to track a very fast-moving object in the form of a meteorite.

Ancestors are protectors of the lineage and as such must be in touch with all their children (offspring of the lineage). Ancestors are themselves gods and the link between their offspring and the wider spiritual platform which is classified as God. In this context, the ancestral spiritual base consists of the ancestors themselves and the power points (gods, deities, etc) which they had acquired to aid the lineage in her fight for sustenance and the preservation of land whereon they live and farm. The ancestral spiritual base therefore depends on the number of pious phantoms (phantoms with adequate spiritual authority) who had passed through the lineage and the power nomenclature of their Gods. The stronger the Gods and the more the number of pious phantoms, the more powerful the ancestral base is.

If a very high spiritual authority, such as the Avatar, passes through an ancestral template all the spiritual tools are released to the base, thereby making the ancestral template an indispensable arm of the Creative Wheel. In other words, the tools of prophecy, miraculous works, powers of thought or that of the spoken word, wealth, military and political leadership as well as wisdom are entwined in the operational capabilities of the lineage. Similarly, the daughters of the said root are essentially Ogbanjes, which today’s Christians refer to as persons with divine call. Lastly, the capability to create, sustain and dissolve apparitions and ghostly manifestations is inherent in families with higher spiritual platforms.

Each culture has its own burial ceremonies which if not observed can lead to phantom’s attempt to address such shortcomings. They are prone to visiting their relatives and friends who could reach their kit and kin whose duty it is to offer them full burial rites, rituals and observances. In extreme cases, those whose burial rites fall short of cultural requirement are denied acceptance into the council of the dead or barred from advancing into the world of the dead. In which case they find themselves between two worlds – the world of the dead and the world of the living, and can roam about in this theatre with phantom of half dead and half alive as vampires do.

The present Igbo man has failed to realize that there is a lot of difference between the Family and Religion. However, and notwithstanding all the shortcomings in the Christian Holy Text, the bible was explicit on this issue. The Old Testament made it compulsory that we are bound to our root when it said that the sin of parents do visit their offspring, reaching up to seven generations. The New Testament reaffirmed the same concept when it said that marriages should not be dissolved because of faith. An implied assertion that marriage, with its tentacles, is not only a greater bond than faith and its attached religious observations, but also has the irrevocable mandate of the Divine Wheel (God). This is so because marriage and parentage are the vehicles of the continuity of life while religion is the opium of the people. This is so because affection rises and wanes as we walk along the path of social order.

The core rites of passage must be performed by members of the family of the deceased, which in Igbo culture is referred to as ‘igbu iluchi’. This is so because it is the elders of the lineage that oversee the ceremony of the rites of passage, while the delegation of the dead in the lineage escorts the departing spirit to the land of the dead. Without ‘igbu iluchi’, the departing phantom cannot knock at the doors of his ancestors. Although the cost of ‘igbu iluchi’ is minimal and within the reach of every family, it is certainly the key to free the dead from the strings of the living. Elaborate ceremonies by the Christian priests and the wider social platforms (the spiritual charlatans) relate to the social membership and possibly social status of the dead only. As there was an agreement between the phantom and the spiritual base of the lineage, prior to acceptance and birth of the sojourner in the lineage, the process is also repeated when the dying begins its backward movement to rejoin his ancestors. Many of our dead sons and daughters have manifested ghostly apparitions, tormenting their children and successfully forced them to complete their burial rites to enable them navigate and integrate into the lineage activities in the world of the dead.

The birth, life and death of all mankind is structured on seniority of which the Igbos are no exception. In the same vein, naming ceremonies and burial rites follow similar footprints. The current use of novice, youngsters and aliens in the name of Christianity or similar foreign social organization is not only an assault on our cherished tradition but as well null and void because of lack of conformity to the rule of the Divine Wheel. Onuagha Onwurah, the head of my family from 1974 to 1996, came to me in trance after about one year in the world of the dead to inform me that he had gotten to the world of the dead through his ancestral root and did confirm that there is neither heaven nor hell: Every dead person must follow his ancestors, live with them and continue with all their activities and deeds. Recently, the pope asserted the same view when he said that heaven does not exist and that God does not answer his prayers. It does carry the official seal that the only practical route available to man is a walk along the divine path through his cultural and ancestral gate.

