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The Walk to Spiritual Authority - Part 4

Our Teachings

Theme: “I am of Justice ruled of this world but not of this world. Similarly, I was in charge of initiations in the Leopard Temple before I was commissioned to address you on the issue of spirituality, the nomenclature of Spiritual Authority.” - Chief Nkwo Nnabuchi.


Having briefly established that BT is the creative hub of all physical and spiritual templates of all worlds within the entire Web, known and called the cosmos, and having also stated that mortals, as moulded to fit into the body mechanism of the physical environment, are products of seven Gods, namely Lumechs and Dumechs, it is now appropriate to look at the structure of the band wherein our physical and their spiritual duplicates operate. There are seven substantive Templates, referred to as theatres of fun, and six permeable membranes (flexible and fluid-like membranes) where spirits assume necessary clothings to harmonize them as they move up and down the ladder of life.

In effect, there are thirteen main theatres of fun wherein all spirits-in-clothing do operate. However, it is important to state in very clear terms that each fun theatre has its own rules which each spiritual clothing must comply with. In similar vein, each fun theatre has multiple fun arenas with their own set of rules. For clarity, fun arena refers to cultural bases, state administrations and the like political units whose goals border on specific adaptations of the Forces of nature. One of the key components of the divine walk is that each spirit-in-embodiment must be bold, adventuresome and determined in the quest to wear the garments of immortality. Regrettably, this goal is an illusion to the weak, those lacking in purity of heart, those prone to the luxuries of materialism as well as Kings and rulers of empires of our material world.

The spirit wearing the clothing of humanity operates only in the lowest theatres of fun, namely the physical world and its attached membrane, the dream world. However, at death, the dead shares that dream world with the living. It becomes the plane of contact with our dead relatives, friends and well wisher as well as our ancestors. As the living undertakes excursions into that membrane so do the dead. While the living has the capability of dual existence, the dead enjoys greater flexibility and does so in three worlds – one below the world of the dead, the world of the dead itself and the next upper membrane.

It must also be stated that the higher the theatre of fun and its attached membrane, the greater the flexibility and its attached pro-creative capability. It is important to add that because the dead is on the higher steps of spirituality, it is aware of everything that happens in all other theatres below it, namely our world of dream and the physical world which we erroneously address as the world of reality. The inability of the dead to intervene in our lives depends on his score card. If the score card of the dead is below average, he is barred from being of assistance to his offspring. If the dead’s score card is above average, he is likely to attend to the cries of his offspring.


We did state, in very clear terms also, that there are various spirits (Gods) with different roles. Each spirit is assigned its own role, primarily to complement the other. For example, Gods of elements (Air, Water, Earth and Fire) are necessary for our existence, so are other Gods such as the spirits of vegetation that oversee the functionality of the enclosure we live. All these divergent spirits compliment one another as well as provide us with the necessary environment for flawless functionality of the Divine wheel.

With regard to the spirit of our Stock, they are in two broad classifications, namely the incarnating spirits walking endlessly along the divine Path, except of course when they are carrying bags of filth that compel them to run a cyclic race until they are purged of the filth. Secondly, the immortal Beings who are aids to those on the Eternal Walk. In this group are Gods who are worshipped by the weak, those unable to stand on themselves and therefore in need of something to lean on in their struggles or contests with their kith and kin. Amongst this later groups are Odin, the Norse God and Shiva of the Indian sub continent.

Although these Gods are neither in Igboland nor in the continent of Africa, they have nonetheless had various encounters with me. And if they are not integral parts of Divine wheel, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet them. Odin, the God of Norse and Vikings came to me as Odin and Ozidin, an indication that the power is composed of two arms, male and female. Unfortunately, all the literature I have gone through in my endeavour to produce a balanced discourse talked of only Odin. As a spiritual authority my information on this issue cannot be wrong. Maybe emphasis then was on male counterpart only as it was the case in the Hebrew text. It is therefore necessary to state categorically that the God of the Vikings or Norse has two polarities, in the names of Odin and Ozidin.

Odin, in the Germanic past, served various purposes such as the God of war, the sky God, the ruler of the underworld, the ancestor of Kings, and overtime its extended role included Inspiration as well as Ecstasy. As it journeyed towards acceptability, the scope of its responsibility was further catapulted to the forebear of the gift of Poetry, Oratory, Learning and the like attributes of nature. Lastly, he became the instrument of Magic and went by the name of the All-father, the God of the Dead as well as the Leader of Gods. He occasionally visited the world of the dead and beyond to acquire Nature’s abundant secrets. He was as well known as the One-Eyed King, as he lost one of his eyes in exchange for some of the above gifts. “If it is true that he lost one eye in exchange for certain powers. It showed how far Odin went in search of spiritual audacity.”

To help us understand how Odin was worshipped let us quote H.R.E. Davidson. “This picture of a splendid and barbaric funeral among the eastern Vikings is fully in keeping with what appears in Scandinavian literature concerning the cult of Odin, whose followers were said to be burned with their choicest possessions that they might pass rapidly to the realm of the God. There is also a persistent literary tradition of Suttee, implying that not only warriors who died in battle but also women who were courageous enough to be slain with their husbands might be welcomed in Odin’s kingdom”.

The above extract teaches us that the cult of Odin rested on the sacrifice of slaves and animals including the burning of the choicest possession of the dead. It also confirmed that courageous women opted to be slain to accompany their brave husbands who died in battles so that they could be accepted or rather welcomed in the kingdom of Odin. It is also of note to state that in most cases women were sacrificed at the funeral of chieftains. The application of shape-shifting in battles, the technique of wearing wolf-skins to enable soldiers speak and act like wolves, and the capability to lay sleeping in the room while a great bear fought in his place in the battle, where some of the magical tools available to the soldiers of Odin.

Having briefly looked at the cult of Odin, it becomes appropriate to look at the Mead of inspiration and to do so let us go back to history. “The Mead had been brewed from the blood of all-wise giant, Kvasir mixed with honey. The dwarfs who slew him filled three vessels with magic drink, but it was taken from them by a giant, Suttung, and he shut it within his stone mountain. Odin set off to achieve it cunningly and in disguise he went among the men of Suttung’s brother Baugi as they cut hay. He sharpened their scythes with a wonderful whetstone, so effectively that they began to quarrel over it and ended by cutting each other’s throats”.

“Odin took the place of all nine of them, asking no wages except a drink of the magic Mead. Baugi agreed but his brother was unwilling, so with Baugi’s help, Odin bored a hole in the mountain wall, crawled in, in the form of a serpent and slept three nights with the giant’s daughter who agreed to give him three drinks of the precious liquid. In three draughts, Odin emptied the vessels and then flew away in eagle form to Asgurd where the Gods were waiting with a row of vessels to receive it; he spat it unto them, and from that time the gift of poetic inspiration and oratory has been his to give to men. Knowledge of the runes, which were bound up with magic spells, was also due to Odin, since he won them by his endurance on the world Tree”

In poetry and prose, scholars are sharply divided as regards Odin’s generosity and treachery. At times Odin was accused of giving victory to cowards. In like manner, Odin was slammed for withdrawing his blessings abruptly from favoured generals to their opponents in midst of battle. On the basis of the above “King Haken of Norway, entering Valhalla after death in battle refused to lay down his weapon since no trust could he placed on Odin.”