It is an assertion that peaceful death is either as a result of personal conduct while alive or as a result of the blessing of the family. Sometimes, powerful mystical cults, order of witchcraft and the like mystery orders can as well shape the method of death of members, but when this is the case, the ghostly appearances of members are, to a degree, controlled to achieve the group’s objectives, dependent of course on the nature of the oath of allegiance administered on the devotee. However, either due to war, crime or accident, a person might meet tragic death, the unprepared death. The unprepared death is one which does not originate from the gradual demise of the phantom which inhabits the human body or through prolonged illness. If the body is suddenly decimated, the phantom armed with the fullness of its creative potentialities, could generate a mock-up body as a replacement of the carcass and continue to live for a while.

It is within the law of existence where everything is fluid-like that as the biological counterpart suddenly disappears, a substitute must spring-up immediately to cushion the effect of the void so tragically created. This scenario however depends on the spiritual calculus of the spark indwelling in the body. The higher the spark spiritually, the better the flexibility, vitality and maneuverability of the phantom so generated to occupy the functions of the destroyed body. The mock-up substitute may exist for as long as the corporal essence (the spark) sustains the phantom, but this exercise provides the phantom the needed time lag to gradually dissolve itself and thereby return to its basic components.

This explains why execution venues, torture centres as well as hospitals are key centres of ghostly apparitions. These are areas where the agony of artificial and forceful distortions of the process of creation or the forceful separation of the spark indwelling in the human body is carried out. The agony, which is the expression of thought, generates another layer of energy that can no longer be easily reversed. I did state earlier that thought is the primal vehicle of moulding and remoulding nature. At the height of agony, the spiritual imprint of the dying generates another world – a new phantom world which could be quasi-eternal. The same agony is invoked when a person is buried alive and this gives birth to the undead.

The journey of life demands that the weak shall always seek extra aid as he falls into certain problems in his quest to fulfill his ambitions, which may atimes be in conflict with his pre-birth vow. To wriggle out of the mess, he resorts to enhancement, of course outside the power centres available in the lineage, in the form of spiritual padding through the acquisition of psychic implants, powerful deities and membership of mystical groups solely for the satisfaction of the human ego and post birth goals and targets. However, it is all well and fine when such enhancement is within the band of the capability of the phantom, but if such psychic aid exists outside the portals of the phantom, disequilibrium sets in and can worsen or weaken the functionality of the phantom.

The impairment of the ability of the phantom only adds to the derailment of both the phantom and its human encasement, thereby leading the sojourner further away from the truth. And based on the law of freewill, the sojourner has chosen a path he considers best for him, and shall therefore be bold enough to face the tragedy attached thereto, if any. The effect of this ugly saga is that at death, the enhancement replaces the role of both the phantom and the body wherein it dwells temporarily, often misunderstood by mankind as quasi-permanent because of false appreciation of Time. This being the case, a rogue phantom with body emerges and roams the theatre of fun which lies between the world of the dead and that of the living as a trapped psychic personality. In the human angle, this is likened to what we call junk or dead satellites which now fill the upper layers of the atmosphere and constitute a very serious threat to space exploration and life on earth.
In view of the fact that gods, deities and the like psychic entities have longer life than mortals, and do possess greater flexibility and maneuverability than us, they can inherit the dead body in the grave, breathe into it the breath of life and turn same into a willing tool for works not necessarily in conformity with our normal type of existence. These ghostly bodies become free to execute works of magic and miraculous deeds which can baffle the ordinary mortals. On the other side of the coin, we have dedicated and pious personalities who displayed, even in greater proficiency and potency, those acts ascribed to the phantoms. They rose to such spiritual accomplishment through abstinences, purity of the heart, works of charity and non-attachment to the luxuries of the world. For example, father Tansi, the great son of Agulueri, lived and died in one of the catholic monasteries and have been exhumed and buried thrice in different countries and locations, yet his physical body at the time of his last reburial was said to have not been completely decomposed.