Valhalla has contrasting definitions and it depends on one’s perception because it is a spiritual hall. To some it was the hall of the slain in battle while to others it represented the resting place of the bold, brave and gallantry soldiers of Odin. In that parallel, it was either a place where dead soldiers fought endlessly, or a place where gallantry and successful soldiers feast and dine endlessly as reward for their bravery and military accomplishments.

To further explain the above, let us once more quote H.R.E. Davidson – “To a large extent Valhalla appears to be the symbol of death and the grave, in which an everlasting battle is said to take place, rather than any bright place in the heavens and it must be taken to indicate a literal belief in a special kind of immortality. But the idea of Kings and high-born warriors joining their ancestors after death and being welcomed by the god they have served is a tradition deeply established in the lore associated with Odin cult. Odin was a great magician, the god with the power to bind and loose by means of spells which he had laid on the minds of men”

It does appear that Odin’s story regarding the Mead of inspiration was actually an initiatory process in his endeavour to embrace the fullness of nature’s spiritual gifts. The Mead was brewed by dwarfs; the items in the Mead were principally the blood of all-wise giant and honey, the sexual union of Odin and the daughter of giant for three days was a precondition for the transfer of the mead from her to Odin; the ability of Odin to adopt clothing of serpent to get access to the secret chambers and depart there from in the clothing of eagle; and lastly the transfer of limited quantity of the Mead from Odin to the gods. The above sequence fully explains an intricate initiatory process. Similarly, it can be inferred, with greater certainty that Ozidin refers to the daughter of the giant. Later, Odin in turn used the same substance to initiate other gods. This final role emboldened Odin to assume the title of the King of gods.

From the above disclosure, it is certain that we cannot come in contact with nature’s gift except we rigidly come to terms with all the basic processes of power acquisition. It is naïve to think that today’s processes are different. They are certainly not. The ability to create and dissolve mystical powers must be dependent on the human blood or parts and assorted kinds of embellishment such as those forms of nature which form the food chain that sustains our human frame.

However, that today’s technique may be a veiled one to avoid being in conflict with the laws of state is a different ball-game. The inclusion of dwarfs and giants who are gods on their right as well as the application of serpent (kundalini) and eagle (the symbol of royalty and power projection) furthered the goals of Odin. The sexual union of Odin and Ozidin, the daughter of giant assisted of course by joint drinking of the Mead, is the completeness of the Holy Sacrament and this cemented forever the oneness of the duo. This last act provided Odin with nectar of immortality. Lastly and most importantly too, only those on divine assignments such as Avatars and the like are not exposed to these rituals because they are in our midst on the orders of the inmates of the Leopard Temple.

In the same light, the concept of Valhalla teaches us that each culture has its own heaven and hell. If the aspiration of Christians is to live happily with their saviour (Christ) wherever he lives, then the brave and gallant’s desire to dwell with Odin in the Hall of the bold and adventuresome, dining and wining with their King and god (Odin) forever serves the same role. Apparently, all the cultural and ancestral platforms with the ability to discipline their offspring whose lifestyle contradict the oath they took before they were permitted to come into physical existence through the lineage serve the same purpose i.e., the abode of heaven and hell as enshrined in the holy text of Christianity. We are therefore right to come to another conclusion that the concept of heaven and hell was borrowed from the cultural practices of the old. Therefore, the greatest achievement of Vikings which borders on their admission into Valhalla, the imperial court of the brave, is a replica of the Christian doctrine of Eternal Peace with the Lord.

Hindu is a Persian word for Indian. Hinduism is therefore a natural recognition for Indians as Judaism stands for the Jews. Unlike other religions, Hinduism has no known founders and has always been referred to as eternal dharma (righteousness). Although this claim has not absolved the path from changes in course of history. All such changes have been contained within the changeless and timeless template. “Hinduism has always been mystical to the core, since it has always taught that by yogic techniques man can realize here and now the Eternal and the Divine within himself. So immanent is the deity that to claim to be god is quite natural since, in some sense, everything is God”.

Hinduism refers to both the eternal law that pervades all nature as well as the moral rules which guide man. It is both religious which forms the basis of moral laws and the righteous which is the imprint with which man embraces the wider nature. It is a polytheistic religion with an inbuilt monotheism because “Gods are only manifestations of an immanent and unitary principle which is the ground of the universe.” In the vedic canon there are strata. – the Samhitas, the Brahmanas and Upanishads.

“The Samhitas, simply called the ‘Veda’, were originally three in number and they are composed of hymns extolling one or more of the gods who make up the vedic pantheon. These hymns were the accompaniment of all – important sacrifice; the function of which was to mediate the good things of this world to man. The gods were real and powerful and the sacrifice was the means by which contact was established between them and man to the mutual advantage of each. Through sacrifice man gave gifts to the gods so that the gods might give man gifts in return, - prosperity, abundance of sons, victory in war and so on; for sustained by sacrifice the gods will give you the food of your desire. Whoso enjoys their gift, man enters into communion and fellowship with gods, he partakes of their nature and thereby of their immortality.”

“In the second stratum of the vedic canon, the Brahamanas, the sacrifice becomes all-important. It is the reflection of the world-process itself, and its correct performance assures the regular workings of the cosmic process. In a sense it is the cosmic process and since the gods themselves are dependent on this process, the sacrifice now takes precedence over the gods who must therefore do what the sacrifice demands of them. They are thereby demoted and become little more than the servants of the sacrifice and of man who manages it.”

As regards the third and last stage of the climb, Upanishads, “in the course of time the supreme efficacy of the sacrifice came to be demoted: the supposedly infallible magic no longer seemed to work, for whatever the sacrifice might bring about, it could not satisfy Indian man’s deepest desire, his desire to transcend the world of flux and to win for himself immortality. The old religion of the gods had already passed away in favour of an All-pervasive and All-powerful sacrifice. And now, in its turn, the sacrifice too must pass away. External religion has proved a broken reed: Man must turn his glance within himself, for it is only there that he can discover the immortal principle which at the time sustains the whole dharma (righteousness) of the universe.”

“The ancient polytheistic heritage which the Indians had shared with their sister Indo-European peoples is now definitely put behind them, the gods surviving only as superior beings, differing from men in length of days and power but subject, like men, to relentless wheel of birth and death, re-birth and re-death. The early Indians did not believe in reincarnation but believed that man lived only once, being rewarded at death by a life of bliss in heaven with the gods, if they had lived a good life or by punishment in hell if they had done evil.”

In broad terms, Indian belief system is rather complex, but covers a substantial part of the working of the Divine Wheel, such as pleasure, acquisition of wealth, righteousness and liberation from the bond of earthly life. To further this objective, they created three major classifications. The first stage borders on sacrifice to gods, primarily to curry gods favour in man’s request for material things of this world (prosperity, abundance of sons and daughters, victory in war) as well as right to commune and have fellowship with gods. The second stage is an attempt to achieve parity with gods. For example, if sacrifice is a matter of compulsion, then man feels that the sacrifice is to himself. In other words, sacrifice is mandatory in the first and second stages of an Indian’s walk along the ladder of life. The last stage is the realization that man is an integral part of the Divine wheel with all the potentiality to exist at various chapters of life.

It is now right to ask a very important question, - what is sacrifice? There are two broad classification of sacrifice, namely blood, food and wine sacrifice on one part and self withdrawal from the society on the other part. Blood is the fluid of life and therefore forms an indispensible or an essential item in the sustenance of forms of life in the upper planes of existence, the abode of gods. If “as above so below” is a spiritual dictim, it becomes mandatory that we must give our gods what we eat. In the same light, if we are merely the reflection of what obtains in the higher planes, then it becomes rational to conclude that the dead take what we take, enjoy what we enjoy, behave the way we behave etc. Accordingly, culture determines the best form of sacrifice that best suits the gods of the culture.

Wine sacrifice has been an integral part of human history. It is also well practiced all over the globe. As an intoxicant, it provides man with momentary relief, soothes our nerves and organs, enhances the capability and functionality of our prophetic organs as well as harmonizes the relationship between the flesh and the spirit. It is also an indispensible arm of transcendence and initiation. Wine is an integral part of marriage; the vehicle cultures use to induct offspring into the spiritual base of the lineage. Similarly, all other organized religions and cults attached thereto use wine in holy sacrament, invocation, induction as well as all types of rituals, whether holy or otherwise. The Riddle of God, a chapter in the stranger by the River by Paul Twitchell was unequivocal in stating the prime place of the Drunkard in comparison with the priest of organized religions. The heart of the drunkard is certainly bare or rather devoid of everything of this life and this gives the drunkard unfettered access to the throne of God while the priest is engrossed in the mass of dogma as sandwiched in the so-called holy texts and therefore becomes banished from the throne of God.

I have to state in very clear terms that Kuu Lam Chee Brotherhood believes that sacrifice or rather submission to higher authorities is an indispensible aspect of man’s walk along the eternal path. If we are the product of the fifth creative Authority, we must be submissive to all PowerPoint’s above us until we are capable to knock at the doors of the throne of that fifth powerbase. In the same manner the fifth powerbase is expected to be loyal to the fourth powerbase which resides in his abode about 19 billion light years from us. Lastly, and in conformity with this trajectory, the fourth powerbase must humble itself before BT, the third impulse which is the origin of all life with body and shape.

It is therefore idiotic for anybody in flesh and blood form to claim or aspire to pray to our creators (Lumech I and his team) because the laws of life dictate that we must climb the steps of life systematically. If the dictate of parentage is the beginning of the law of life, it becomes a spiritual decree that every living soul must begin this divine journey from the cultural template of his root. Similarly, if the Universal Rod of Power is the basic tool of the administration of our physical and spiritual kingdoms, then our march to the Divine Essence must be dependent on our loyalty to our forefathers. To attempt to jump the queue is the first disobedience to the law of life, the supreme decree of the Almighty.

In the attempt to convert illiterate Africans, most modern religious bodies claim that the problem of the black race is because of the bad deeds of their ancestors. This is certainly a gross distortion of history. The ancestors of our colonizers committed worse crimes than our forebears, yet we are foolish enough to aspire to jump from the frying pan to fire. Even if our forefathers were bad, it is immaterial because we (as the spirit-in-embodiment) must have been of similar stock or even worse, if not, we would have come from the royal family of the King of England. It is quite logical to conclude that the bad deeds of these confused lot must have compelled nature to send them to the jungle of Africa to serve – out their wrong deeds and or as a form of imprisonment. Recently, the Chief Foreign Affairs Officer of European Union warned Russia not to interfere in Mali (‘our’ land). If Mali is the land of European Union, then the whole African is still regarded as the land of Europe. A proof that we are still slaves, no matter other pretences to the contrary.

Denial of self is the ability to reject, in its entirety, the way of life of the society, – the multitude. The concept of Isa–ille of Ndi-ozo in Igbo tradition in the olden days was an indication that the candidate had vowed to rise above the ordinary masses in character, ethics and values for the rest of his life. This helped the Igbos maintain the required spiritual balance in cultural life. Abstinence from the five perversions of the mind; -lust, anger, attachment, greed, and vanity is another option. Complete abstinence from sex is another alternative but sex purely for reproduction is acceptable. For clarity, sex based on fun and satisfaction in whatever guise is unacceptable. Similarly, if one is unable to disown the fun of this world and its glory, one can not knock at the doors of eternal life. Lastly, the further one withdraws one’s self from the filth of this world, the further one catapults one’s self into the realm of spirituality until one is assimilated into the fullness of Nature.

The Hindu trinity is composed of Brahm (the creator), Vishnu (the preserver) and Shiva (the destroyer). According to Julian Johnson, the author of the Path of the Masters, all the three arms of the trinity are subordinate, of course, to the great Negative Power, the God of the lower Kingdoms. An implied conclusion that the trinity of worldly religions resides in the lower compartment of the spiritual Hierarchy. Unfortunately, and in later days, some adherents regard Vishnu as the Supreme Deity while other faithful acknowledge Shiva as the Supreme Ruler. However, we are presently interested in Shiva who has had intimate relationship with the head of this holy order – Kuu Lam Chee Brotherhood.

Shiva, the God of destruction, has two components – asceticism and sexuality, “ascetic, he is eternally at rest, isolated and rapt in the contemplation of his own unfathomable Being, while in his phallic capacity he is eternally productive of Forms. In him the infinite (the male principle) and the finite (the female) meet and in him all the opposites are reconciled”. R. C Zaehner went further to state, ___ “Shiva begets Shakti, the power of illusion and Shakti gives birth to Shiva. Both in their happy union produce the worlds and souls still Shiva is chaste and the sweet – speeched Shakti remains ever a virgin. Only sages can comprehend this secret. Sometimes, however, the divine shakti is worshipped to the exclusion of Shiva. For in this scheme of things Shiva is therefore deaf to the prayers of men and unaware of their needs. Shakti, on the other side is a creative force and destructive power; an intensely living Goddess in her destructive aspect very much to be feared”

“And yet the full status of the later Shiva was only faintly indicated in the earliest Vedic texts. Scholars, therefore, assumed that the origins must have gone to more ancient period before the Aryans invaded India. This view has now been vindicated by the discovery of figurines of a deity whose head is adorned by the horns of a bull and who is surrounded by wild beasts. This has very plausibly been identified with the ‘lord of Beasts’ of Atharva-veda. What is more, the god is squatting in a position later characteristic of the contemplative yogi and he has an erect phallus.”

“The significance of Shiva is that he is the reconciliation of all opposites: therefore, he is both creator and destroyer, terrible and mild, good and evil, eternal rest and ceaseless activity. His consort is really only a part of himself – his ‘power’ by which he creates, sustains and destroys. In the so – called shakti cult (cults of shakti or ‘power’) this ‘power’ is worshipped to the exclusion of Shiva himself as being the active and committed side of his nature. In the full figure of Shiva, however, the male and female principles are united and he himself is sometimes represented as half male and half female. The emblem under which he delights to be worshipped is the Lingram or Phallus which is always erect. Lingram and Yoni (the female organ) together represent the totality of nature and of all created existence. Unlike the discuss of Vishnu, Shiva’s lingram is the natural symbol of supreme creative Power, and even the gods bow down in worship of it”.