Although rumour has it that he came from a lineage with an ancient psychic platform or at best with Agwu, the creative tool of nature, it is also being adduced that in his lineage there is what is called ‘Isi-ato-na-Nba’ (a powerbase which ensures that no matter the situation, the head of every daughter or son must be returned to the walls of the lineage). If the above views are true, then it can also be inferred that his call, lifestyle and seclusion helped to not only recharge the battery of the spiritual machine but also catapulted the ability of the ancient power into fullest manifestations. As stated earlier, a body which has not fully decomposed after many years in the grave must attract constantly the visitation of the phantom that once dwelt in it. We are now being forced to go back to the basic belief of the ancient Egyptians who through the process of embalmment attempted to keep pharaohs, and important dignitaries alive endlessly. Although there is a marked difference between a dried corpse and undecayed corpse. An undecayed corpse has water, one of the four indispensable tools necessary for the type of life we all live. Lastly, it has been proven that most miraculous works are traceable to the powerbase of the lineage of the individual and not the religion the individual does profess. For example, a priest may be more powerful than the bishop, many steps higher than the priest in the order of the Faith.

In the era of Christianity, Mankind is in agreement in the belief, falsely of course, that man is composed of two selves only, namely, the Physical (the seen) and the Soul (the unseen). I have been very consistent in saying that man is the thickest aspect of seven energy compartments, mirrored in the likeness of what we regard as phantoms, although each has independent operational capabilities at any given time. The astral body is an exact higher copy of our physical form as we walk up to the world of the dead, which is actually the next or nearest world of existence as we climb the steps of spirituality. This body is essentially transitory in Nature and solely a vehicle blending the two worlds, - the living and the dead and does carry out this role as long as the membrane (cord) linking the spirit to the matter is not severed.

Early thinkers consider the astral body as the starry envelope wherein the soul is contained. The envelope can be seen as the elastic cord which binds together the body and the soul. Porphyry, a third century philosopher was quoted as saying that “as the soul descends from heaven to earth, where it will acquire a physical body, its Pneum (wind, spirit or breath) gradually thickens and darken as it absorbs from the air until it can be seen visibly. After death, the soul’s effort to climb back up to heaven again are hindered by this moist envelope, to such an extent that it may even be carried downwards, to a place of punishment. If it succeeds in rising, it gradually sheds the envelope. Some disembodied spirits have a misty pnuema which takes any shape they care to imagine, so that they appear to us in different guises, or as the soul of the dead.”

Viewed in mundane perspective, the etheric double is similar to the Egyptian Ka, the Vital Force which sustains the physical body or the body’s wiring system. This could sometimes be projected in space, as the forerunner, the manifestation of a person’s presence at his destination before his physical arrival. I enjoyed this privilege as a young man. My pseudo self usually returned to my village hours before my physical self returned home. An indication that as one climbs the rungs of spirituality, he acquires not only this unique technique but as well exhibits same visibly and constantly.


The African Traditional Religion, no matter how it is portrayed, accepts four of the basic qualities of the Supreme Deity, namely, all-knowing, all-seeing, all-hearing and all-present. The accolade of all powerful is on the scale of probability because wars can either be won or lost. In the same manner the concept of all-being is technically difficult to resolve. However, if the above four qualities are feasible, the gift of all-being cannot satisfactorily be separated from the rest. If an African travels thousands of miles away from home, he still enjoys the company of his ancestors and the ancestral powerbase. In other words, wherever an African is, the unseen tools of his root are there with him, which does confirm the statement that our gods are all-knowing, all-seeing, all-hearing and all-present as well as having the gift of an aspect of all-being as other religious faiths worldwide do. However, this is only true within the bands of the living and the dead.