Shiva, as chronicled in the teachings of Hinduism, is the embodiment of four streams of life i.e; asceticism, chastity, sexuality and destruction. Asceticism itself rests on three principal props – Self-denial, Self-withdrawal from the society and being in a state of quietude at all times. An ascetic must deny himself all the tentacles of the comfort of fun. As he practices the teachings of quietude, he releases vibratory spectrum of the fullness of nature inherent in his body and this enables him to synchronize with that of the universal pool and if we relate this concept to that of ‘permeable membrane’ which allows the free-flow of fluid of life in opposite direction, then our human flesh begins to receive additional life supporting mechanism which in turn enhances our spiritual growth. Similarly, if this trend is constantly maintained, all the negative vibratory impulses in the filthy man is gradually and systematically siphoned away, enabling man to acquire all the characteristics of gods which receive sacrifice from mortals. At this stage the statement of Jesus that “You too are gods” becomes relevant.

I have earlier discussed the merits and demerits of sacrifice and asceticism. While asceticism is better in the long run, its power acquisition is rather very slow. However, if sacrifice is properly given to gods of substantial strength, the weak, becomes adequately protected at the infancy of the act of asceticism. With the clothings of the protective tools of gods, the ascetic becomes relaxed to embark on long hours, days and years of ascetic practices. It does mean that the ascetic either participates in rituals and sacrifices as the compulsory insurance scheme before embarking on asceticism or must wear the clothings of ogbanje as well as the blessings of the devotee’s cultural powerbase if he desires to have peace of mind in that long journey which asceticism demands. If the devotee is not covered by the above insurance scheme, he becomes bread and butter for the witches (the lords of the night) at the initial stages of asceticism. The route of self denial means walking at snail speed while spiritual padding in the form of Ogwu (Juju) or membership of cults is rather instantaneous or within 12 days in Igbo metaphysics.

It must be stressed that all other devotees of organized religions are victims of this catastrophe. This is so because such students are treading the path of a non-existent spiritual platform. For example, Jesus Christ of the Christian faith never existed as an individual with parental and cultural platform. The personality of Jesus Christ came from various sources, namely, the Senior Jesus, the Junior Jesus and the third person who was crucified on the cross. However, it is not all that right to claim that all Christian Priests are charlatans because some of them come from ancestral roots with considerable spiritual bases. In this regard such priests can rely on the things of their forefathers. This scenario also explains why Christians sleeping on their holy text are highly embarrassed by witches who devour them even when they are still lying on the so called ‘all mighty words of power and knowledge, the Bible.

The functionality of any rational society must rest on ethics and values, virtues, moral purity and decency. If Shiva is the embodiment of chastity there should be a marked difference between Hinduism and other organized faiths such as Christianity and Islamism. In the expansion of great religions of the world, Hinduism adopted a different approach. The theory of carrot and stick (endless cycles of sins and their attached forgiveness on one part and what a man soweth so shall he reap on the other part) prominent in the teachings of other faiths occupy very little space in Hinduism. In the like manner, bloody wars of unparalleled nature were carried out in the name of the so called peaceful and harmless gods. Instead of through peace and love, these wars became the cornerstone of evangelism. Hinduism clearly rose above this ignoble course.

You have earlier been informed that the carrier of the Universal Rod of Power is the head of the spiritual administration of mankind. Spiritual administration is however tenured. The avatar is likened to the executive president of sovereign state while cultural gods are the spiritual heads of the component parts of that sovereign state. It is also necessary to remind you that while the administration of the Avatar is tenured, that of the cultural gods are not. Cultural gods exist as long as the lineages which anchor their faith on such gods live and thrive. As Gods in charge of the Units of such Sovereign states, they have their own schedule of duties and norms and all other ancillary tools to maintain a functional society in the matter kingdom.

On the other hand, the Avatar, the carrier of the Universal Rod of Power, concerns himself with the terms of his mandate. He amplifies not only those rules relating to the clothing the spirit wears to exist in flesh but also provides clues as to those laws which guide the spirits themselves. For example, Ditu, the current Messiah (The current holder of the Universal Rod of Power) has informed us, with all the attached spiritual authority, that every 25units of spirit’s action attracts 56 units of payment. Emphasis is that there is no mercy in heaven. If you are bold enough to commit a crime, you should be courageous enough to pay the price attached thereto.

“The overwhelming nature of sexual passion, in which people are swept away, be it a force in whose grip they seem helpless, has caused it to be worshipped as a deity or alternatively as evil or demonic”. If sex is an indispensible arm of religion, magic, mysticism, occultism and sexual symbolism, then the entire world itself cannot be beyond the ambit of sexual activities of gods and their worshippers. More so, when it is evident that venerable is a derivative of Venus, the goddess of love and sexuality. If the priests of Christianity are called Venerable, the symbol of Christian purity and traditional values and if sex is also the symbol of demonic powers, then the officiating Christian priest can be classified as demonic, traditional or holy. If we stretch ourselves along this trajectory, the same argument holds valid for Shiva, Odin and Atum, the ancient Egyptian God who began her creative process through masturbation.

“A man in love behaves like a madman, another person is traditionally regarded as possessed by a god or a spirit. Lovers in orgasm behave as they were ‘possessed by some non-human agency, quivering and shuddering, groaning and crying out, momentarily deaf and blind to everything around them as if they had mounted to some unearthly plane. As a result, desire has been regarded as a deity, or a great supernatural power in the face of which even the Gods themselves maybe helpless. Lastly if desire is a supernatural force, then again, the ecstasy of sexual union can be seen as a state in which man rises to the supernatural level, in which he is possessed by a god and mingles with the divine”.

From the above it is certain that group sex or rather the sexual orgy can pass as religious rite. In the revivals of some churches, orgasm is regarded as a sign of Holy Ghost’s entry into the life of the devotee. Similarly, orgasm is seen in certain quarters as the oscillating principle in creation which controls the law of Opposites, Polarities, and the like, and as well forms an integral arm with which the pulsating force drives procreative sequence. In the same light, many people regard sex as pleasurable, magical and mystical aspects of our life as well as the basic tool that promotes peace and harmony in life. The sum total of the above argument is that sex is an indispensible arm of one’s active participation in the theatre of fun as decreed by Lumechs and Dumechs, our creators. However, the above treatise only highlights the importance of sex as well as its measurable benefits, without, of course giving due considerations to the other side of the coin. It is contained in the doctrine of existence that while sex is of absolute necessity, it nevertheless possesses the most destructive force as we climb the rungs of spirituality.

The kundalini is an essential part of the subtle body, one of our psychic bodies. According to occultists, there exists in our subtle system an intricate network of invisible ganglia similar to muscles, veins and arteries with which our physical frame is maintained. These invisible ganglia coalesce at seven different centres called chakras, otherwise and often referred to as psychic dynamos or centres of super physical activities. Although they have no physiological existence, our physical self is automatically energized as soon as our psychic counterparts slip into our mortal dresses (human bodies). These dynamos are located along the shaft of the subtle body whose equivalent in our human life is the central nervous system that follows the trajectory of the spinal column (cord).

These subtle centres are seven in number and are as follows in ascending trajectory; - at the base of the spine: in the region of sex organs: in the region of the solar plexus: at the level of the heart: at the base of the throat; behind the meeting point of the eyebrow; and lastly, just above the crown of the head. To some “the kundalini is the nucleus of vital energy, and a repository of material, physical and sexual force.” The kundalini is often described as “a small serpent living in a spiral of three and half coils at the base of the spine”. To conclude this treatise, let me quote the exact words of Benjamin Walker: - “Within every man, according to Hindu mystics, sleeps a tiny coiled serpent, a potential source of immense power but extremely dangerous if aroused without due care and preparation”.

Having looked at the teachings of Hinduism, it becomes necessary to harmonize same with that of Kuu Lam Chee brotherhood. We are not here to contest the validity of Kundalini and its powers in the procreative architecture of the lowest kingdom. The spirit in whose shape we are fashioned is endowed with only a strand of the seven-pointed-star-like energy that pervades the entire cosmos. That impulse or essence enters the spiritual frame through the top of the head and gradually descends along the spinal column (cord) to its least or rather lowest point of manifestation, the base of the spine. As it descends it coalesces into seven different power points, each with its schedule of responsibilities as necessary for full functionality of the web of the spirit and its attached bodies.

In one of my out-of-body excursions (in the dream state) I witnessed the movement of Kundalini outside the spinal column. This occurred on the astral body of my wife. In the psychic level (the dream world) my wife was naked but in a very deep sleep. The kundalini moved outside the body, crawled around the body and crawled back into the sleeping body through the mouth. Its entry and exit through the 5th chakra, the mouth is in keeping with Igbo mystical principle that number 5 is the magical tool in the making of gods of fertility and reproduction. It moved from its base, passed through the mouth to appreciate the fullness of the naked body which it controlled. Thereafter, it re-entered the mouth and moved back to its permanent platform.

A further proof that as one moves upwards spiritually, the mobility of spiritual organs and component become not only more flexible but also subject to higher vibratory pulsations. It is also a further proof that the Serpent Power is an indispensible tool in the operational capability of Ogbanjes who are champions-in-chief not only in the acts of sexuality but also in the acts of spirituality as well as achievement in Sciences, in addition to scientific applications in Engineering. However, if one decides to walk the route of great minds, the kundalini must be caged, and undisturbed for a considerable period in one’s life. If man curtails his desires for sexual passion, the serpent is not agitated and therefore can remain in limbo for a considerable period of time.

Based on the above explanation, we are forced to state, broadly too, that the serpent has two extreme polarities, namely Sexuality and Virginity. Sexuality reflects the polarity of fun and reproduction while virginity dictates the level of sanctity in our body mechanism as well as frees the needed blood for longevity. Virginity is the absence from sex permanently. However, to strike a balance, the middle path is always preferred, and that is the use of sex solely for reproductive role. Sex for fun leads to an unguarded route to the pollution of both the body and its attached psychic counterpart. Once more we re-emphasize that sex is only lawful when it is applied for procreative function. Sex is therefore a sin when it is used otherwise. Those claiming that sex is not sinful, especially in the way and manner we partake of it, are not stating the laws of nature.

All religious books have emphasized the importance of virginity. Sick and dying kings were returned to full life after having sex with virgins. Here the curative aspect of virginity is invoked. In extreme difficult situation, prayers of virgins are employed to save a nation from doom, a proof that virgins are torch bearers of divine powers. On the other side of the coin, sex leads to death and destruction. For example, during the Nigerian Civil War most gallant officers of the Biafra Army who had sex prior to military operations died in the said operations. An indication that man’s defense mechanism is sacrificed on the alter of sex, especially, sex outside the portals of reproduction. In similar vein, vanity of sexual nature is merely a momentary comfort which catapults one to perpetual servitude through cycles of reincarnation. Lastly “if Shiva is caste and Shakti remains ever a virgin” there is no loss of virginity if sex is purely for procreative goals.

Similarly, as Ogbanjes with higher scorecard are being born into the physical world and do remain prudent enough in their approaches to sex by refraining from sexual acts at early stages of adulthood, they are usually admitted into spiritual temples, the seats of wisdom and knowledge. But as soon as they partake of Adam’s Apple, their staffs are withdrawn, their code numbers are blocked and the gates of the temple are shut against them, a clear indication that entry into temples of wisdom and knowledge is denied those who thrive in sex galore.

It will interest you to know that higher spiritual personalities are sexless. In physiological terms, they are not categorized into male and female. Nevertheless, they appear to us in the lower kingdom in mock up forms of male and female. The third impulse which is the creator of the entire cosmic web is sexless, yet He does possess all the potentiality to produce all kinds of spirits which we worship as gods. If the spirit in the form of man is the essence that sustains all life, then the vegetation which constitutes our food chain is also controlled by another kind of spirit of the same form and shape but goes by the name of Green Spirit. The same is true for the spirit of water. The green spirits use mock-up forms of various types of vegetation to exist physically. Similarly, the shapes of mermaids are also the mock-up bodies of spirits indwelling in water. In fact, all spirits are in man’s shape and form but assume mock-up bodies to exist in those other forms of life which we depend on to exist. Lastly it must be impressed on you that only the First, Second and Third impulses are outside this parameter.

The Cycle of Existence

I told you previously that there are seven major theatres of life and six permeable membranes, otherwise called six dream fields sandwiched therein, i.e., between the first and Seventh levels of existence. The lowest theatre of fun is the Matter kingdom from hence we pass through the dream world to the second layer of existence which is referred to as the World of the Dead. Man’s upward journey through the dream world to the world of the dead on one part and its return trip through the dream world to the matter kingdom is what is referred as Reincarnation. However, this backward movement completes a cycle of existence for the spirit-in-embodiment within the band of life and death.

According to Igbo mystical Treatise, this sequence must be repeated seven times (Uwa-Mu-Uwa-Asaa) before another leap on the ladder of spirituality, the third tier, if the cumulative score of the spirit-in-embodiment does entitle him to do so. If not, the spirit-in-embodiment repeats this sequence endlessly until it sheds–off all the contamination, filth and non-conformity with the tenets of culture and tradition of the lineage through which the spirit-in-embodiment dusts the earth. For clarity, there are two main theatres of fun and a permeable membrane (the fluid world), namely the Physical and the Dead worlds as well as the membrane, that allows the free-flow of the essentials of life to both sides of the wheel.

In the world of matter, man wears physical body for daily activities and the attached invisible clothing which leaves the body during sleep to wander about in the dream arena. For death to occur both selves (the physical body and the attached psychic self that dreams) must be dropped by the spirit. However, at death the spirit automatically wears another body in consonance with the vibratory nomenclature of the second theatre of fun (the world of the dead). The spirit tarries in this garden of fun as humans do in the physical world, primarily to receive necessary punishment for non conformity with all the cultural laws of the lineage.

Thereafter the spirit begins its reverse march to the physical world to face all the challenges arising from its failures to keep to the terms of the divine law in previous existence in the physical arena. To achieve this objective the spirit, through another initiatory procedures, is again enveloped with another clothing that not only enables it to pass through the dream world but as well empowers it to wear the human clothing which is sowed in the womb of the mother. In the same light, those spirits which obeyed all cultural rules and kept to the terms of the divine laws are provided comfortable accommodation, enhanced social status and the like benefits to compensate for their truthfulness in the world of the living.