This confirms the spiritual dictum that there is no barrier to the capabilities of the spirit of either the dead or the living, particularly in matters relating to the cultural and ancestral tree. The powerhouse of the lineage or family flows in two directions, namely, along the path of the son or along the path of the daughter, the belief system of the individual not wit standing. It is a gift inherent in our birth and supersedes all other religions entanglement arising from dogma, deceit and colonization. Most importantly too, the gift of all-knowing, all-seeing, all-hearing, all-present and to a degree all being is limited to mankind within the band of the living and dead. Outside this parameter, the game changes very radically. Unfortunately too, and except the teachings of this Holy order, (Kuu Lam Chee Brotherhood) all other religious teachings including their attached mystical schools and paths are tailored for the living and the dead only. To these paths, the journey of life ends in the world of the dead. But to God realized personalities, the journey of life is just beginning as we have five other theatres of life to wade through before we can knock at the doors of immortality.

Having said that paganism is the mother of all religious thoughts, it is necessary to briefly look at Chi and Angels in this discourse. Every person born in the cultural passage is assigned chi, a personal spiritual guide or god who must be a dead relative. Chi becomes the link between the individual and the power structure of the lineage or the wider spiritual circle. Chi acts as the spiritual hub in the life of the individual, and ensures that all the necessary spiritual tools in the family, and to a large extent in the wider cultural enclave are within the reach of the individual as he begins to face the challenges of life. This is why it is commonly asserted that successes and failures in a person’s life are attributed to the person’s Chi. Chi does come from either the father’s root or that of the mother, an implied law that one’s chi must come from one’s genealogy which binds all the sons and daughters of the root together as an inseparable whole. Unfortunately, chi’s ability to satisfy one’s numerous desires in life is dependent of course on the limitations of one’s Karma.

Overtime and possibly due to globalization, this practice was modified to have a universal outlook but instead of going by the rules of nature which decreed the path of genealogy, the spiritual leaders of faiths usurped the role of ancestral relatives. This exercise not only distorted the free flow of the divine energy but as well created a gap in the chain of communication from the throne of god to the masses of mankind. This is so because such siblings are cut off from life energy emanating from their parentage. We are not in doubt of the efficacy of the spiritual word Chi but insist that the accompanying procedure must be adhered to rigidly. King Constantine faced this truth in the dream, adhered to it without any doubt, and it finally led him through the impending wars that faced him. Lastly, if the Igbos in the thick jungle of Africa, without any communication whatsoever with the outside world, could appropriate the same word with the same meaning as did the civilized whites in Rome and Greece, then it would be right to conclude that spiritual knowledge knows no barriers.

According to Schofield “Angels are God’s courtiers and are sent as messengers and helpers to man. They are usually described as beautiful winged creatures and sometimes said to be of enormous height.” It is derived from the Latin word Angelus. Angels are said to assume physical form and do speak to mortals. Sometimes they appear to people as the lord or as messengers of the lord. If prior to the rebellion of Lucifer and his team, the Satan was next-in-command to God in Heaven, it does mean that the lord in question was Lucifer. In Genesis 48:3 Jacob referred to angel as God, while in Genesis 48:16, the angel saved Jacob from sin. But in other bible editions, Jacob called angel his Kinsman who “saved him from all sins”. Based on the above views, it is right to say that angels are gods, saviours and kinsmen.

In earlier church literature, the concept of angelology formed the basic props of trinity; Angel Michael became the son while Angel Gabriel was tagged the spirit which entered into man to become flesh. But in modern theological concepts angels became pure spirits without physical bodies (mirrors of God’s mind and will). However, everything was done to create Jesus as being “not only an angel but also subordinate to God”. Later and according to certain mystics, three types of angels arose, namely, the angel of repentance, the angel of peace and the angel of death. Other roles of angels include weighing of souls at the last judgement and the channel through which the divine help gets to mortals.

The Christian bible taught us that in the dim distant past, Lucifer, the Morning Star, was the Second-in-Command in the heavenly kingdom. His role was erroneously assigned to the lord (the Messiah which was a creation of Roman Cabals less 2000 years ago). Unfortunately, Angel Michael who fought on the side of God to achieve the so-called victory over Lucifer never took over the role of lucifer. After the war, the kingdom was divided into two, the lower and the upper segments, and lucifer, with a third of the angels, was given absolute control of the lower kingdom, primarily to ascertain those who have completely purged themselves to merit ascent to the kingdom of immortality. If the lifestyle of inmates of the psychic worlds determines our march to the theatre of immortality, and if lucifer is the sole certifier of our successes and failures, then lucifer’s position as co-ruler of the heavenly throne is the outcome of the feud. This is technically so because successes in the lower kingdom are gift from lucifer while successes in the higher kingdom are gifts from God.