Sexual union of male and female brings into being the beginning of the fabric which the spirit inherits to become what man refers to as mankind. To weave the clothing of the incoming human personality begins with fertilization, through nine months of incubation in the womb of the mother to the birth of the dress. At the birth of the dress, the spirit slips into the body of the newly born child. The first breath of the baby signals the entry of the spirit into the newly born baby. The union or marriage is continued until the body structure is incapable of housing the spirit. Death therefore means the withdrawal of the spirit from the Flesh, and as this happens the essence ceases to exist in the body, and this causes the body to begin to decompose and finally turns into “ashes to ashes, dust to dust”.

In the human life span, there are many chapters of human structure namely Infancy, Youth, Middle and Old age. Each chapter has its own prospects and challenges as well as body outlook, but one thing remains common which is that at every stage in human evolution, the indwelling spirit is conscious of all the operational activities of the body, although in certain circumstances, especially at infancy and old age that body does lack the capability to express or rather respond to certain pulsations as induced by the spirit. That the body is insensitive to such words and deeds does not reflect complete incapacitation but rather rests on the fact that all the organs of the infant are not fully developed. At old age the body again lacks the ability to respond to certain activities because of weakening organs, likely to lead to the final exit of the spirit. Although the spirit has the potentiality to hear all languages, but the infant must learn the language of the culture to enable him blend with the society. An indication that there is a difference between the animating force and the animated body.

The physical body undergoes series of physiological changes, ranging from growth, through periods of stabilization and decline to death. But due the hazardous nature of the physical life the human frame is constantly knocking at the doors of death which could be forced open by devastating accident or incurable illness. The fortunate ones however do live up to old age and pass away through sleep. The departing spirits look much younger than the human age at the time of death, and do wear their best clothing in the physical life. In the like manner, the departing spirits sing their best songs and do those things they loved most in their hay days. It is an indication that the dying rehearses its most outstanding events, achievements and performances while in the world of matter as it bids other mortals farewell. It is not an accident that this posture is repeated at the burial ceremonies of the dead. Cultural burial ceremony is merely a rehearsal of the type of life the dead lived.

The departed Spirit-in-clothing, otherwise referred to as the Soul of the Dead begins a new life in the world of the dead by continuing with its previous occupation while in the human embodiment. A proof that man’s occupational activities are not the function of the body but that of the soul of the spirit. It is also a further proof that continuation of life either at the lower or upper segment of the theatre of Fun carries with it the continuation of the occupational skills, knowledge and other endowment of nature as acquired in previous theatres of life. Similarly, as we engage in wars in defense of our land so do souls do in their next level of existence, except that the theory of numbers is no longer a major factor. A great soul can rubbish more than 1 billion personalities single handedly in the inner theatres of life. A feat not likely to be possible in the human world.

At death there are two burial ceremonies. Firstly, the living buries the dead in accordance with the culture of the lineage. Secondly, the dead buries the phantom which dreams. Failure to comply with the above practices may result in the departing spirit being held in limbo because it cannot gate crash into the world of the dead without complying with the laws of the culture. Nowadays, foreign or modern religious bodies are attempting to circumvent the above procedure, believing that their saviours are at hand to accept the spirit of the dying. So far it has not worked. Presently, many souls who were not given all burial rites are currently in limbo with all the hazards, humiliation and servitude attached thereto. Many dead parents who failed to receive ancestral burial rites from their siblings succeeded in sending desperate calls to the living to correct this obvious mistake while many others were not fortunate.

If the world of the living is a reflection of what does take place at higher platform (the world of the dead), it is rational to adduce, correctly of course, that everything we have here is also over there, except in a more pleasurable and durable scale. As soon as man is admitted into the world of the dead, he is immediately judged in accordance with the rules of the lineage and culture. And if he is found wanting, he is assigned certain duties to purge himself of those crimes against the lineage and culture. Upon completion of the cultural purging, the dead is transferred to the area assigned to those who need additional visitation to the matter kingdom to improve their scorecards. They are quarantined in slum-like environment or high density-like areas which is deficient in all forms of amenity, waiting for the date of their return to the world of man. As the embodiment of the Nemesis Saint, I once visited them. When I came they thought that I had come to free them. Unfortunately, I told them that they were going back to the matter kingdom to reap what they did sow. On hearing this they quietly moved back to their huts in deep sorrow.

Apart from the above set of incarnating spirits, there are other types of spirits-in-clothing waiting to re-incarnate. Some of the dead who faired reasonably well in the matter kingdom are allowed to have a taste of life in the world of the dead before returning to the jungle, the matter world. This grace can last up to 1000 years and beyond, dependent of course on the scoreboard. Lastly, there may be few spirits on missions which fall into the incarnating batch. In the Red Bible I mentioned incarnating personalities who decided to be born in Amankpu Village, Mgbakwu.

As they walked down, they met some adepts at the junction of 5 roads who were to give legitimacy to the type of life they desired. Their decisions were sanctified by the adepts but the adepts in their infinite mercy modified the decision of one of the incarnating beings, apparently to alleviate his suffering. However, after about 50 years in human existence the challenges that necessitated the modification of the decision of one of incarnating spirits surfaced. He opted to secure a second wife which the adepts recommended, but was stopped by his children who promised to carry out these functions which their mother was incapable of executing. At the last lap of his life his children disappointed him and he ended up being a victim of that challenge. Because he was not bold enough to stamp his feet, he was engulfed by the tragedy. He faced a vary bitter and humiliating end.

Before we begin to look at our reverse journey to the world of the living, let us state very clearly that since the spirit exists in our environment in clothings, it implies that the actions of the clothings are the actions of the animating force, the spirit. Although the spirit is eternal, but exists in pseudonym, the matter body, we are also right to assert that the duo face two sets of rules, the cultural law which is the law of the lineage and the divine law which states that for every 25 units of the spirit’s deeds, nature responds with 56 units of payback. However, whatever punishment we face in the world of the dead relates only to those crimes against our cultural parameters. For clarity, Moses’ Ten Commandments are cultural rules for the Jews only because Jehovah provided them the land wherein they settled and lived. The same applies to our cultural gods on whose land we live and carry out various occupational duties.

As regards the divine law, the spirit must pick another human clothing through which he receives the necessary payback for non-conformity with the universal law. This supreme decree to eternal spirits is what is erroneously referred to as reincarnation or the eternal wheel. Each spirit must continue this cyclic movement until it purges itself of the baggage of filth inherited in a particular plane as condition precedent for elevation to higher theatre of Fun. To ensure equity and fairness, the lords of Karma are assigned to be in charge of this objective. They are however assisted by adepts and saints who had walked through this route successfully. Be remined that I am not talking of religious saints who were proclaimed holy by the imperfect clerics in filthy religious bodies parading themselves the embodiment of a just God. Based on the above fact, there is no forgiveness of Sin. If you are bold enough to slap your neighbour, you should be courageous enough to bear the consequences attached thereto. This is the only law each spirit must face.

Before the incarnating sprits are allowed to commence their journey to the world of matter, they must undergo another initiatory process in the mode of reverse burial rituals where they are clothed with another dream bodies that enable them to slip into the dresses as sown in the womb of the mortal mother. At the point of departure, the incarnating spirits appear to be of varying ages (between 30 and 40 years) and are imbued with character and key events that will play out in their mortal life. These key parameters are reaffirmed when they confront the adepts who are the keepers of the gate between the world of the dead and the living. This gate is symbolized by a junction of 5 roads. I earlier told you that number 5, is the number of reproduction or that of fertility gods. In certain circles, this power nomenclature is also known as the Five-Pointed-Star.

The journey from the dead to the living is in two broad classifications. Firstly, the lord of Karma, oversees the departure from the world of the dead to the word of the living. Before the said departure, the character traits which will manifest in the physical realm are carefully woven into the psychic mechanism of the personality. In the same manner, the key events in the proposed physical life are also determined and enshrined in the psychic template of the soul as it begins its outward walk to the world of humanity. This walk may take up to 5 years before the incarnating spirits knock at the gates separating the world of the dead from that of the living.

Secondly, and on arrival at the duty post of the keepers of the doors of the dream world, the incarnating spirits rehearse to the adepts the proposed key events in their proposed human personalities. The keepers of that gate are at liberty to either accept completely all the parameters or slightly modify same to accommodate what is necessary to achieve the anticipated physical events in the personal life of the incarnating spirit. At this state, the age of the incarnating spirit is further reduced, and that this age reduction is continued until the phantom looks like a child of below three years. In the same vein, the walk from the keepers of astral gate to that of slipping into the human dress is roughly 3 years but could be longer, depending on the situation.

To reaffirm my earlier statement that there is neither death nor birth, the incoming spirit-in-clothing looks like an astral baby who is picked by the mother or her ancestral base which in this case includes the ancestors of the husband. Theses astral babies are picked in public areas such as village squares, streams, schools, markets, squares adjoining town or village shrines, religious centres, play ground as well as under sacred trees like Udalla and other venues frequently visited by the crowd. Pregnant mothers of Ogbenje descent are more often aware of this fact than others. The astral baby so picked, continues to follow her prospective mother until the birth of the dress. And as soon as the dress is born, the baby ceases to be seen following her mother because she had slipped into the baby as an invisible entity.

In Igbo ancestral tree, as soon as one becomes the head of his family, he assumes the role of the link between the dead and the living. He heads the meeting of the living and as well attends the meeting of the dead. As long as his headship of the family lasts, he receives constant visitation from his dead relatives and ancestors and when it is time to join them, his elder brothers who are dead come to pick and escort him to the world beyond. Initially, the dead is kept in the dream world until all necessary cultural burial ceremonies are concluded. If for any reason the mandatory ceremonies are not performed the dying remains in limbo, and can stay there for a very long period, to the embarrassment of the effected. The death of Umu-Ada follows the same trajectory. At death Adas(daughters) return to their parental household. Similarly, at death marriage is dissolved but in family circle, death does not terminate the bond between Ada and her ancestral base, whether of the living or the dead. It is true that adas return to their place of birth at death but possess the right to constantly visit their earthly children as they so wish. All these talks of heaven and hell are inconsistent with reality, and should be ignored completely.

Finally, as soon as the incarnating spirit, now in the form of astral baby, is subsumed into the dress (the physical baby consisting of elementals of the earth, water, air and fire) a cycle of existence is completed. This cycle is repeated endlessly until perfection is achieved. It is only after perfection that the next higher cycle of existence can be the person’s right. The above raises some religious issues which need some comments for purposes of amplification. There is neither a permanent saviour nor heaven and hell as being canvassed by popular religious groups. If we go back to the formation of Christianity, you notice that major ceremonies in Christianity originated from the culture of Rome and Greece. If in the old testament Satan was the bridge between Man and the Creator, and in the new testament Jesus became a replacement to Satan, it is an acceptance that the wheel of life is dynamic, ever in a state of change especially in matters regarding the appointment of saviours. This is so because saviours are administrators for a given period of time.

Similarly, if Satan went down with a third of the heavenly host, it is an indication that the holy kingdom of God suffered violence which prompted the elevation of Satan to assume complete authority to oversee the lower kingdom, with absolute mandate to enforce the law of ‘what a man soweth so shall he reap’, at least in the worlds of soul. If this is so, is He not at par with God, at least in the lower Kingdoms? Lastly, if the kingdom of man is not within the powers of Jesus and his father in heaven, the existence of Christians in flesh and blood form is an aberration. Unfortunately, they are here with us, subject of course to the dictates of nature. If I came from the leopard temple, the abode of the creators of man, I am competent to tutor you on the laws of God as well as the laws of the lineage which are also known as cultural laws.

I did inform you that I was in charge of initiations in the leopard temple, the seat of spiritual power in the heavenly kingdom, before I was chosen to address today’s humanity. When I was chosen, the lineage to host my descent to the world of matter was also decided. There was a time lag of over 500 years between when I was chosen and the time of my birth in the world of the living. Within that interval, all the necessary power structures were woven into the cultural lineage to enable me walk through them to assume the mandate of nature.

If I am a product of the cultural lineage, then every other mortal must pass through a cultural base. By the time the astral baby not only decides his parentage but as well passes through same, all ceremonies in consonance with the linage are knotted together. For example, the president of any country is the ruler of the state, but that does not deny the fact that he is from a cultural lineage with family to which he returns after his official duty. Despite the fact that Jesus was credited to the Sonship of God, his root from the seed of David was highlighted.

Having established that all the inhabitants of the earth planet of today are products of seven spiritual authorities, namely Lumechs one and two and Dumechs one to five, it may be necessary to give this broad statement certain coloration. In the Red Bible, I did say that they were in two broad classification, male and female, these views are however dependent on the fact that only the spirit is eternal, an indication that only the spirit can mock-up forms and shapes to exist in psuedonym or as phantoms. When you relate this view with my earlier revelation that Immortal Beings are sexless, then we are free to make another assertive statement that souls and bodies are mock-up clothings which the spirits weave around themselves to feel and participate in the coarser environment or rather the finite worlds of fun.

May I state in unequivocal terms that spirits are aspects of the essence with forms and shapes. However, the Essence is formless but when it assumes the spiritual form, it becomes an individualized component of the Divine Wheel, the Spark and the miniature embodiment of the greater whole, BT. A further proof that male and female exist only in the dual kingdom where male and female are needed to compliment one another in the game of Fun, Sex, Luxury as well as pleasurable entertainment. Based on the above, two broad issues now remain relevant, the doctrine of Soul and the origin of polarity in the creative processes of nature.

If there are seven principal steps and six adjustable annexures for flexibility, dynamism and continuity, then this creative wheel of the greater whole rest on the tripod of the spirit, eleven types of souls of unequal power nomenclature and matter. As regards polarity, it becomes evident that polarity exists in souls and mortal bodies. Lastly and most importantly too, the carriers of the Universal Rod of Power, otherwise referred to as Avatars have the potentiality to raise all the needed spiritual personalities, to reshape all theatres of fun or create mock-up at every tier of existence, primarily as part and parcel of the fulfillment of their missions or mandates.