This Holy order is however interested in the Angel of death because death is the only common denominator in all the seven worlds where spirits in the image and likeness of man dwell. At the birth of a physical child, the incoming spirit slips into the body, and this can be likened to ‘death’ to produce another facet of life. At old age the same spirit departs and assumes another level of life. In other worlds, the concept of what we know as birth and death is in the realm of continuous deaths. The Angel in charge of this cyclic operation is known as Michael Klab, the angel of death. To buttress this view, when two of our great Dibias stopped Death, every other thing including Birth, Aging, Disease or the like was also stopped. Similarly, if there are seven stages which each spirit must pass through, then there must be guardian Angels at every stage of the journey of life.

Another source told us that Angels were God’s first creation and are of Fire origin. If the element of fire is superior to those of the earth, water and air, it is an indication that angels are far more than superhumans, a sharp contrast that they are in existence to serve human weaklings. Similarly, if the angels of the lord are ascending and descending on the ladder of life, then angels are at every theatre of life, including both the kingdom of God and that of the Satan. Lastly and most importantly too, “certain angels had charge of certain nations”. If this is true, then angels are part and parcel of the platform of every culture, nation and genealogy. A proof that no religion, colour, continent or country does claim exclusive possession of that level of God’s creation.

If we are to rest on the Christian narrative, it is right to assert that Lucifer, the Angel of Light and the Morning Star, is the second impulse, and if we stretch ourselves further, it carries an implied conclusion that Lucifer is the embodiment of the Spark which pervades all life, at least in our shape and Form. In my earlier writings, I pointed out that the Seven Gods which landed on the planet and began creative activities displayed all the characteristics of Man but because they were immortal beings, such acts of wickedness, banditry and violence never affected them. This was so because they were above harm, injury or death. But as their creative works began to wear clothings of imperfection, those created forms of life became receptive to such violent acts.

Alternatively, if Lucifer is the God (Lord) of the Lower Kingdom, with the power to prepare spirits willing to return to higher roles in the Higher Kingdom, then the concept of the Lord or Christ looks like an embarrassment to the father who had already shared his kingdom into two, with Lucifer firmly in control of one. In other words, the role of Christ in the theatre of Fun is no longer an issue, more-so when Christ accepted that the Lower Kingdom is not his. In this perspective, if Christ is submissive to the father, his role can at best be advisory.

In the Red Bible I revealed for the first time, in the history of humanity, the total number of angels. According to our Holy Text, there are 3.5million angels, in various robes and orders, under the leadership of Michael Klab, the Angel of Death. To keep the records straight, angels include spiritual personalities of the highest order who have the authority to wear the clothing of angels as the need or assignment dictates. I have personally worn the apparel of angels in certain assignments, and in other duties I wore various robes or undertook certain complex operations using mocked-up bodies of other forms of life of the earth, sea, air or fire origin. Here we are talking of the ability of a great spiritual personality to mock-up forms and use same to execute specific projects.

Lastly, I cannot fail to remind you that at every age there is a living supreme son whose sole duty is to administer the Lower Kingdom (the worlds of the living, the dead and above). He is the only carrier of Chukwu’s blessing. He carries out that duty in accordance with the terms of his mission, hands over power to his successor and returns to the heavenly kingdom whose headquarters is the Leopard Temple. The name of the present head of the invisible government of the world is Ditu. He will hand over power to Sher Sheba on the 5th October 2285 AD in a colourful ceremony in the Leopard Temple. During the transfer of power to Sher Sheba, the appointment of the next Avatar, the decision as to his lineage, colour and continent of his birth as well as the key components of his mission shall all be made. Before the final Full-Stop, it must be re-emphasized that all angels involved in the execution of the Will of the Spiritual Kingdom, particularly with regard to the living and the dead as well as all the phantoms attached there-to, take orders from Ditu until 2285 AD. Any other view inconsistent with this is Fallacy.