Lastly, I have personally occupied various positions in the spiritual hierarchy, and can rightly conclude that creation is a function of fun. But what is essential is that one must strive to win a price in any competition as one walks ceaselessly along the divine path. The prices so won determine one’s role in subsequent theatres of Fun. Either one is merely an article of fun or one is a gardener in the Fun arena, and as the gardener, one is at liberty to arrange the theatre of fun as it pleases him.

The Hebrew text, as adopted by Christianity, made two key statements when it informed us that God said – “let us create man in our own image”, and it also said that one Lamech descended from Cain while the second Lamech, the father of Noah (whose meaning is that I (Lamech) will make this barren land fertile) came from the seed of Seth. ‘Let us create man in our own image’ connotes a plural god. A proof that we were created by a team of Gods. The second key statement was unambiguous in stating that Noah, the son of Lamech was the first man to eat the proceeds from the soil as we do today. In the Red Bible I stated in very clear terms that mankind was a creation of seven Gods, but that the actual process was initiated by Lumech I, as they were only 2 feet above the ground. It must be noted that I talked of lumech while the Christian Bible used the word Lamech. This little difference could be due to corruptive vehicle in pronunciation and the like. Secondly, the Hebrew text was not only very repetitive in genealogy but also emphasized same in all writings, principally to highlight the importance of lineage in the making of Jesus and great spiritual and political leaders of the Jews.

Having collaborated the facts as presented to me and the views of Moses as written in genesis regarding the rise of life on earth, it is obvious that all mankind are traceable to Lumech and Dumechs and having previously stated that those Gods adapted sexual polarity of their choice in keeping with the general principles of nature, it is right to regard them as our forebears. As the pro-creative geometry of which we belong expands, we become their seeds. However, in pursuit of colonization and formation of empires, with the ruled and the rulers, the concept to usurp the role of ancestors and replace same with artificial sons of God arose.

It has been proven right that sons or messiahs of organized or modern religions were manufactured in the palaces of Kings or seats of wisdom of empires, primarily to enhance the growth of their kingdoms. The religion as presented to us is solely to force the less privileged to do the bidding of priests as part of the long-arm of enslavement of the masses in the kingdom. If masses are not barred from following the footsteps of their roots and if there is no compulsion to comply with the decree of the faith of the emperor, the situation as we find it today may not arise. Similarly, if there is truth in religion, or messiah-ship and heavenly grace as being canvassed, surely the black race will be permanently barred from being admitted into the faith.

Based on the above, I state categorically that sons of God and Messiahs are not substitutes to ancestral lineages and genealogy. To belong to both physical and spiritual tree of the root, one must be a son of the lineage in keeping with all the customary rites and ceremonies. Jesus passed through the same process and kept all the laws of his parentage. I was sent from the leopard Temple for this exercise and have so far kept to the tradition and customs of my root. Genealogy is not merely a product of sexual rascality. Sexuality must be based on full performance of all customary rites. Reproduction, as sanctified by our makers must be in keeping with the law of Life, which in this case is the law of ancestral parentage. If creation is the product of law and order, sexual union, as a vehicle to procreate life, must also be based on law and order. To act otherwise is the first disobedience to the spiritual templates, the power centres through which we came into existence.

Two Unusual Dreams

Within the last 12 months, I had two unusual dreams that may reshape the geopolitical architecture of our globe. The first dream involved the establishment of Four major power blocks in the world while the second bordered on the inability of the US led political and military block to secure an appointment with the spiritual leadership of mankind who also doubles as the Supreme Commander of the Spiritual Armed Forces until 5th October 2285AD, when he shall retire.

a) The First Dream
In the night of the day the US Supreme Court dismissed the petition of Donald Trump challenging the 2020 presidential election of the US, I stood before Four major powers of the world. Two of the four powers were identified while the other two powers were not identified. Second from the right stood an animal in the form and shape of goats, clothed with the flag of US but with the face of Biden. In the same manner, and second from the left stood another animal of the same structure in the clothing of Russian flag but with the face of Putin. All the four animals were of the same shape and size except that both the first from the right and the first from the left were unmarked or rather were unidentifiable. As I turned to get the material to address them, the animal with the face of Biden struck the other animal with the face of Putin twice with the intention to incapacitate and cripple it. Lastly, as I was leaving the hall, I looked back and found the animal in the clothing of US flag and her partner on the extreme right of the hall while the animal in the clothing of Russian flag and her partner were on the extreme left. What did happen after I left the scene was not disclosed to me. Other details of what took place in the hall is beyond this discourse.

b) The Second Dream
Nine months after the above dream, another window was opened and I saw two representatives or leaders of the block headed by US attempting to seek audience with the Spiritual Leadership of the World. Regrettably, they did not succeed. Instead, a date in 2121 AD was given to them. In other words, the spiritual council preferred to see them in 100 years’ time.

Arising from the first dream is that US attacked Russia, politically, economically and or militarily and that the attack originated from the highest Spiritual plane, and will gradually move down the ladder of Spirituality until it hits our mortal world. In other words, the war has begun, but when it does get to the physical world is another ball-game. As regards to the second dream, the inability of the headship of the spiritual council to grant audience to the US led alliance meant that the battle lines had been drawn and that there was no need to cry over spilt milk. If I was there to bridge the gap between them, it was unethical for one party to attack another in my presence. It bordered on gross disrespect to the council that sent me, and hence the acceptance to face all the pros and cons attached thereto.

Having gotten to this stage, it becomes necessary to look at the tools available to Biden of the United States and Putin of Russian Federation. The US economy is about 10 times that of Russia. In military expenditure, US budget annually is about 15 times that of Russia. If we stretch ourselves to include US partners, the European Union, the difference rises astronomically. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the collective West have maintained military, economic and political pressures and sanctions on Russia, principally to stifle her economic and military growth. Based on the above indices, the superiority of the collective West in military, economy and politics is not in doubt.

And having established that Russia is highly incapacitated in all the four basic indices, namely, economy, politics, military and population, it becomes reasonable to anticipate overwhelming victory for the US led camp. However, it is necessary to inform you that before this dream, Putin of Russia had mysteriously crossed the Rubicon Spiritually. Similarly, in the Geo-Political Dynamics of the World dated 18th June 2016, I stated in very clear terms that 3 out of the 7 universal adepts had endorsed the credibility of the Russian Federation. What Russia does need now is the endorsement of an additional adept to enable her have the mandate of the global spiritual template. If Mr. Putin of Russia does achieve this goal, then the outcome of this descending war will rest on two principal props, namely, reliance of the collective West led by Biden on the fullness of physics and its economic adjunct and reliance of Russia in Metaphysics on whose stone Mr. Putin is about to stand firmly.

If the above scenario is the course our political, economic and military leaders have chosen for humanity so be it. I sincerely advise my beloved people of India and the government of India to be wise in taking decisions on what path to tread when this situation unfolds in the world of the Living. Nature expects India not to walk along the path of the Hawks, the architects and builders of Slavery, and Colonization as well as Champions-in-Chief of inequality in today’s world. Lastly and most importantly too, if the highest spiritual council did defer its dialogue with one of the warring parties for another 100 years, then there is more to it than what we mortals can comprehend.